North America vs Harakiri-Gaming (8495 views)

ca Anim
ca vegetable
us axcess
us bliss
us matt
us vader
jp Kirark
jp Lene
kr ReMinD
jp RollStone
jp Steve
18.05.08 18:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Miscellaneous
Manager: Kirark (Requestee)
Maps: Supply

Total Pot: € 23813
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
jp #Fragpoint TV 1
By: ReMinD (ettvd)
us eQ.ettv
By: shivji (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 102


Harakiri are fun to play so it should be close between these two.
yeah they are fun too play, gl NA though!
and was steve aimbot like? :D
by fun you mean hard :P
gl Harakiri because of name
hf harakiri :)
sAvage: "Like you know like there's this like Japanese player named like Steve or something, like his aim is fucking insane! Like better than any euro I’ve seen like if japs started watching like mPg and like overload and shit and like learned their tax and like FUCK had euro ping like they’d be nuts! Like, really!”

Yeah, uhh, the point of that quote? Idk, but it made me start using “kekkers” gl Steve :)
Only a Swedish man is capable of such beautiful words…
lol, that's savage alright <:
Just because they're jap doesn't mean they blow. They're pretty good!
? I didn't say japs were unskilled, I'm mocking sAvage's speech. I've seen steve play, I'm not blind k
I was informing bliss Japanese/Korean players are goood :P Since he will be playing vs them.
I never said anything about their skill Oo

We've played em before(well anim and smurf have), with the west coast server anim is borrowing it should be good
Yup, I was just informing they're pretty good :P Nothing more!
I bet all my money on japan so I can throw the match for internet money.
GL Remind and Roll <3
wtf remind
easy bash for remind.
hf anim kirark miruku remind and rollstone!
GL Rollstone ;) but easy for NA ;]
gl Rollstone & steve
bash ém!
aaa Harakiri gl!! :D
you need tony re6el!!!!! and Alea35/53(w/e)
I miss the re6el he went to India and was like there's no ET here? :(
Did he really?
No he went there found a popsicle stick and shoved it up his anus while chewing on cow utters
35 : D
glz norf america
usa need falal1ty

afaik he's only pro @ dueling (l33t @ painkiller) but I'm not too sure about his teamplay cuz I only know him for his crazy wins in pk
NA needs Bob or Dator.
Or both! Can't recall them ever playing together, but I could be wrong.
lol definitely wrong
What team?
Dator and Bob played together when they did the USA vs EURO thing.
they need me I think :<
the only team low enuf to use u is QC :) hehe
yet all his teammates hack :DD
no taaps no win
re6el, where the hell have you been ???
anim bliss matt axcess and vader are gods, japan = nonames



wanna play some dota after this ? <3
you're missing smth ^^
run kitty run


And fra, lets 2v2 DOTA. Me and Lindsay vs you and uhh THE ANIMAL/BRANDON. should be a close matchup
I can play for TBA if u want =) just test me now and dont look @ what I was doing before =[
I CAN SHOW YOU WHAT I DO NOW! and btw I will never play for NA or Canada bcuz im French ahah
You would never even get a chance to play in any of that, you arent near the skill they are and You are all shot no brains.

dont get mad.
You, why have you been with them? You sucked their cocks?
I never said I would get to play with them, Since you're such a french idiot you probably didnt get that. I was saying that YOU are not good enough to play on their team. Does that make sense KuLee@egotrip?
The only that I can say is.. from today, I will try to stop my egotrip and start a new beginning. We'll see what is going to happen.
Downloaded the latest hack? ;)
a Lot of ppl say that
miruku pro rifle
rollstone hs machine
+1, with 200 ping as well! :D
hf MiRUKUUUU!! >[:]
harakiri nice guys :) gl!
GOGOGO HARAKIRI <3 Funny guys and nice opponent , you'll take it ! gl !

(ReMinD I'm also your fanboy , stop raging about Steve:DD)
GL harakiri, battle of the laggers! Steve isn't as good as the speculation tho
izi for steve.
STV ( Steve ) > mAus
That made me lol so fuckin much
call cl nozzZ =B
Will it still be North-America then? :p
I wanna see n3gat!ve, now!
go steve ,
izi harakiri !
GL Japanese perfo! (and the rest too ofc)!
and a special GL to anim.
oh wow, yeah right dream on mate ^^
i know you love me
let me play for your 6th ca MissioN
"btw I will never play for NA or Canada bcuz im French"

did you take your meds today?
your meds??????
yes thats correct. mission goes to one of those schools with the 'short bus'
wut? please, put some sense at what you're saying. btw, I'm not handicapped :|
haha :D
even pings?
Harakiri 150-200
i see rollstone pubbing with 200 ping on a new york server, pretty sure a west coast server will be 100-150 >:O
pls give us west coast server :s
I can lend a 14 slot California server if you need it!
yeah we got a west coast server for this, if anim isnt being a big fag
I think he is borrowing the same California server I was talking about :P If you want info just hit me up on xfire.
gl Japs!
gl vader
hf harakiri
gl harakiri m8s :)
only naabs here
agreed, only like 3 players who's "good" in theses teams 3/12, not that good.
MiSSiON from 7th division OC? LOLOL
FROM 2nd DIV?? LOLOL with the best team in ma group? LOLOL now sit down bliss, and go waste some fat dude.
go hack.
why should I? to rape u more? ughhh
i know, right..
sorry i dont play 3v3s vs euros all day and strathat

edit: and sorry i dont use hackers to carry me :)
WHO DOES? A EX-BUSTED? LOL!!!!not because he got busted that he's still a hacker.
Jesus your ego is big. Look out for this guy! KuLee'Poutine and his hacking butt budies coming at ya! You play 100 hours of ET per week (no joke!) And your gamesmarts are just awful. All shot, no brains. Now go hang out with your french faggot friends aka hacker butt budies.

QC all star calling you fags out! WATCH OUTTTTTTTTTT!
Good luck all, make some sex muffins!
ez 4 harakiri
ez 4 suicide
Hope it's actually played...
gl Anim!
americans are fags, but I will bet on them because...

fuck idk why, nevertheless they suck LOL
gl anim & vader
ezbash :)
whats the american lineup?
map 1: vader vegetable anim extend axcess bliss
map 2: vader vegetable anim matt extend bliss
more ETTV slots!
gg, fragpoint is disconnected :-(
score ?
will there be ETTV ?
eQ.ETTV is full :@
NA won 4-2 gg but Fuck You ReMinD for the quote LOL moneymoneymoney
4-2 NA, wp!
gg wp harakiri very close
Gimme my money ! :D
(ETTV coverage sucked like never before)
GL mrs "unhitable with 300fps but I shoot and I've aim like a leet player with 20fps and I hs you behind the wall"
(I spoken of the japan team, they're lol:)
i want my money 2!!!!,

You have € 2000 on us NA
Possible win: € 4960
update omg
You have € 185 on us NA
You won € 458.8

thx bliss & co