brainstorm vs Runo<3 (1911 views)

no Domi
dk gyzr
fi Swanidius
gb shiim
nl Testi
gb w3st
be Azur
nl Buzzer
nl esSe
be PlAyer
fr Snatix
fi toNi

ET United LAN
Groupstage - Round Robin
LB - Round 1

#ET:U - Play offs - Facebook
15.11.15 12:00 CET
Awards awarded to for
Lady Macbeth erase esSe LAN 15 kills
Killing Spree erase Snatix 5 frags without being killed
Accountant erase toNyy! 163% kills/killed ratio
He's dead, Jim! erase toNyy! 9 gibs
...and stay dead! erase Azurr 86% gibs/kill
Lead Poisoning erase Snatix 15 SMG kills
Spammity spam spam! erase toNyy! 9 SPAM kills
Fragstealer erase esSe LAN 105 damage per frag
Die! Damn you, Die! B-Storm.gyzr 311 damage per frag
What objective? erase Snatix 101 XP
Red Shirt B-Storm.DMNTR Stabway 14 deaths
Are these pliers sharp? B-Storm.Swanidius 9 deaths without fragging
Med Pack Whore erase Snatix 448 damage per death
Eyes Wide Shut B-Storm.gyzr 1 team kills
Gingerbread man erase Buzzer 4 /kills
Player Summary for the entire Match
[-] (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
erase esSe LAN15067151050021609870540/00/17/72/01078733
erase Azurr6472711600315321550360/01/13/52/221914135
erase Buzzer62448132014146816711440/00/08/81/018412924
erase PlAyer SNAPT ER NIETS VAN64697100114190912562450/00/06/52/127311425
erase Snatix1561011493012219220851200/00/015/50/015723252
erase toNyy!163701389003177768400/04/10/49/01378644
erase 10342364612513181048781165990/05/139/416/018013234
B-Storm.TSTI stabway!7552912200313101575400/00/08/61/214613122
B-Storm.DMNTR Stabway5752814000120942093180/00/18/80/326215025
Player Summary for radar
[-] 1st Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
erase esSe LAN403025100120337800/00/11/21/0KD/KDDD
erase Azurr4237372002231866360/01/00/31/1DKDKK/DDD/
erase Buzzer6225582002808940180/00/04/51/0KDKD/D/KDDKKD
erase PlAyer SNAPT ER NIETS VAN80444500031103930540/00/04/30/0KKDKD/X//K
erase Snatix7540681012108013601020/00/07/40/0K/KKDKDDT/DKKDD
erase toNyy!1003044400145043100/00/10/24/0KK/DDDKK
erase 672062437100111387549052100/01/216/197/1
B-Storm.TSTI stabway!602235000060966500/00/03/40/1DKDKDKDD
B-Storm.DMNTR Stabway10036660001142780700/00/06/30/1DKKD/KDKDKKD

[-] 2nd Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
erase esSe LAN2603713540011406492540/00/06/51/0KXKDKKK/KKKDKKDKKKD
erase Azurr10035444001130168400/00/13/21/1DKKKDKD/X
erase Buzzer60193500126607311260/00/04/30/0/KKT/DDKD
erase PlAyer SNAPT ER NIETS VAN60253501118063261910/00/02/22/1DK/KKDDTS
erase Snatix800618120001112725180/00/08/10/0KKDKKKKKK
erase toNyy!22540945002132725300/04/00/25/0D/KKKDK/KKKKK
erase 251217402415127661232113890/04/123/159/2
B-Storm.TSTI stabway!8530672003701910400/00/05/21/1K/DKK/K/KKDDD
B-Storm.DMNTR Stabway25162800006671286180/00/12/50/2KDDDXDKDDDD

