Iceland vs Australia (8795 views)

is fifty
is phyzic
is rNz
au Dash
au ikez0r
au Millan
ET 3on3 World Championship 2015
Round 1 - Best Of 3

Matchweek 1

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DoubleDutch Dragons

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18.01.15 15:45 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET 3on3 World Championship 2015 » Matchlink
Manager: timbolina (Highadmin)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 16729
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Enemy Territory TV

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pearl freak are missing
gl icelanders <3
Pmed phyzic, pass info along please so we can schedule this.
also, US server ja?
gl Iceland
hf rnz n phyzic <3
This match will not be played today (5th Jan 14)
where's ding0?
he stole a baby and got put down
where's dongo my brother
i'm still on my XP so i guess i'm out. GL
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorvarrrrrrr !! ready to stompppp on aus lol
Guys please schedule this match.
i sent 0sk a message, i think it will be played at 23:00 GMT on Friday evening.
K awesome!
Not necessarily. One of our guys is working at that time. Still trying to sort it.
Can you play the same time on Saturday?
gimme my money back
gl Eidur & BlinG



check first match of australia, played there with 50 ping lolie :_(
Feels odd that Iceland/an Icelandic team has never made much of an impression in game type like 3on3 :o
Any 3on3 team would have a shot with phyzic and the other players are not bad.
Will this be the year?!
nuggan reporting for ;}
biggz in USA?
Mobile phone region weirdness!
not bad? NOT BAD?? theyve got living legend rNz ok?? so next time u say things like that just think again??
rNz is a beast also, sAs1 always had great aim just never active enough and yeah like u say the rest are decent enough
gl j3zt0r sexy man beast
This match is forced. A noshow of one of the teams will result in a forfeit loss. Teams can decide to schedule the match themselves before this time.
so the match is forced to 14.00gmt on a tuesday? how convenient
Well, if you guys can find a better solution its fine with me.
Unfortunately there isn't many other options besides weekends, which we've missed :( It'll either happen tonight or someone will forfeit I suppose.
I forced it to sunday. Same time. Noshow will result in a forfeit loss.
obviously phyzic is scared
Well, most people work at 14:00. So I understand.
-Covert, on windows xp. gl
gettem dash
Where is dongo (´・_・`)
Where's my son nozy and mikeslayer the future bN of Australia smurfing

gl hf
gg wp