Netherlands vs Germany (13932 views)

nl Efax
nl GiZmO
nl kApot
de eujen
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ET 3on3 World Championship 2015
Round 1 - Best Of 3

Matchweek 1

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DoubleDutch Dragons

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11.01.15 20:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET 3on3 World Championship 2015 » Matchlink
Manager: timbolina (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 13766
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Enemy Territory TV

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wut tha fack?

1von3 deutscha
we got this
This shouldn't be legal
your mother should have aborted you
u fker made me smile ty
You are also playing for cz :D
Na, they didnt want him
that makes sense
I was just helping Sklamak with the sign up thing, but yeah ok.

They are bad anyway.
yea I know, old zeroE ppl are anyway not playing anymore afaik :D
just for lulz and to give people a laugh
Viel Glück, Deutschland! Grüße und Küsse, dex. =D
kitt = win

change flag ffs :S
ROFL oke..
kannst mur mal das gehärtete smegma von der eichel lecken
lies mal bitte, wenn du wieder in den niederlanden bist, deine IRC-nachricht
kA ob mein bnc geht, Schicks lieber per pm auf cf ;)
Leider nicht die legendary Reeperbahn :/
sehr schade
vom hartzen wirste halt ned müde.. isso
Ja...wenn ich gewusst hätte wie sehr diese verantwortung kitt aufs gemüt schlägt, hätte ich den Sommer nicht damit verbracht Frauen zu beschlafen, sondern genau wie kitt 14 stunden am tag et zu spielen. Dann klappts auch mit team yermany
selbst dann nich brudi :P
kAPOT team NL; levensdoel bereikt!
ruhig leroychen
dunno yet
Kapot team NL :D et really is dead
he wouldnt have make it without a 20 times busted cheater carrying his ass
Most of the busted cheaters actually got better, you are busted like twice or 3times and you are still worse than froxe playing without keyboard and monitor, fucking shame on you
how the hell can u do that 1 or 2 comments per day since 2012 don't u have any life?
Wrong, on average he's posting 4,41 comments a day
ty for this precision
o lol
Hahahahahha faka deze lineup, tielenaren en zwollenaar pak ze mann hrrrraaaa
Jawell mann maar me laptop is fuckedupp man dat is t maar zodra die shiy weer werkt zie je me
Het is love maahniga best wishes nog man aan al die boys
put et out of its misery
wtf is this?

and now go back to your 5 underage slaves
GL kApot!
machta schon jungs :)
willst du nicht spielen? :(
Was da los? Ohne dich läuft hier nichts. Team-Ger braucht seinen Quotenausländer, war schon immer so.
gl kitt bro
Sssslurp :)
P.S. nie kradnij szpyrkowi roboty :>
Kitt mnie bardzo lubi, wczoraj to udowodnil xD
A no tak na nbsie o 24 pokazal :p juz se przypominam
antworte halt nicht auf die PM lOl
:'( hoffe du hast die Antwort schließlich erhalten.. bin ab heute wieder in nl
Auf gehts Jungs! brauch Kohle :D
kApot vs Kitt
8 : ]
ET finest :D
-Ava +kReSti
-symbol +s1LENT

lol this year germany are low+ xD
still enough for you
Gl Germany.
:XDDDD wer hat denn den nub da eingetragen

waarom niet
ik kan helaas niet :<
kan je donderdag wel klootzak
Eerst wel ... maar ben vergeten dat ik verenigingsfeest heb xD
Ik kan deze week verder eigenlijk alleen vrijdag vanaf 22:30 en zondag :$
yea def shit happens
omg that ger LU is terrible...
but that BEL lu though.....
Well , i prefer no LU than this LU tbh :D
i agree with you mongol
hm, k ..

Worst NL line up I've seen in ages, awful.
you know what, when i thought of the 6 best players from NL and GER, these were exactly the guys i was thinking of.

y u no team uk
didnt even know about the tourny, dont use crossfire or anything anymoar
Wheres kitt? :XD
team germany without s0lent, gr1ss and kriste :o
oh wow. Just saw that theres a LAN coming up and these are the 3 best players from GER and NL? :---------DDD
people prefer to prac for 6on6
cant play tomorrow.
sonntag könnte ich spielen
zie je kapot, ik zei het al jaren geleden, team NL kApot, nu is je droom werkelijkheid
Team NL kapot et is dead
oh better give us kitt :DDDDDDDDDD
inb4 ava also replaced from the "original" LU :D
he's trying to!
Should of put kresti in and that would do it.
need some infamous here
ofc :D
Okay, now just get some proper 3rd and u actually have some decent ger lineup.
i hope i can see you and kApot at lan
Eh baddie, u will have to eat some more muesli to do anything.
You want to hit a 15 year old? ;D
whos 15 lol?
Kapot idd, so my question stays?
He is 15 years old but yet he is behaving like he is a boss or something. He should do the same on the lan. I hate people like him who think they are tough over the internet but in real life they don't say a word because they are too afraid
Don't you think you're doing the exact same thing now? So what are you going to do?
i am someone who stands by his words.
Ok, would be fun to see you go full "Rocky Balboa mode" against Aniky and kApot since you're such a man of your word.
you misunderstood me. i won't beat up anyone. i'll come to the lan to play and have fun with my mates
Ok that's cool man x), for me it seemed like you made a lot of threats.
No i just wanted to say my opinion about kapot & co. if you are cheeky over the internet then i want to see the same behavior at the lan
mannen willen vallen, hallo amenakoyum sikterlan symbol
16 Dan!? HB!

Of ur low skills? Definitely

i rather have "low skills" - i have been playing etpro for not even two years - than being a ballast existence like you. you are like a texan long-distance trucker who likes to put rancid and underdone minced pork meat into a thermos bottle to delight in it coitally
butchji, drag0, snoop .. or gtfo
kapot huehuehue
sorry trampolina, but this is an absolute joke, at least make some new teams like NL.3on3 or w/e instead of ruining such great name and stats
nice try
eujen lets play cs:go : D
If im not wrong this matchweek ends today

and we would like to get our oppo instead of waiting 1 more week u lowbobs
those players in national teams :O

et is dead
kiss kiss on da buttcheeks
Only yours, i stay loyal :(

Where u at, dont say u nerd that CS:Go for noobies?
waiting for awesome lan to make my cumbak
Ob du behindert bist?
Why do you answer me in german? Does it look like im German to you?

Are you mad because of my reply?
Of je achterlijk bent?
Ja die snap ik nog wel, maar waarom die reactie op mij van die random, voelt ie zich persoonlijk beledigd ofzo? Enig idee wie dat is eigenlijk?
Outlaw and kapot in team NL

I giggled.
Not sure about Gizmo, but seems to me it's team busted playing.
haha Efax noob :-)
You have € 100 on de GER
You won € 254

You have € 700 on nl NED
You lost

cgac stay smacking nerds