rockit.ET vs Team-Visual (9707 views)

be chry
gb koop
nl M1lk
gb razz
gb R0SS
gb sqzz
de Ava
nl GiZmOo
nl hybrAtek
nl iNsAne
nl L4mpje
nl outlAw
ET Reborn LAN 2015
Playoffs - Grand Final
Best Of 3

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nl team - visual has to win twice!
match will not be split!
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET Reborn LAN 2015 - 6on6 » Matchlink
Manager: timbolina (Highadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 85314
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lowest lan final ever
last lan final
Have fun all!

<3 <3 <3
gl lampje
visual win 4-2
lmao :XD
gl Ava ,outlaw, gav:)

rockit.ET de

eu Team-Visual
be chry
gb koop
nl M1lk
gb razz
gb R0SS
gb sqzz
de Ava
nl GiZmOo
nl hybrAtek
nl iNsAne
nl L4mpje
nl outlAw
ET Reborn LAN 2015
Playoffs - Grand Final
Best Of 3

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Today 22:15 CEST
Status: Open
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET Reborn LAN 2015 - 6on6 » Matchlink
Manager: timbolina (Highadmin)
Maps: Not announced

Total Pot: € 24959
Ri de 1.16
7.11 eu visual
You have € 431 on eu visual Cancel bet
Possible win: € 3064.41
play best of 5, this should be endless story XDD
hoi violer aka czarek :s :D
Succes boys hebben dit !
Lampe digga
Ava :*

Hf all :)
after the drama of craze, who would have thought Ava is in finals! well played, i must say!
no one would have thought that lOl
gj boys
Stelletje bazen, gefeliciteerd met die 2e plek!
rest in peace et sweet babe.
sqzz the beast, well played man :D
Okee dit gaat weer net te ver
gg rockit :)
Well played everyone, GG LAN :D!
i hope it wasnt the last Lan ... god damn these 3 days felt so good and now i step back in the massive world of CSGO Cheating MM russians and luckly undeserved supreme players who cant even walk.... ET i love YOU!

Thx4 all who made this possible, merli nice job @ stream. was nice to watch it. ! GZ all winners and members who was able to compete there! Maybe ... CYA NEXT TIME! :)
go faceit/esea then mister :s
Are you in Romania?
crap internet , dno why i got romanian flag :p
Haha, I thought you are in Romania because of Dreamhack which is being hosted in Bucharest ^_^
would be nice but no ;) *now its german :o
gwan sqzz lad
Beesten !
lekker hoor
Sicke lan gespeeld visual. Well played. Congrats to Rockit for winning that easy sweet sweet cash. see you next lan boys greez 7ele
Thanks, we Will meet again at the LoL tournament haha
nice to meet you:)
I have to admit my mistakes. Outlaw and Insane, I am sorry for flaming you this past month. You did cheat, several times in outlaw's case, but now you have proven yourselves at lan with a very good performance, coming to finals in both formats 3v3 and 6v6. You have now improved your reputation and we can now leave your cheating past behind. Again, I am sorry the flame, you did prove me wrong and now I believe you weren't cheating during the preparation matches for the lan and you won the seeding 3v3 tournament by clean gaming, conrats.

I had you 2 in my top 3 of lan skilldrops and you have instead joined the top3 lan performances/ lan surprises, very good indeed. Abject's case is a lot different, his performance at lan was really poor, along with the whole polish team who skilldropped hard. By going to lan, Abject really did prove that he was a hardcore online cheater, knowning the position in map of every single player, having very high battle sense and giving 2or 3hs most of the time, to a very poor performance at lan , being lost most of the time, not knowing where he was being shot from, barely giving any headshots and having a poor accuracy and general stats. Abj was definately #1 skilldrop at lan. Outlaw and Insane really proved themselves as non-cheaters, congratulations.
wow, you fucking moron.
would write sth but i saw

