Coffee Time vs Malibu (3862 views)

pl Baczo
pl Pablo
pl Sinnsyk
nl kApot
nl outlAw
nl iNsAne 3v3 OneDayCup

(Cancelled because gamestv admins doesnt allow insane to play on gamestv)
FF win pl Coffee Time
19.11.14 21:15 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Events » Matchlink
Manager: kAPOTNL (Requestee)
Maps: Sp_delivery_te
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Total Pot: € 2415
The bets have been cancelled.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 16


insane getting new PC and shit, funny stuff
cu @ lan friend. gonna have a good time
fun times
Nice using a guid that's proven to be automatically generated by old multihack.

Current bust list on that guid counts 5 people on NBS btw, unless of yourse, it was someone else playing :P
ye and sure i hacked whole day right?:D see you at lan friend, gonna have a good time!
Wouldn't even be arsed to play at lan where players like you are allowed, but whatever. :)
but you promised sebhes to come! so i'll see you there friend:D gonna have agood time
u are to young to travel anyhow, momma would never let her down kid out of town
English motherfucker, do you.....
looks like someone want top get another ban for playing with a busted cheater :D!
Actually not i guess.
You should have read his CF post and do something with that.
I know its hard to get the community against CG but you know what the truth is. or cybergamers doesnt mix with each other.

And you guys know that insane isnt cheating i hope there will be a lan soon in the Netherlands.
So he can proof it :)

gnajda was playing at LAN also
i really don't know that play i'm sorry ..
but i need to play now i will talk with you after !
so was outlaw

There will be plenty lans to prove it!

Why admins even agree to request this game? Thats the question :D
all games were opened by ChilAx, blame him ;x
nice to know that someone like him is still an admin.
please explain, please, cause i see that u make an special Cup where u can use an busted cheaters to play with, Am i wrong? please if i do just explain me and ill change my mind and say u sorry if its true.
What he do to keep ET alive? cant respect even simply rule that they shoudlnt spec oppo team? Agree to make an cups where busted cheaters can paly paly? What Chilax do to keep ET alive? please explain my Master
He was offered help, it was his choice that he didn't use any.
Pff, I never flamed him for anything he did in cups. Even had a few chats with him on mirc.
Quote you guys still would have flamed him. ''ex cheater running cups hahahah''

e: I was always willing to help him anyhow, even with something that was useless in someone's eyes or if he wanted to take some hard decision. But he simply didn't want to for his own personal reasons which I accepted and told him, that if he needs something, he can simply ask and I will help him.
I can't recall that many that are currently still playing.
This is totally fucked up mate, u understand everything opposite than it is and finidin stuff what is only good for you, thats just sad that u think is someone believe in this, stop smoke weed or drink heroin or any other shit what totally destroy your little brain.
" cant respect even simply rule that they shoudlnt spec oppo team? "

I guess you're referring to the game boss vs RAAB ?

I think you should read the most recent comments there, igi. (Specially the one from Swani) Cuz if u 'spec' the spectator in the gamesTV replay, you will see that he didnt spec the oppo at all. And that we didnt know that the allies team wasnt speclocked.. :-)
Thx ^^ <3
" glad im not playin this game anymore"

says the guy who wanted to play cup but got denied.

i blame fanatic
i opened it with lu kapot outlaw aie (dunno if these polaks are banned or not..)

Edited event kAPOTNL Today 21:04

Status: open ChilAx. Today 21:03
doczekalem sie czasow kiedy coffee time stalo sie potega!
w czym?
nom, szkoda ze na bocie smigasz ale w koncu to 2014.
hola hola przecież on nie gra na haxie od tego roku, gra dłużej.
o mnie mowa? :XD
come @irc you need to play the Grand-final against GE or 'xD, !
Czyli, że jednak tylko od tego roku?
brawo brawo kawko :) cała moja mieścina będzie oglądać was trzymamy kciuki :)
what is this? kapot hosting cups where he can play with his cheater friends?
No, his teammate isnt cheating! Why cant u believe him and his mutiple times banned friends, that he would never hack? He's playing this game for over 10 years (8 on highest skilled 2.55 jaymods) and his skills are equal to experience. Fuck off haters.
Oke guys noproblem i will let coffee time play the final noproblem for me guys !
No no no no no no no no really no need to, they are at same level of retardness ( using cheats in 2014) like you so let them play with rules (if this Cup got even one) and HF, when u find a few free minutes answer my last two questions little bit up to you, thanks and one more time have fun!
show me exactly where im not allowed to play a cup? show me explicitly where stands that cups (with own rules) hosted by someone cant be played on gtv?
Sorry, what ?:O
It's allowed to play in cups, but not on gamestv.
can you state that specific rule to me? show it to me somewhere? or did you with your buttbuddies just decided to make that rule since you're hate overshadowed it all?
Quote Banned CG players are not allowed to participate in the cup. (There can be exceptions!)

This is pathetic enough, just shut up and quit.
hey but i still see you @ lan friend, gonna have a great time
U said that already like 4 times in last 2 hours. Why u so agressive to 16 y/o guy? How old are you btw?
The rule that busted cheaters cant play at CUPS and any Leagues so ... that games shoudlnt be add to gtv?


