limbo warriors vs sick6 (3606 views)

gb sharky
nl juncie
se malmen
gb lasher
se ozzmosis
be syL
se askungen
gb jam
ee pudi
fi olBaa
de Oxy
gb sqzz

Regular Season, Week #3
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Game: rtcw Return To Castle Wolfenstein
League: 2 Continents, 1 Cup! » Matchlink
Manager: Oxymoron (Requestee)
Maps: Village

Total Pot: € 16753
The bets are closed.

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By: MerlinatoR
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jam , mirage , sqzz gl <3
Waiting for Raziel.
Inb4 limbo warriors get a forfeit win for some be reason
PLEASE REMEMBER ABOUT GUIDS SICK6, I KNOW "BEST SPAMMER LT ON THE WORLD" will use it against you! GL and hf, gonna watch how you will rape them ;)
Nail is going to cast the game, we have some lineup changes :
merl and artstar won't be playing so change it to sharky and lasher instead (y)
if it will not casted then according to Highadmin of gamestv page you have no permission to put this game to gamestv and it should be taken down asap.
QuoteNail is going to cast the game
His comment was edited after i replied ;)
avi to stream it if needed
gl gav
so fucking obious, no "BESt spammer"
merlinator got rekt? :D
merlinator retired :<