QuoteMember Since 21st March 2014

German flag. Must be kitt under fake account
xd rofl
good one
ok thx for info
Cheers mate
abject still top damaged for his team / overall in his games - but he still got busted online and this doesn't suddenly change anything. 'LANPROOF' is for people who are suspected to be cheating (IE tony some people suspected > he did same at LAN > lanprooven), it is not however used to overturn actual busts ;)
let's make a poll and ask capitans from top teams to vote
Is that the reason u could not be neutral at the games of viSual?
Merlin said multiple times he won't cast where games where cheaters/banned players are included. You twats have multibanned fat prick(you) and CURRENTLY still banned tit in your line-up, why the fuck would he have to be objective when you weren't allowed in the first place lmao
True, then dont stream our games at all. If you dont like streaming us then please dont. He did very well as shoutcaster at the other games, but ye
It's not just about you, he didn't stream some people even on cups online. As this was lan, it was somehow needed and really appreciated as people wanted to see these matches.
No but gizmo l4mpje hybra and ava never busted and still talking negative about them or no compliments, so I don't see your point ;)
He was talking up Ava's medic work and Lampgee's skills a lot.
Btw please come to the next LAN and talk like a hero u fucking imbred
You come to Prague and talk like a fucking hero you fat prick :D
Why should I? I'm not a two facesided bitch like you ;)
Because you faggots act so hard & threaten people on the internet:D
Only you ;)
I still can't forget you nerd raging so fucking hard after you got banned on NBS :D vyjii & insa even threatening to shoot me at lan xddd
I didnt rage. Never spoke to You about it :)
what the actual fuck are you saying "shooting"?
thisssssss!!!!! - deryn :))
I was neutral - but I will always big up the teams that won and you lost most of the games I streamed that visual played in. I streamed for around 42 hours over the weekend so I was pretty rekt and you have been literally the only person to complain so far - maybe try and have a bit of perspective rather than only thinking about you :) I may have messed up for many teams but I think most would realise the situation I was in.. ;)
tbh i think outlaw is right.. but atleast you showed us Ava many times :)

anyway good work!
I speak to you about this cause my whole team agreed on that so just don't think its only me who thinks like this. If the people who specced you didnt say this I would not have even noticed this. I'm just a bit dissapointed about that but you did a really good job thus far and thanks for streaming as many games as you could. It's much appreciated :)
Merlinator, thnx for streaming all the matches! I just don't really get your point, viSual lost many matches? We became 2nd and only lost Rockit or what are you trying to say?
When I was in Enschede last weekend, most of the people came by to tell me that you were streaming our matches but outlAw, iNsAne didn't really get mentioned at all.
This is the exact same story as all the people who flamed me online for playing with these so called "cheaters". You did a nice job streaming but all our opponents had brilliant attacks and shots compared to our team to say so. We became 2nd by much of luck according to your shoutcasting?

Keep on streaming, was quiet nice!
"Merlinator, thnx for streaming all the matches! I just don't really get your point, viSual lost many matches? We became 2nd and only lost Rockit or what are you trying to say?"

I am talking of the games I streamed of course, I think I streamed 6(?) games of yours in 6on6 and you lost 3 of them - I specced everyone in the team, perhaps lamp more than others (I did the same with other teams too, teams have their top players.. m1lk for instance got very little cam time for Ri) and the word wasn't luck but surprise, which I think you can even agree? :D

Just watch the game vs. SICK6 and I give you the upper hand in most of the situations (adler/bremen) when it comes to previous results/times set. You can also watch some other games like TAG vs. TMOE which was one-sided as well like the games vs. rockit and see how much cam time TAG got :)
I totally agree, it's just that spectators and other players came by to say that you didn't want to mention outlAw and iNsAne
well im sure you will rewatch the last 3 games of the tournament and I do talk about everyone on both teams, some more than others yes but this will happen in every game. sqzz / koop were mentioned more than others for rockit, lamp / gizmo for you guys, flop / kresti for kommran.

I know this but it was because they were more consistent with what they delivered - I dont make things up I will say what is going on as much as I can which normally involved the players above. If you check tmoe I talk about abject all the time because he was a top performer for tmoe so I think this breaks the conspiracy? :D

I did to your team exactly what I did to others regarding input too, like I questioned you having no fop @ GR first stage and thought you always played that hybra :D would have potentially made a diff vs. rockit as they had a lot of freedom in that courtyard :(
Well at least we only lost vs Rockit :)
Thx but i did never cheat still.
then you have to tell me why you should get banned? i submitted a video/timestamp from you and scow and he told me that everything is fine.. so please tell me why? there are people who claiming they have the proofs that you and abject are clean.. and i abject case i don't mean the malware shit.

anyway well played.. or lan hax for et?
Ye there are. I brought my usb so ye....
at some point there were like 10people behind me. so dont ask me but the spectators if i had hax on lan lOl.
you were easy to recognise i suppose
yes :D:P koop has a brown color aswell
lose weight and we gonna become friends and pick up bitches at next lan
weighing 85kgs with 178 cm, but i have to agree that picture made me look fat
same height as me and 10kg more lmao but then my biceps is -10cm
do u even lift bro:[ btw unban me from nbs now.
well, i lift my penis when i fap, does that count? Ban expires when your cgac ban expires
11 days gg
Well im not banned so when Will my time come lololo
good one xd
Look at those Mad polaks, so funny :PpPpPp
ye, we so mad :PpPpPpPpPpP
Considering your comments it seems You are :PpPpPpPp
Well this guy talk shit since abject is banned 1st time (evntho he didnt cheat lmao) and performed good at lan, and u were banned like 10 times :pPPpPpPpppPPPPppPPpPP
ye and same goes for insane so ye. I don't care what you think about me :PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPPppPpP
i think u guys performed well, just this guy talk trash, wish i could have been there :S
I dont trash talk at all. I just disagree with you, I didn't say abject sucked at LAN aswell
i meant this german guy :D
O okay, was just making a joke. Pointless discussion anyway right :D
i guess lol :D

still calling other cheaters:C
gg jin aka szpyru
Nvm deleted my comment, fuck it don't wanna cause trouble anymore.