You ask to show you rule that someone who use cheats cant play an offi or in CUP? U really ask me about it?
didnt ask you anything matter of fact didnt even speak to you. but on the record, my question was not about if its allowed to play with cheats, obviously wich isnt that obviously for your flinstonesbrain
The rule is old as earth, it was mutual agreement some time ago already, that none of the currently busted players at CB/CG were allowed to use GTV services. U being on the same level of dumbness as base, doesnt even suprise me that u come up with such stupid question, but then again, nerds being without et... i want to believe.
shh faggot, nerds calling eachother nerd. kankerdebieltje
kiddo get some manners, while at it, get some skills as well with it.
fucking corrupt ass bitches with it stupid sheeps to follow
Link to what ?:DDDDDDDD
Why u forfeit game? And its enough of what?
And u think that one forfeit game against polish cheater/s change anything ?:D
Sure, u could do something liek this if u say at first " Cup for busted cheaters or for people who would like to check new bots " but not like this.
Ej ale sam jak na miksach gdy przegrywales, to w ostatnie 5 minut strzelales dodatkowe 50 hedzikow majac najwyzej 10 przez pierwsze poltorej rundy, wiec przestan sie pruc o haksiki.
Ten komenatrz jest na pewno do mnie ?:D
Ta. Szkoda, ze sformatowalem kompa, zreszta juz go nie bede mial, bo bym ci pokazal jakie jaja z toba byly na trojeczce gdzies pol roku temu. Zreszta chyba ze 2 razy takie cos odjebales.
Tak sie sklada, ze ja nie formatowalem kompa i mam wszystkie dema, staty i cokolwiek sobie zyczysz powiedz tylko z kim grales albo cokolwiek to chetnie podziele sie z Toba demkami czy statami, mam nadzieje ze mozgu nie formatowales i cokolwiek jeszcze pamietasz :D I kurwa naprawde ciezko mi uwierzyc ze ktos takie glupoty jeszcze wymysla i te moje "trojeczki" to mozna pewnie na palcach jednej reki policzyc ale dobra
To mi przypomina argumenty holenderskiego kolegi wyzej.
Prosze Cie powiedz mi chociaz z kim gralem, bo szczerze jeszcze 4 miechy temu to mialem myszke ktora ledwo co strzelalem z miotly wiec nawet nie bylo mowy o graniu smg tymbardziej trojek, prosze Cie przypomnij sobie idioto z kim gralem czy cokolwiek :DDDDDD wysle Ci te demka specjalnie obszukam caly folder dla Ciebie, rzadko kiedy sie trafia taki idiota :DDDDDD

I raz jeszcze " Ej ale sam jak na miksach gdy przegrywales, to w ostatnie 5 minut strzelales dodatkowe 50 hedzikow majac najwyzej 10 przez pierwsze poltorej rundy, wiec przestan sie pruc o haksiki." GDZIE JA KURFO GRALEM MIXY Z SMG?!?!?! NIGDY W ZYCIU BYM 6V6 SMG NIE ZAGRAL I KAZDY O TYM WIE TY KONINO AZ BRAK MI SLOW NA TWOJA GLUPOTE :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

a pozniej mowisz o tym ze haxowalem w 3v3 co juz jest calkowitą martwica mozgu wiec zdecyduj sie i przypomnij sobie cokolwiek, a udostepnie wszystkie demka i staty z tego dnia czy cokolwiek

:DDDDDDDDDDDDD nie wierze ze to sie dzieje :DDDDDDDDD
Znowu argument w stylu: "ja nie haxowalem, bo gdybym haxowal to bym ci o tym powiedzial, wyslal demko i zbustowal sie". Ogarnij ze kolega z banem wyzej mowi dokladnie to samo.
Randomowe nicki, chyba cos smieszkowego jak "transformacja cyberdorsza" moze nawet luty/marzec. Wiele osob na pewno widzialo jak szukasz 3o3, moze to byl twoj brat blizniak lub jakis oszust, nie wnikam.
o czym Ty mowisz :O Juz mialem nadzieje ze jestem tak dobry i ktos mnie bierze za haxa ale Ty zwyczajnie musisz miec cos z glowa :D
Zaczekaj, wypisze ci recepte na twardoglowie.
prosze Cie wejdz na ts chetnie z Toba porozmawiam :D
Kaplan ci wyjasni dlaczemu nie moge. Wlasnie mu o tym napisalem na priv.
And what u mean by "real cheaters"?
Guys who are busted on their own ip and own guid and stuff or caught by cgac.
Someone spoofed insa's ip ofc, that's why he's spoofing multihack guid from 09'

Read it again, maybe you will get it.
Just funny to see this discussions about "cheaters" & "admins". :D
" Banned CG players are not allowed to participate in the cup. (There can be exceptions!) "

the drama over a dead game :XD

ps. yes im posting comments in the middle of a night

haters gna hate :XD

Make love not war
just ban this tard again pls.
I would like to stop playing with his guide untill he gets banned...