France vs Poland (6876 views)

fr bladee
fr Bowler
fr didi
fr karnaj
fr Snake
fr Snatix
pl BloOdje
pl Czarek
pl hunter
pl belka
pl meehow
pl WuT

NationsCup 2015
LB - Round 4

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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET:U 6on6 NationsCup '15 » Matchlink
Manager: Sebhes (Highadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 36231
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By: OZIoski
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Language: Polish

Viewer Peak: 10

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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 27

Overall Viewerpeak: 37


aller la france on compte sur vous
Snake skilldrop on offi :s
- karnaj + didi
- worst field ops + worst sniper
yoko snatix & karnaj nubs :]]

no karnaj & antho. no win
no antho since the beginning and everything went ok :)
Would give you 2-3 matches max with an7ho before you cry, uninstall the game, kill your whole family, become the next elite djihad soldier etc...
no offense m9
like it would have changed something :)
love you too efaxm8 <3
omg fab omg
tjrs vivant ? :)
on enterre pas un ancien comme çà :D
et toi comment çà va vieux casseur de bières ? ^^
ca va trankil :P, je nerd tjrs un peu sur ET :D
only <3 bro
+ igla rifle
aller tout un peuple et avec vous on y croit ( du moin pour ma part j'y croit) lol
You have € 100 on FRA
Possible win: € 556
avi to replace belka, izi
Śmiechem xd
żebyś gaci nie ubrudził
Masz takie szansę zagrać w TP jak ja wygrać 30 milionów euro w eurolotto
+ Abject maybe?
winner of this match when is the next time u can play (next sunday is not option)
Ask PL
PL short of 2 players. now is ur chance
gl france<3
5on5? What is this, 2010?
-karnaj + LeMouFL
You have € 40 on pl POL
You won € 50.4

gl vs finland
You have € 60 on pl POL
You won € 75.6
no karnaj no win ;D
Arretes il va avoir le boulard encore après
jpeux dire aussi!
snatix rifle = no win :D
essayes de jouer rifle quand ya 0 cross :D
essaye de jouer avec 200ping mdr :D
regarde n'importe quel match de moi avant milieu 2014 et oui je sais ce que ca fait pd
no gaming for like a year or more, still not bad : DDD
legionowo power :XD