Elements vs Fnatic (4170 views)

dk Wickd
nl Shook
dk Froggen
se Rekkles
de Nyph
kr Huni
kr Reignover
nl Febiven
fr Steelback
fr YellOwStaR

2015 EU LCS Spring
Round Robin - Bo1
Week 1


wtf this fanatic squad?
Rekkles is in Alliance
xPeke and sOAZ have a new team: Origen
Cyanide seems to be teamless at the moment.

Much happened since the last season :)
Rekels seems to be playing for Element :)
and thanks for the other, I didn't know so much change happened :o
Yes sorry I meant Element. Element is the new name of Alliance, I'll surely make the mistake again :-)

You have € 100 on eu Fnatic
You won € 934
You have € 20 on eu Fnatic
You won € 186.8