USA vs Iceland (8274 views)

us hayzay
us ipod
us The_End
is fifty
is phyzic
is rNz
ET 3on3 World Championship 2015
Semi Final - Best Of 3

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05.02.15 02:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET 3on3 World Championship 2015 » Matchlink
Manager: timbolina (Highadmin)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 19073
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gl phyzic
GL 50 brah may the power of awesomeness be with you!
damn...... Ma niggas vs Ma niggas

ez for USA the end has been sitting his pasty ass in the PC chair for countless hours .. he's ready.. This is your year man u got this
How does my jockstrap smell?
LOL :D this is exactly how i assumed Joker looks like :D
Ugliest player in north America.. no wonder he stays indoors
No wonder he trashtalks so much when he has to look into that every morning while in bathroom :s
bunch of ugly nerds
ermmm, Aaron , im not a nerd nor am i ugly, im a movie star, k thx :)
u fucking ugly MONSTER!
Arnar* only talking about joker and some others haha :D
lets see you cutie
He is a model man :(
arnar is very handsome, manly man.

Even asshair looks better than joker and he doesnt have any
ta mere la pute
wondering why you know so much 'bout his asshair
hes been on my nuts ever since we made fun of him on vent. Still remember him screaming one game never said another word after that
jezztor's snapchat made me saw very interesting things..

and also just the fact that joker is an ugly faggot attention whoring with lies :D!
lmao :D "interessing things" me fuckin around like a retard H3h3h3h3h3
This is their year, Iceland's year!
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NgN shot like 80 hs against USA on supply, which means phyzic will shoot 160.
Theend shots 3.5k dmg more than nuggan, then phyzic might get closer, up to 2k dmg less.
this nigga LOL
My son swizza at the clay museum LOL
Lmao I ment wax hahahaha
yeah swizza we cold in that picture, same day i sold vitamin water for 4 big billion that day made cool 400 mill
tfw Windy not playing for ICE
Iceland reschedules match 3 times now doesn't want to show. Must suck taking it in the ass on the reg
3 times? what kinda acid are u inbreds taking over there?
You can't even see your dick when you pee don't ever reply after me you pizza faced faggot
oh you scrawny little boy stop acting so tough on the internet
Scrawny rofl. I guess when your 400lbs you can call anyone scrawny. When is the last time you could even fit on an airplane?
You clean yourself with a garden hose in the backyard
Actually flew to london in january without much problem and im currently about 280lbs but i can benchpress 400 for you any time of the week buddy
Taking a row boat to lan. Stop posting on GTV and get on the server. You stand when you wipe your ass you poor fat fuck.
haha we never agreed to this date, seeing as ohurcool is ur buddy i can see how you schedule it without agreeing to anything and then try to take a forfeit and for crying out loud stop acting so tough.
lol ohurcool being end's buddy? i lol'd
Match has been on gtv for over a week. You also asked us to play at 2 today which we said was fine. Holy fuck you cannot be this retarded. Do you have to write on your hand to remember to breathe actually wheeze?
1.Unlike you i don't refresh gamestv every day of the week.
2 You spoke to fifty not me. (fifty has never been involved with scheduling matches)
3. You are the one that seems like the retard here.
4. You don'­t have to think about breathing because your body's autonomic nervous system controls it.
1. You have 5x the amount of gtv comments as me you brain dead fuck.
2. Do you go to the beach to wash?
3. Do you have steel supports under your chair?
4. Lists are for faggots so I will only be doing this once to make it as clear as possible for you.
1.Doesn't mean i refresh gtv every day of the week you fucking inbred.
2.No i usually just take a shower
3. No i wish i had cause i no joke just broke my chair yesterday
4. You are the biggest wannabe braincrippled faggot i have ever encountered on the intenet, not even swirus is as retarded as you and hes from POLAND!

Match has been scheduled, this will be my last comment until i anally rape you on wednesday.
taking a shower with a garden hose doesn't count.

Instead of commenting on gtv why won't you play us now.
lets see a picture of u son, u talk like a god ... ur face is a must see
Think for 1 second. Try really hard.

Instead of commenting why won't you just play us.
Because you are still scared to show your ugly ass face
You can't be this dumb. It is literally impossible. I would say hows living in a third world country. But I wouldn't even know what flag that is.
Because you're uneducated poor titfuck from usa
hey bro he makes at least 7$ an hour for sure
thats because some muricans think that Europe is a country and they only know the European flag xDDD I bet ur one of those uneducated peoples.
stereotypes make you look uneducated
fixed the sentence, was not intended to be all Muricans :D
oh wow
Iceland FFed.

GGS see you in the finals. Phyzic is plowing through 3 tubs of Haagen-Dazs as we speak
I kissed a girl once.
<02:50:46> "bark": yea fizz my valentine is going to be you in a wig bending over with my dick sliding out your ass
Lol, GL.
American shit talk too strong. But good luck to fifty and ipod...lumberjack vs terrorist...WHO WILL WIN?
gl America !
should be a good match. what with all the shit talk on this thread
all that shit for that shit...xD
This nigga ipod has a full time car wash job at the company sprinkle, nopressure for him doe on gamestv dawgg
most anticipated match 2015?
shouted out by both teams, im famous now
close gg
Sem foreigner swizza for team USA make it happen
Why you including my name like if im bad ma g ? Lol
because you're bad
Sem, you lost to phokuz today in the morning, and you lost your shoe playing hopscoth with your 12 year old neighbor
and you're still bad
Im an OG demos since 2007 , dont need to prove skills to anyone my child
that link dosnt even work... rofl
gamestv fucks it up just copy and paste instead of clicking
tell me why me playing a computer game has more views then sem rapping....... seems legit rofl
My son swizza OG as fuck he was on that twitch.TV grind shit before its prime time he was broadcasting for lil sem's around the world to show em how its done ET style joke aside I remember this video was to "prove" he wasn't cheating <[(""prove"")]> ...
Implying Sem and I are bad?
Nah just sem, vs him in a 1v1 he'l lose with anyone wearing a blindfold
Naw nigga u tripping ... This team Cuz its the famzzzz
when you coming back
You have € 450 on us USA
You lost
LOL przecież od początku było wiadomo, że Islandia w tym roku zgarnie złoto LOL
ofc złota przyjdzie do nas!
ofc złota przyjdzie do was!
such a shame boys :((((