Yermanz vs rockit.ET (9707 views)

de Bl4d3
de kReSti
de stRay
ee mata
fi olBaa
is phyZiC
gb razz
gb sqZz
it XyLoS

United Cup I
Champions Bracket
LB - Final

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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: United Cup I » Matchlink
Manager: ChilAx. (Generaladmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 14584
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let me guess they cant play 20.00cet and instead 21.00cet and then our game starts 22.00cet at best

im mad already
u got nothing better to do anyways ;)
ppl who goes working next morning does
thats what i meant :)

I saw a picture of your girlfriend, congrats Batmanm8 <3 ()
I not understand if drago is german why is he not playing for Germany?
move game forward a hour fuck the finnish naablets
So if this game is going to start 21cet, we most likely won't play the final anymore after this. Monday should be fine.
Tomorow would be ok for us tonight = no playors
forfeit. U dont have players coz olbaa is playing DB cups together with tipsa. maybe even phyzic
Just play the Final on sunday (14-06)
we need to use merc for vokki then but we dont care anything
gl razz, let's go <3
I am not avi tonight, something important has come up last minute, sorry or the hasle if you cant put this to another date or Rockit use a merc , you will need to take forfeit. Hopefully we could play this next sunday b4 the Winner bracket final
Yes play next sunday :D like 22.00cet :D then we can play it 23.00cet

Oh wait next play final next year

srsly get ur fucking shit together already
Lets see what the yermanz and other rockit players say. If they reschedule this, it has to be played on Sunday (before 21cet)
the thing is we rly aint gonna play if the final gonna start later than 21.00/15 cet. ppl needs to wake up in the morning to work
Yep, this are the options that you have (or Rockit have):

1. Just play tonight at 22cet (with a merc)
2. Reschedule it with the Yermanz to another day (Last date/time is Sunday 20CET).
3. Forfeit
WE HAVE TO PLAY TODAY, wont find another date ("again") this week
I know i know, lets hope they can get 6 players ^^
Seems like will be able to play
wb xylos
gogo gav & dario
If they dont show up by 9.30 sqzz cant play because he is grounded
merc avi :X still rolling m8 ? :)
gg wp
Razz cgaced hard, gg
wudda won if i played, shame that
so i guess razz was drunk XD
xylos still got it
You have € 100 on de Yermanz
You won € 325

Sorry guys i was drunk, on vals, coke, and was in no fit shape t obe playing..
still awesome to listen to gg
Np, they just lost a prestigious final and some serious cash because of you.