'xD Trickjump, vs Fearless Assassins (4257 views)

nl 7ele
nl Eddo
nl Sebhes
gb Shaman
fi Sherclock
nl Dest!Ny
ee lehar
fi nulli
fi Teukka
22.12.14 21:45 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: One Day Cup
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: Sebhes (Generaladmin)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 4617
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 13


Get on facebook or gimme whatsapp/viber dude... I can't live without you anymore, was standing on a building the other way thinking about jumping off.....
i have whatsapp!! msg me your # fam
Lol this nigga prolly got his fb hijacked by paki's gov cray shit going down in your country dawg take care
hahha i just deactivated it. gov is not as bad as the taliban just declaring war on the district i live in lol.
Nobody cares really. Everyone knows that the banned people always keep on playing. Always been like that and always will be.
Well, that's not really true, but according to GTV policy if the cup admin allows him then it's fine.
Well i allowed insane to play in the #mAlibu.et 3on3 ET cup but Gamestv admins said "banned players are not allowed to play on Gamestv".
They were mistaken. As disconcerting as it may be for someone to allow busted cheaters or league banned players in his cup, the GTV site admins prefer not to interfere.
Your cup was just a joke tho..."banned players are not allowed (there can be exceptions)" or something like that. Thats just retarded
Atleast i try to make a good cup you should try it by your self.

i cant help that cg admins banned insane for cheating on a public.
That guy didnt even had the same etpro guid:/

Cheats usually spoof your guid by itself. Knowing how smart insa is, he wouldn't even dare to check it :P
my brain hurts after that insightful comment
hf xD
och zot :D Destiny zit je al lang bij de vrouwen van FA?
Edit: leuk om je trg te zien, btw.

No-gay intentented :D
this should be trickjump vs nterror wtf guys!