Canada vs Australia (5788 views)

ca anim
ca CrimZoN
ca dynasty
ca embarrassed
ca rito
ca Tomun
au biggz
au Covert
au dash
au shibB
au Millan
au remedy

NationsCup 2015
Group A
Week 3

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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET:U 6on6 NationsCup '15 » Matchlink
Manager: Tomun (Requestee)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 75680
The bets are closed.

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By: ohurcool
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Language: English

Viewer Peak: 24

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 8

Overall Viewerpeak: 32


free my son crono
You have € 211 on au AUS Cancel bet
Possible win: € 413.56
shit on by ohurcool time to hang it up
free crono
Mad nerds gonna stay nad
gonna teabag anim till his forehead bleeds
gonna teabag anim till his forehead bleeds
Gl Rito x
Can we reschedule this to same time next week (or your Sunday 11am/Aus 11pm ish if preferred)?

Haven't heard back from enough people so there's no guarantee people will show up to this.
Respond to my gtv pm, bro
Which timezones are these? It's only 11 AM EST if it's 11 PM AWST, but I didn't think anybody actually lived in the west.
I just based that off the first CA timezone that popped up on Google. Didn't realise you guys had such a big time difference across the country.

Also two of our players are West Aus.
Same as you guys I think, 3 zones? Anyways, most if not all of us east coast so we just use the EST timezone.

11 PM AEST would make it 9 AM EST which is probably too early for everyone.
10:30 CA/ 00:30 Aus is too late, can you do any earlier even like an hour?
haha where the hell did you get 00:30 from?
Probably? Talk to Tomun.
gl skippy
gl BlinG
Australia pmme on irc
Don't be stupid Australia it's a trap he want to send you the ip with crap USA hosted server, it's a trap!
go to bed you fucking nerd
" I will fuckin cut your hands when we met "
good luck!
i request that the match be played on a western american server for my australian friends i didnt bet on a game with 100.00 odds for nothing

You have € 211 on au AUS Cancel bet Possible win: € 21100

(avi if you guys dont have 6 lets teabag anim forehead till his head is dust)
why arent you playing :(
RIP crono :(
you can play this match if you want I give you special permission
too late emb cvrt gave me his special permission, your admin powers are futile against his decision

cvrt boss when do we start praticing? well teabag anim forehead with poutine and kangaroo
I think he meant he was giving you permission to play for canada even though you are banned and I was overruling it because that would mean I get benched
alright then its settled

Australia is the kangaroo, Canada is the man, You are the camera?
no thats jon stream
Sorry, I didn't find that very clear, here I think this is an improvement:

Crimzon MVP <3
gl anim, rockstar, monkey, rossko, shaun
Fu ohurcwel
gl Millan!
You have € 200 on au AUS Cancel bet
Possible win: € 13254
avi if australia needs a 6th
no record on supply of anim getting smacked??? PM me for demo biggz thats frag movie material bro