FatGames vs kirwa kirwanderin kirwurit (15696 views)

pl kot
be mAus
pl buzka
de urtier
ee Holz
pl S4rna
ie sol
fi Jauhis
fi Xpaz
fi Tiigeri
be dAv1d
nl teKoa
nl Azatej
gb Mztik
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12.05.08 20:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XVII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Bartichello (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced

Total Pot: € 75831
The bets are closed.

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Radio Commentary
fr #heartZ.et by inviolable
By: Fuxor
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Language: Poland
nl #TGS Radio Stream 3
By: miTTi
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Language: English

Total Slots: 2,000
Listener Peak: 10

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at own3D.at ETTV II
By: SPU9 (ettvd)

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fr #Gamerz-Connexion TV I
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jp Vorwarts! ETTV
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ua ClanBase ETTV
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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 451


gl kirwa, go aza
gl fg
gl kirwa <3 Xpazje
with one gonna forfeit this match, hard to bet!
all on FG kot,sarna,maus <3
forfeit and get butt-raped.
double forfeit imo!
gonna be nice match ^^
GL Tekoa Xpaz Mztik Tiigeri Jauhis !
I'm not feeling the love. :(
GL AzA !!!
i think he doesnt like your kind of style, hentai pr0n
gonna be forfeit ofc :)))
np for forfeit
there will be noshow imo
I luv kirwa :D
pls kirwa ... i wanna see Xpaz !
FG ofc:)
forfait fo sho !
gl mAus!!!
forfeit :]
we need a button for "bet on forfeit" plz
lol, nice idea :)
idd and make it have like instant 1:20 odds :D
yea, should be third option when oldschoolers are playing
dAv1d vs mAus :P hf
gl KKK
finally 2nd play off match that is going to be played? WOW! :)
will be rescheduled or forfeited!
gl kot
Gl kurwa!
gonna be nice match =)
i smell a forfeit
go FatGames
gl nl TeKoa
FG ofc
50 on kkk giving a forfeit
has it already been rescheduled? or do we need to watch the game tonight to see other team forfeiting?
30e on kirwa :D gl
gl kirwa
You have € 5 on eu Kirwa Cancel bet
Possible win: € 12.25

hope this time they will play
Will be forfeited anyway
izi FG go Holz
"timen Wednesday, 7th May 2008 17:57
Will be forfeited anyway"

I seriously hope not

Although im away in Italy, cell phone was left at home, be back on Friday night.
ok tell us then how was your holliday.
kirwa izi mann
zomg need more slots ffs!
eazy for fijauhis fitiigeri and fixpaz
You have € 4411 on eu FG Cancel bet
Possible win: € 6837.05

bb money ;<
kirwa plx
Haha, so few slots because ETTV providers have given up on ET? ;)
Rescheduled to Monday 9:30pm cet.
Forfeit now or forfeit then, no difference ;<
Rhand u care to place a bet ? in real life plz no paypal :O
Why don't you reschedule earlier if you know it won't be played?
n1 eurocup...
niggerz plz....
whenever i bet some money match gets rescheduled :XX
like 5-6th time this month :X
More like 5-6 last two weeks.
maybe, im not that active @ betting as this shit is pissin me of :X
That rescheduling gets annoying tbh
agree -_-
Play EC yourself if you are more avi!
izi for FatGamers GL Kot S4rna & buzka
Go FatGames, I know you can do it! (:
<3 sol
FG <3 kot & mAus&co
hf kirwa... aza win this match for meh, your biggest fanboi!
urtier, izi for mAus, Holz and s4rna :P GL -> FG :) izi bet :]
Fat, will win. I hope because my money : XD
forfeit for sure
this will be nice game
np4 fg imo :x
gl fg "D
hf mAus
np for feit games
This one gonna happen? =)

You have € 25 on FG
Possible win: € 46.75

izi money imo
np for fatforfeit games
gl fg
I'm expecting something good, or else... ;)
gl tek & aza, slope die handel !
i´ll eat my hat if this game is played today
dont forget the sult !
looks like i´ll need it :(
send me some
noooooooooooo! XD
Who will win forfeit this match?
moar forfeit comments!
go go kurwa fg
i bet on kirwaaaa
fg vs idlodia?
kirwa ez bash
mAus pokara :D
soooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny!
omgomgomg gg teams :D:D: gl!!!!
game rescheduled to 13th May
own mAus
let me guess the maps supply and sw_goldrush. imo the 3rd one will be rdr or frostbite:)
Gl, I think it will be nice.

A nice frag for : Fatgames :D
The game is rescheduled to 20:30
anything in TV?
go kirwa go go go go go go go :)))
interesting :b

pokernaab Iron in action
make me rich
CEST is 1 hour ahead of GMT or 2?
CET is one hour ahead of GMT.
maus > all
kurwa cant win
no forfeit = totaly unexpected
It was rescheduled 2 times, that is why.
1 forfeit = 2 rescheduling = 3 wildcard
gl kot &S4rna
Gonna be 2-0 fast
4:0 for Kirwa !!!!
ok krosan
wtf is krosan?
how low, bb emoney
what happend?
i lost my money and krosan is low, nothing happend
thx fg...for NOTHING

rly ..u should pm me because of merc...then i would entertain the specs a bit with my 1 man pfs!
one hell of a eurocup!
2-0 for KKK
Nice game. :P
bb money, bb FG
4-0 kirwa
expected more...
fucked up match
3:0 *
You have € 250 on eu Kirwa
Possible win: € 617.5
A forfeit would almost have been more entertaining than this... :P
Umm, no, that's the whole point.
You have € 3450 on eu Kirwa
Possible win: € 8521.5

hups...thx for money :P
krosan ec pwner
he killed jauhis though
i give krosan some credits cause he at least tries
better than all these forfeit wins
not rly, forfeit wins doesn`t cost me 1000
noone rly gives a shit about your emoney tbh
rofl ive bet on fg`s lineup that is posted, not on some krosans rofl
gimmi my 52e back rofllolz
plz.. it's not like i asked to play this, we just didn't have 6
U did your best!
Anyway, wp and no problem for emoney, omg :O
Nice win for KKK, I want my cash now.
Be patient, wait for the scores to be entered ;) And only if it was real cash eh :p
well nice try krosan, you couldn't help this either ..
;(( great
You have € 75 on Kirwa
You won € 185.25

well done guys!
What a shame...

And ye, alright, reschedule it to 20.30 CEST just some hours (minutes?) before. >:(
this ec is fucking joke..
ah there was a shoutcast :(
Got so used to not having shoutcast, that i didnt even look close enough :(
Cos mi sie wydaje ze niedlugo FG zostanie oslabione przez 2 graczy ale i tak GL
FG TO low
You have € 61 on eu Kirwa
You won € 150.67

You have € 76 on eu Kirwa
You won € 187.72
You have € 50 on eu Kirwa
You won € 123.5
it was fun back in the days that ET was hot, and parodia was owning the ec. But now its just shit, the "pro's" aren't praccing anymore. Urtier is trying to get a cod4 war during a ec match = wtf ? And what about a shoutcaster that is like 5minutes behind the delay time of an ettv server =// gg mitti!

wp kirwa, fg rly disappointed me !
agree with u 203812783027% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nice Kirwa :(
Byebye money
bb money :(
hello money =]
bb money :(
You have € 50 on eu Kirwa
You won € 123.5
bye bye my 500 $ :(
omg low :(