Just 1 thing: that 2nd action, what am I supposed to look at lmao see nothing wrong with that.

edit; inb4 bobika with a real cheeky comment, ayy lmao.
Nice michael, im happy for u mate :)
Thank You very much Deniz :]
gz to both teams :)
looks like cheating indeed helps u became a better player
Looks like you've cheated your english tests
not learning english for 12 years :s only using it at forums... ofc my english is shit
Haha no offence, just joking :)
Hahaha fu powi
Ja indd, goed gespeeld :)
Om eerlijk te zijn, en ja nu mag je eens 100% terecht flamen, had ik het niet verwacht.

Dus mijn oprechte excuses.
Had bijna niemand verwacht denk ik, maarja wist zelf altijd beter of ik cheat of niet toch? :p
Ik had het ook nie verwacht, nice gespeeld! ;) vnaf nu ga ik je dus geen cheaters meer noemen hahaha :P
wat dafuq :D

gg bras :)
Netjes Michael en Bas :)
wp visual
bleh thought you got this outlaw :(
no man our mindset was already like we gonna lose this hehe. We already played them 2 times and didnt stand a chance :p
lol @ all ^. deserved this win, viSual did good this tournament, well played all <3
hey <3

You guys are the best, for real, take care man.

All the bullshit in these comments, I'm just glad that people put in the time and effort to attend/organize the LAN so I had the opportunity to meet former teammates, legends, everyone else and watch awesome fun games ofcourse.
Nice meeting you. hopefully cu next year!! :)

Obviously my opinion bout abject , insane and outlaw is unbiased, unlike yours. See in my comment above that I didn't really say "abject had lowest dmg of his team", I talked about his battle sense overall and of course if you compare these things to his online games you will notice a huge difference. ONLINE, Abject never gets surprised, if he gets shot from any angle he immediately turns around and 3hs whoever it is that backraped, knowing his exact position. ONLAN he was a lot different, saw him several times being surprised and running around like a headless chicken, not even knowning how many enemies were alive or where they were located/hidden, this never happened to him ONLINE. Abject proved that he is an average player without his wallhack and chams, who cares if he still gets 3hs on ross at lan when his gamesense is low+? (Even ava had several times where he 3hs sqzz, etc, ANYONE can aim, no offense to ava btw) , but you can clearly tell that abject is wallhack dependant by comparing his online performance with his lan performance.

This, on the contrary , didn't happen to outlaw and insane. I been flaming these 2 forever and they did prove me wrong with their good lan performance. I watched each one of their games and only specced them 2, unlike the majority of the audience (including you merlinator!) who were speccing mostly rockit players like sqzz, ross, etc. Whenever I saw your streams, you barely gave any "camera time" 1st person to insane or outlaw, while I was speccing them 100% of the time. Same goes for Abject, you weren't speccing him most of the time like I did, so you just come here with a very weak reply saying "abj had dmg blah blah", like a clueless noob implying dmg=skill , which is meh. Watch the gtv replays of the polish team ONLAN, watch abject only, then compare his performance to his ONLINE games, you will instantly notice the difference in his battle sense with wallhack and without it.

And I disagree that "lanproven" is what you say it is. Some of the "oldschooL" players who went to this lan were busted YEARS ago, most ppl don't know or remember that because they have proven themselves at lan before (razz, for example) so cheating doesn't even get mentioned with these players. However, outlaw, insane and abject had a clear test in this lan, which was to prove the community that they weren't "online only" and low cheaters, insane and outlaw succeeded and showed that they can compete without cheats, while abject failed and proved the opposite. Take this as you will, but Abject clearly won't be remembered for his "2015 awesome lan performance" in the future, instead, he will be remembered as "oh that polish random who cheated in 2015 went to lan and was shit, how sad". Of course, you have some "love" for abject so it affects your biased opinion.
how about noise around, different monitor and pressure?
i think members been cheating all these years they've used to win almost everything, since they sucked balls at lan. what u think.
Outlaw and Insane did pretty good.
Abject failed miserably.
This logic gave me cancer
Lan proven or not, players can cheat when they go back at home you know. The only thing people should trust is their anti cheat program.
I'm not saying insane, outlaw or anyone cheats online. I just look at the facts like insane getting banned by PB on a random serv few months ago.
Stop making the apology of someone banned like he succeeded or something.
upload can also go to lan and own everyone, it won't change the fact that he got caught by AC and nothing is gonna change that.

