dream team vs Team High Quality (6837 views)

us ohurcool
us ipod
fr yokoo
us Joker
is phyZiC
ca anim

American ET Season 1: 3on3
Upper Bracket - Semifinals
11.05.15 02:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: American ET Season 1: 3on3 » Matchlink
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: foreigner (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 22949
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 15


You have € 1297 on us dream Cancel bet
Possible win: € 2334.6

dont fail me on this ipod, all my money gathered from afk perioid on you
will try man, wont be easy

come xfire somtime :)
gl ipod
Captain SwizzA, could we play this 30 minutes earlier please?
we're not playing at that time to begin with was supposed to be anytime between 2-4
I don't think we can play earlier than 5 or so, and technically the "standard" times are 7-10
well ask them because if not its getting pushed back to another day.
talk it out with Joker and End, i wont be available this weekend, set the times with them jon.
my teammates can't play until 3ish, and I've got a 6on6 offi at 3 and 3on3 offi at 4, so we can play at 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or any time inbetween
gl nerds
hf boss
thanks peaches.
thanks anims uncles cousins step brother of a friend birthday party
Nah he has Aqua Aerobics
ipod enters the ring
Match is forced to Sunday the 10th at 8 PM. If either team doesn't show, the match will be forfeited.
>replacing captain swizza with phyzic

The definition of bitch niggas
As stated about 400 times I cannot make this time. You guys have refused to reschedule so we had to make a roster change.

Suck my dick.

Come on teamspeak so I can hear your tears
games already over. why even play? ffs waste of time.
avi for dream team :s
ahah gros pd va :D
ohurcool's cheats only work on CGAC and I was playing on US server... ipod had to win alone...
Are these pliers sharp? d+ ipod #PEACHES 11 deaths without fragging
If only adler was double fh he could have set a new death record in only 2maps instead of 3
You are truly the definition of a bitch nigga
Sometimes hard work doesn't pay off man its alright
It's always fun getting carried :p
Hopefully we'll meet again and you'll have your normal line up

that didn't seem to work for you here . It might be the pugs honestly man you and ohurcool get about 3-4hours of them in a day slow down on them and you might see some improvement
i'd go back and link you matches that matter but you were benched from all of them. gl with team usa my friend
Alright bud go watch some more replays darkman jr
Yea you tell him Ipod. You go girl!
>getting carried by phyzic and still not winning 4-0

peaches says she's disappointed in you guys
lmao, you got carried by yokoo, difference
they wanted to get carried by yokoo*
we seem to have different definitions of the word "carried"
To be fair there's not much a difference between end and phyzic.
deserves an award for this impressive dick sucking
Only person sucking dick here is you when you load up ET
which kneepads will you be wearing this evening
I disagree :P he doesn't even have the best aim in NA and phyzic is clearly one of the best if not the best aimer in the entire game right now
We tried multiple times to schedule the match at a time that worked but you guys kept making excuses, so you could practice more.

Furthermore, I would be pretty upset if I played official 3v3 matches everyday and lost.

Nevertheless, I will be sure to use your tears to clean and buff my Crossfire Trophy.

Hopefully, you guys get in a Nationscup group with Sweden,Turkmenistan , and the Canary Islands, so you can win something, and all that game time will be put to good use.

In conclusion, Peaches has supplied me with coupons to Subway(Thanks Ohurcool); please enjoy your Footlongs courtesy of Team High Quality and don't slit your wrists.

Kind regards,

The End
actually the match was originally scheduled for 5 pm

and was only rescheduled because one of our other offis got moved

then you guys couldn't even play that day anyway

and Foreigner forced it to 8 pm yesterday

but good story anyway man, sorry to get you so worked up (at 4 am)
You should stop hiding when I come on teamspeak, so we can talk this out.

I don't want you eating yourself into a coma.
hiding? :P am I expected to join your channel immediately upon your arrival on teamspeak every day? :P this might come as a shock but I find you sort of annoying and I try to avoid annoying people if I can :P
You the kind of guy who cries when he gets cut in line.

Detdet already outed you for what you are.

Totally missed the three smiles in one post Jesus Christ.

haha ok man nice one :P I like the way every comment of yours has nothing to do with the comment you replied to :P another moment of internet ownage for theend lol :D!
Quiznoes called they want their aprons back
>proving my point even further

thanks and I guess I'll cu on ts later bro, gonna go do other things now (lol probably something subway-related amirite? :D :D :D :D)
get raped on flag by end and joker or phyzic and joker, I dont see the difference lmao
I'm going to give you the satisfaction of a reply, here goes:

a) we fullheld them on supply despite the addition of quite literally the best aimer in ET atm to their lineup
b) we expected to lose either way, I just found it a bit funny to see the captain of the team replaced by phyzic
c) you would've got raped as well with or without cheats (although let's be honest, you definitely would have cheated)
dont care about a and b

c) raped him yesterday on irc war with my belgium superstars, argument invailed gg
ok nvm then good job m8 nice comment
sick edit had my diss ready
not worth it
still scared for diss gg i got this
are you aliasing as anger? only played 1 game saturday n it was vs anger eron and chilax
yesterday was sunday buddy:P

I didnt play you, guess it was webe sungi and fyzik or something:)
End start work early I have strats I drew up come meet me at work
Good gaming guys, but let's stop arguing about who plays more
it's just them bringing up how much we play :P we don't really feel the need to talk about it because we are not insecure :P was a fun match though, I don't know why they are so upset over a few justified, light-hearted comments about phyzic when they won anyway
Also considering that end and joker got more hours per week than the three of you combined lmao
where is this information coming from rofl? my sceenshots tell a different story
damn guys so serious over a 3o3 lol thanks for entertaining me while at work
End I need your number so I can stalk your route stops and design strat for team usa