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Player Chats
erase esSe LAN [Warmup]: I don't fucking care about you
erase Azurr [Warmup]: I once armwrestled a polarbear for its food. If you read this Mister Polarbear, I'm sorry for the vet bills.
erase Azurr [Warmup]: Best sex of my life? King Leon obviously, duuuuh
erase Azurr [Warmup]: Snatix is a famous actor. He played all of the seven dwarves in Snow White and The 7 Dwarves.
erase Azurr [Warmup]: PlAyer: What's the spawntime?
erase Azurr [Warmup]: Faces that Snatix said he'd smash: FreddyB, rsp, smak, Swani, tOMBA, woott, Azur, Buzzer, esSe, PlAyer, toNi, Aquila, Kevin, Nohead, Ronner, timbolina, ViKO, Bl4d3, FiREBALL, FLoPJEHZ, KRESTi, sTOWNAGE, stRay, 7ele, dialer, mata, Sebhes, Shaman, yokoo, Do
erase Azurr [Warmup]: Faces that Snatix said he'd smash: Jere, Jo0f, lio, siL, vANQ, chry, koop, sqzz, Nait, SQuid, mAus, Aie, Efax, hybrAtek, GizmOoO, iNsAne, outlAw, deryyn, unforgiven...
B-Storm.DMNTR Stabway [Warmup]: he cant even reach most of em
B-Storm.DMNTR Stabway [Warmup]: :D
erase Snatix [Countdown]: :DD
erase Snatix [Countdown]: fuck you faggot
erase Azurr [Countdown]: FUCKER
B-Storm.DMNTR Stabway [Countdown]: :D:D:D
erase Snatix [Countdown]: I'm tall
B-Storm.DMNTR Stabway [11:58]: imma kidnap you
[11:40]: Axis Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
[11:12]: Allies capture the Forward Bunker!
[10:59]: Allies have breached the Side Entrance!
[10:22]: Allied team has destroyed the Axis Command Post!
[10:21]: Allies have breached the Main Entrance and secured the Forward Bunker!
[10:15]: Allied Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
[9:33]: Allies have secured the West Radar Parts!
[8:36]: Allies have secured the East Radar Parts!
[Intermission]: >>> Clock set to: 3:23
B-Storm.Swanidius [Intermission]: gg
B-Storm.TSTI stabway! [Intermission]: D...
B-Storm.TSTI stabway! [Intermission]: gg
B-Storm.w3st [Intermission]: wow gj
B-Storm.shimmie [Intermission]: lol
B-Storm.shimmie [Intermission]: wp
B-Storm.DMNTR Stabway [Intermission]: gg'
B-Storm.Swanidius [Intermission]: fak
B-Storm.gyzr [Intermission]: gg
erase Snatix [Intermission]: :D
erase Buzzer [Intermission]: nice try midget
erase Azurr [Intermission]: It's like a walk in the park
erase Snatix [Intermission]: whoi was the guy at truck
B-Storm.DMNTR Stabway [Warmup]: :D
erase Azurr [Warmup]: What do you get when you mix Azur and stRay? A stRay dog...
erase PlAyer SNAPT ER NIETS VAN [Warmup]: WP SWANI
erase Azurr [Warmup]: Snatix: I'm never mad
erase Snatix [Warmup]: I'm tall
erase Azurr [Warmup]: Snatix is a famous actor. He played all of the seven dwarves in Snow White and The 7 Dwarves.
erase Snatix [Warmup]: I'm tall
B-Storm.Swanidius [Warmup]: I'm Batman
[3:02]: Axis Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
[2:27]: Allies capture the Forward Bunker!
B-Storm.gyzr [2:16]: xd
[1:44]: Allies have breached the Main Entrance and secured the Forward Bunker!
B-Storm.DMNTR Stabway [0:30]: gg wp
B-Storm.gyzr [0:19]: gg wp
erase Buzzer [0:14]: wped
B-Storm.DMNTR Stabway [0:09]: nobheads
B-Storm.DMNTR Stabway [0:08]: :D
B-Storm.w3st [0:07]: wp:)}|
B-Storm.shimmie [0:06]: WP
[Intermission]: >>> Objective NOT reached in time (3:23)
erase Snatix [Intermission]: ggs
[Intermission]: erase Buzzer disconnected
[Intermission]: B-Storm.w3st disconnected
[Intermission]: B-Storm.DMNTR Stabway disconnected
[Intermission]: B-Storm.TSTI stabway! disconnected
[Intermission]: erase toNyy! disconnected
[Intermission]: erase Snatix disconnected
[Intermission]: B-Storm.shimmie disconnected
[Intermission]: B-Storm.Swanidius disconnected
[Intermission]: B-Storm.gyzr disconnected

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