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ET United LAN
UB - Quarter Final

#ET:U - Play offs - Facebook
25.10.15 16:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET United LAN - 3on3 Seeding Tournament
Manager: Sebhes (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 12458
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 10


könnt gleich aufhören zu spielen lan gewinnt ihr eh nicht wenn credibilis kommt zlOl
du meinst wenn maksio und ich dein arsch wieder aus der scheisse ziehen müssen und du sagst das du unbesiegbar an der tür bist?.. 3hs bekommst und rumschreist das der,der dich gekillt hat cheated? :D
achja Herr Riedel :*
du hast
Hahaha, haben vor zwei Tagen gespielt und er ist immernoch unbesiegbar :x
xDDDD ja, genau so zLol! aber weisst eh mit stray kann man nich gewinnen, gut das cre noch nen dritten sucht /pm ggwp
ich werde meine bewerbung einreichen!
sone worte mit sonem gesicht
Hi guys winner of this faces visual, we are avi at monday tuesday wednesday and thursday.
Contact me so we can arrange a proper date.
gg wp, somehwat or so
You have € 100 on nl b-storm
You lost
i was on the server btw!
pure BS' DMNTR [Intermission]: gonna be fun on lan, when your shit inet has nothing to say =)

trolol, i somehow can't remember who won the last 3on3 LAN?
Been too many times where the aim was straight on a guy but hitting nothing, for all of us. But he, grow your ego however you want
How can one relate this to growing my ego? I knew before the LAN that we would get far and had the best chances to win it. The point here is that your whine is making it sound like kresti wouldn't stand a chance on LAN vs u because he will be lacking the advantage of his "shitty inet" . We both know that this is bullshit, as he was as succesful on LAN as he is online. so the reasons are clearly different.... I didnt even want to comment here, but this is the second time THIS WEEK that you or any of your mates is flaming me or my mates for ridiculous reasons which starts pissing me off.(The last time we were accused of cheats) So please just stop and get over it
Writing this one phone. Sorry that you got butthurt m8, wasnt in my intention to hurt your feelings. I was annoyed as fuck that some duels were lost because no bullets registered at all while having dead-on aim. It is not whine, just a mere fact that has been around in ET for years with weird as fuck hitboxes
chillt halt ihr beiden :D
it even was a 3:0 Sebhes.