Playing Ducks vs rushit eSports (5318 views)

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This match is just for fun and has no effect on the seeding tournament.
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET United LAN - 6on6 Seeding Tournament
Manager: stray (Generaladmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 12666
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By: stray
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Language: German

Viewer Peak: 38

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 48

Overall Viewerpeak: 86


ET United LAN
Grand Final
'xD Trickjump has to win twice!

admins faggots
rushit|sqZz [Countdown]: ohurshit you fat useless lump of SHIT
wth does this have to do with ohurcool? xD
I think he canceled the game between ru and ducks :D
Status: open ohurcool Today 21:25

opened it a minute later, because Sebhes stated this would have no impact on the seeding tournament. he's literally just doing what gtv admins are meant to do :p
no was to do with him saying that they are childish ;p
and sqzz was kind enough to help prove my point!
well you just take things way to seriously, sense of humor maybe?:)
lol right, I should learn to be more fun and care-free like chry 8)
you expect us to sit around for an hour and a half and say nothing?if our team done this it would of been up roar, waiting around like melons while all of you admins are sucking each other off in the corner. and we still get all the blame? its just a fucking joke :D > sqzz
Ohurcool isnt even involved in scheduling these matches. But yes, we suck each other off probably having a go at it at lan too
just keep ur shit stick away from me kthxbye > sqzz
Kutlan Tim
Of course it could've been handled better, but come on, you really didn't even consider the possibility that their final would go to 2 matches? Shit happens, delays are a part of the game and have been for years and years. There are better ways to deal with it besides bitching in public then going behind the admins' backs to play the next round of the tournament just so that you have another medium with which to talk shit about them.

And you guys (ok, mostly R0SS/razz/chry) are not exactly the easiest people to please anyway, no matter who the admin is. It sure is gonna be awkward when you see these guys at LAN and have to pretend to be grateful for what they're doing. :D
it wasnt actually scheduled to that time they changed it last minute so why would they start a game that has 2 be played twice 45mins before the 6o6 was supposed 2 start?
nn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnm[
bitch please be grateful :DDDDDDD if you know you have 2teams waiting for the 6o6 first of all you shouldnt been arranging a newbie 3o3 game before it :)
answer is pretty obvious, yokoo mommy stole his internet cable again so he couldn't play and Sebhes knew that he can't even touch a tank without 2nd cheater in his team so he special make this 3v3 game before your game Didn't u use to it already? Cmon
yeah jon, get it together buddy
admin more then an hour late no problem lets use admin power. its like a fucking dictator
What an utter shambles, piss up in a brewery comes to mind :<
Fight on LAN
gl @ lan Kamz