Baseracers One vs Baserace Two (3029 views)

gb nismO
de nicon
no Eirik
gb Panda
fr Francis
cz bobiboi
au Millan
au Villain
be xAee
eu Homer
de eRRoRR
pl dexx
fi SR
fi rapusti
nl meehow
20.12.14 20:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Baserace » Matchlink
Manager: SINFULSEBASTIAN (Requestee)
Maps: Baserace
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Total Pot: € 4679
The bets have been cancelled.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 12


Who's playing? BETS NEEDED!
ta mere la reine des putes on lui met le parc des singes dans la chatte
I won't translate teh entire shit but I think it has to do with a zoo and your mom
t'es encore la toi?
L'internet a besoin de moi
la vanité conduit a la faiblesse #MarceloBielsa
bob , where are you on mIRC , i fucking try to find you for more than 1 week !! tell me !
Yo dude, I don't use mirc/irc anymore since I really don't play ET anymore
Wuuut?? i need to do this :( (Fuck my flag.. how do i change this??)
nothing better than a computer battle before heading off t teh cklub with ma bois
Are you playing this friend?
yesm8 computer warriors need a colonel to lead military operations
Teams already full :( Would love to join you!
avi also for christmas and newyears and my grandpa's birthday add me on steam
bobiboi vs panda

show them rashomon <3
izi money for this balanced teams
You have € 500 on eu <BR2> Cancel bet
Possible win: € 4190
gl panda and homer
cz bob.cze Saturday, 20th December 2014 13:58
Yo dude, I don't use mirc/irc anymore since I really don't play ET anymore

FU Moron!
Anyone knows how to sort this shit?
download the correct map version and delete old baserace file
Thanks to everyone who bothered to come and play on such a short notice. Also, a big "fuck you" to everyone who reported available on irc or and ended up a no-show, I gave up my personal spot, personal time and made other plans due to so many people wanting to play. At least three motivated players ended up not receiving a spot due to no-shows filling up the ranks.

But who cares, I'm off to terrace and I'll fill the stats and proper line-ups later on. Ciao ->
Put in 1-1 because the bets were done on fake line-ups, shouldn't count... ffs :(
Please add Team USA Joker, PPE, End, and Blanksta to Baserace 1 roster.

Smacked. Confirmed 1-0
go fuck yourself with your cheating scum friends.
Ill send you $5 via paypal so you can move out of your dumpster country and stop bitching . Deal?
id hook you up but you cant afford the cheats we got
Maybe he can't but he has connections ;)
Meehow accusing using cheats, what a nerd. how about yours.
Hola at me I got good deals