F*ck the Originality vs Hodor (6159 views)

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CyberGamer EU ET Season 3
6on6 Division 2
Grand Final

eu HODOR has to win twice!

Bracket - #cg.et - Rules
21.06.15 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CG EU ET Season 3: 6on6 » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: ohurcool (Highadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 7996
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Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 12

Overall Viewerpeak: 14


Can we play 22:00 CET?
then we have to play a other day
Quote eu HODOR has to win twice!

You can get the forfeit first game and we will play the 2nd game othertime
a nie grales juz z dMon?
Why don't you play with b2k team anymore?
benched #dementalthings :D
Like they have any better players zLoL!
Feel free to place this game on a other day like us ohurcool said already..

we won bremen already and eu Hodor setted a time of 8:45 on Goldrush
Dude nl Efax played 3 matches with us before..

You guys have no reason to get forfeit..
kk efax :')
What's the issue with Efax?
He played 3 matches with us before he merced for eu 'xD Trickjump, in the 1st division.
Thats why hes not allowed to play anymore for eu F*ck The Originality because of the higher division :D!
Well i wouldnt have problem with it if not your shit talk @ prv irc every single time we have to play, cu and fu
Seems like you're describing yourself.
Why you have to be mad tho
You are the biggest cunt through private irc messages this game has ever seen, the shit you try to pull on people is unreal and you blame kapot for something similar?(altho I doubt he tried to trick you lmao, he just didnt realise efax played for 'xD I guess)
QuoteYou are the biggest cunt through private irc messages this game has ever seen,

yes indeed hes just to retarded for words blaming me for his spamming messages @irc
For real how can you lie like that?

Do you still have time to lie about irc messages? i thought that you were busy to suck every admins their dick for forfeits?
You both are just too retarded to answer, EOT
haha dude you should stop with this game man people like you make this game dead..
Pretty sure you start with drugs to early and you got no idea what you talking about.
Maybe post more comments for attention..
kAPOTNL has composed 2 news, 3016 comments

but atleast im not commenting for any attention or posting 500 comments about getting forfeit..
thats what i thought yes.
That sux :D
Its 2015 they should let Ehax m8 play, but they are too scared :-(
Dario? I think not.
it XyLoS playa with nl kApot
Who's avi for this? Could need 1 or 2, since Rifleman is gonna play with Cze and not everyone will be avi, pm here or #hodor.et
pm Efax
To low
Would still be an improvement since he's better than each of your players :')
Well it's hard to compare cheater with normal ET player but yeah :s
I giggled.
Good for you ;)
Just funny how you are blaming people for cheating while you got 50-60 % old busted cheaters in your team ?! Kappa
Mogę zagrać jak potzebujesz
avi for team on left
Pak m en laat me weten, ik ga/kan niet spelen. App me als j niemand hebt gfixed xx
KAMZ pm me at irc we probably need you :P
gl hf kApot and old Mates from FTO :)
Kjerwa really, only one star for Grand Final :/
Enjoy the forfeit lads :')
Hope so, wont waste time again in any game vs you guys ;)
Member Since 8th October 2013
przestan sie panoszyc lumpie
widze, ze dwuletni ban niczego nie nauczyl, w takim razie zobaczymy czy 5 lat cos pomoze
przynajmniej jest pewnosc ze za 5 lat tez tu bedziesz czekal przyjebancu
szkoda, ze nie dotrzymasz mi towarzystwa...
czekam na wyplyw kolejnych fake kont, moze w koncu dzieki mojej interwencji wrocisz do zycia
mam ich ze 20 wiec mozesz pomarzyc przyjebany biedą stulejarzu XD
idzie latwiej niz myslalem, dawaj dawaj
jeszcze troszke i zupelnie zostaniesz wyleczony :)!
znajdz sobie w koncu jakas dziewczyne albo prace, moze odejdziesz od komputera chociaz na pare dni 26letni szeryfie internetu
smutne masz zycie...
jeden dzien wystarczy i sam sie pograzysz ;)
no pepu widac nie proznowales :v
przez 10 lat sie uzbieralo
RIP pepe

Can't make it today.
gl VIEKje <3 (niet schreeuwen tegen jere)
solid 4-2 for us. c