Team-LDLC vs fnatic (3637 views)

fr shox
fr NBK
fr SmithZz
fr Happy
fr kioShiMa
se pronax
se olofm
se JW
se KRiMZ
se flusha
Best of 3

* 1/4 final

** 3rd map will be replayed "due to texture transparency and immortal bug used by both teams"

*** fnatic forfeits
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Game: csgo Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
League: DreamHack Winter 2014 » Matchlink
Manager: Swanidius (Generaladmin)
Maps: De_dust2

Total Pot: € 4693
The bets have been cancelled.

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hard skins hard life
smirzz vs kamz, wtf
Will be tight game, any predictions?
Got some skins on fnatic as well, hoping for some aimlock from flusha (notsrs).

This is def. the best of the four matches today (on paper) imo.

dunno, i think nAvI vs footfetish is gonna be more close :s
Dunna man, honestly think Dignitas will take it.

Although Na'Vi is a lovable team, tbh they both deserve the win.
Rooting for Dignitas.
fnatic for 1.76..if its go any lower then LDLC
The boost is real
they look so cute considering how confused they are lol
Could this be the comeback?

Fnatic pls my skins
I feel sorry for LDLC :((
Happy bout to cry :(
losing to them two ugly fatties, i'd cry also :(
holy shit what a overpass
dat boost
haha yea dont use that boost... its unfair... hahaha
It's already a CT side, it's unfair as fuck.
what is ct sided? maybe learn how to attack and beat the ct.. bad excuse on all maps
that boost :DDD
Fucking rekt, cu bagguets
what happened? ez skins btw
exploited some unknow camping spot from where you can watch/shoot all over the map at overpass
Basically LDLC were absolutely steam rolling fnatic so they used unknown spot in the map (you need 3guys to do that jump and olof standed on one) at the B plant and from where you could see 3/4 of the map and since he had awp/scar it was pretty easy to always get like atleast double kill and info about their attack, was fucking shit and unfair. They got a lot of "flame" after that from fifflaren tho
Lel csgolounge paid out, any1 knows if they can reclaim your winnings?

Brb such easy skins with dignitas
Total bets: 7
Bets won: 6

After dignitas wins it'll be 7/8
LDLC disputed the match! Drama is ON.
wait what?
Inside information
such troll!
18. "If a match has been played and afterwards the tournament admins decide there needs to be a rematch, for whatever reason, we will not be responsible for this and the initial bets will remain. Reason being: the admins may call for a rematch once we have already drafted items."

Thanks for skins fnatic hehe