No offense given to anybody I just mean that this guy is wrong.
People often used "lanproof" nowadays as cheaters proving they are not fucking shit, when it was actually clean players that never got busted - that got accused of cheating a lot proved themselves at lan :(
So young and such knowledge already. This kid is going places
Even though I like you nowadays, I do not really agree with you.. I also agree, that Abject was clearly better online than offline, though he did ok on lan. I dont think the reason behind that monitor, fps and pressure. If players can't handle pressure what good they are for, seems like Abject could handle pressure really well online ;-) I am not saying he cheats, but I agree he is clearly better online. Insane and outlaw did good, tbh I expected them to good :-) then there is one more NL star who was clearly shit, though such a headshot machine online, and that blame goes to ratte.
I don't care about who did the best at lan compare to his online performances, they are all good people in my mind.
I just mean you can't erase someone's bust with a lan. Only time can make ppl forget about a ban if the guy stays clean.
True that also :-) I just don't know why would one cheat online if they are clearly good enough on offline also
"Obviously my opinion bout abject , insane and outlaw is unbiased"

Ok :P whoever you are ;)
QuoteOf course, you have some "love" for abject so it affects your biased opinion.

how can YOU decide he "loves" abject. :D it sounds like you're nothing but biased. one week ago you were biased against outlAw & iNsA, now you're biased in their favour. for a moment just step back and try to remove the personal aspect from everything you're writing. they performed very well and surprised everyone at the event (as a TEAM). why does Merl have to justify his preference to spectate Gizmo & L4mpje more than others? Tosspot did the same thing, he tried to follow players he noticed more. Gizmo has been accused of cheating many times before, and L4mpje is the most seasoned top-level player in the team. calm your fingers down and maybe try to interpret a situation from a perspective other than your own.
Thanks for your support person of unknown origin.
anytime person-I've-never-previously-met-or-spoken-to.
You guys, rent a room :D
no :( we lived in the same house long enough for one lifetime.
lmao are you guys really that butthurt you didnt get mentioned on a stream? Who cares finishing 2nd shoudl be all that matters
Thought Harry Potter only had 8 books, you nerds definitely wrote the 9th holy shit
7 books, know ur facts
hij was in de war, het waren 8 films
krijg ziektes, kom csgo
Base is silver 3
base just cant play well without WH
He has wh on csgo. Azur gave him :D
He can't play well with wh also
still mad cus i raped you with wallhack for over a year ago, jezus i feel really bad for you
dude get out of silver and then you can msg to me :/ feel sorry for your aim buddy :/
I dont think im ever able to get out of that skill. Can you give me some tips?

Im not even silver, its called sarcasm kanker braincrippled retarded polak
In ieder geval heb je wel de skill van een silver

cu #26april #PECAJA
nova is also shit,so.... suck my dick retard!
You are probably nova u fucking scrub
XD I love the hate <3

Not nova either btw, scrub.
Well it seems like you are ashamed of your rank so it has to be low
he's not proud of his nova master POWERFULL 4 stars!!!
ashamed?:D:D:D Its a videogame on the internet kiddo. Iknow you have nothing else to besides gaming but leave me out of it damn lol
sad cheater :<
lightness jebany odkurzaczu mefy wez sie kurwa przestan udzielac.
I tak jestes zerem.
lightness jebany odkurzaczu mefy wez sie kurwa przestan udzielac.
Ty tez jestes zerem.
Meehow jebany oszuscie idz ojebac jakies gimbusy na silent to ci najlepiej wychodzi przegrywie.
MEFY stofzuiger lichtheid neuken hoer stoppen aten vanaf augustus te geven .
yes im a cheater on ET youre a retarded polak, i think we both know whats worse
Your brain cancer is way way way worse feel sorry to ur family :<
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dlaczego lightnees nie ma odkurzacza w domu? bo wciaga wszystko nosem :D
Meehow silencik czeka idz sobie tam pobij na aimie jakis bobow na twoim poziomie czy cos bo widze sie nudzisz

noodle arms polak mad
Raped? Me? :_D
he dropped 2 silver 2
not sure if srs
You just got trolled!
AYYYYY YLMAOOOOO, well it could be true judging by his ET performance so ye :P
Zoveel slechter was ik niet dan al die Belgen/Nederlanders waar ik vroeger mee speelde zonder wall, ga maar weer terug je mand in als je niks nuttigs te vertellen hebt;)
Ayy lmao Kappa
stream replay now finally up on youtube:
a lot of comments :D
haha yea I had a backlog of like 9 videos to put on youtube :)