Belgium vs Australia (8763 views)

be eron
be Jere
be PlAyer
be siL
be ViKO
be zpar
au biggz
au Covert
au dash
au ikez0r
au Millan
au remedy

NationsCup 2015
Group A
Week 2

#ET:U - Standings - Facebook
07.06.15 15:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET:U 6on6 NationsCup '15 » Matchlink
Manager: Sebhes (Highadmin)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 10661
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 27


yo Belgium, see you on the battlefield...

Goodluck covert xo
thanks mate <3 hopefully i can join the sevrer unlike our last game XD!
- chry + ViKO
still need to get an answer from plAyer if he's avi.
Good Luck Millan & other aussies!
he got back from vacation yesterday
he told me he would be back from vacation 25/05.
But the problem is he has strange fb settings, i can't send him any pm's (i can but it comes in his spam department so he wont read it) or add him.
Also rarely on irc or and i dunno how often he checks CF so yeah :p
Hij kwam eergisteren of de dag daarvoor eens op TS en hij vroeg of eron gaat spelen ofzo, ik denk wel dat hij gewoon speelt en er van weet hoor ^^ (maar natuurlijk ben ik dit ook niet zeker :D)
Stop stalking people on facebook if they don't want you as a friend, ok thanks.
stfu if you don't have anything usefull to say, ok thanks.
nick ik zal er zijn morgen, miss beter dat we eens met iedereen een whatsapp groep maken
oke nice! En ja is mss goei idee.
Is this really the best team Australia can muster in ET now....sad to see. I still remember the day Australia beat Belgium when you had the likes of mAus,mAx,shewie haha
nice support!
pretty much that entire line-up is now playing dirty bomb :)
mAx was cheating scum like most of them
mAx really? :D
He's right about mAx chmppm8 :PpPPp
what are you meant to do when players aren't interested in playing?
Get them fucking interested like you're supposed to do artstarm8 :)))
it doesn't work that way :( when people get jobs that require too much time or get married it's pretty tough to get free time pdsm8
needs more haste
Go Belgium with omg zpar omg ☺️
zpar dove on his own grenade
lowskiller he is
need a cuddle after that :(
when will this rapz guy be finally cgaced? ppl still think being the brother of a good et player makes you instant highskiller. (didnt check any of his games btw, just watching statistics always)
Quote just watching statistics always

ok, good to know, i would make u an admin to let u ban all cheaters like that, 1.5/10.
'' (didnt check any of his games btw, just watching statistics always) ''

who said he's an instant highskiller :P for all we know he could've put a lot of effort into practicing his aim, with the help of his brother, who just so happens to be one of the best aimers ET has ever seen.
zpar is the brother of mAus or does chry have an other brother?
mAus & rapz
chry & Player
mAus playing with fakenick h3h3 :D
Australian players on ET ? I've never seen any. Seems like you put fake line-ups and fake matches.
yeah!! just like that damn fake holocaust right??
or fake moonlanding from nasa to make sure russians put so much money in their own spaceshizzlez and waste zeh moniez
someone watched Interstellar
haha :D i didn't remember where i heard that from but i recently watched that movie so yeah probably from there hehe :)
Yeah, I think it was in it hahaha or Kingsman, I'm confused now :D
oh yeah kingsman is also possible!
It was Interstellar!!!! Kingsman was awesome though
rapz barely playing et still picking up

goodjob, csgo time
you played very good in this match