outlAwl1z3d vs v0ryVZAk0n3 (2031 views)

#mAlibu.et Speedcup
Semi final - Bo3

#mAlibu.et - Group
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Player Chats
twitch.tv/Swanidius [4:57]: you all should see how hazz looks when he TJ
viSual insAne [4:52]: :D
twitch.tv/Swanidius [4:48]: like a demon
#mAlibu.et kApot [4:43]: damon?
'xD Stabhes, [4:42]: xd
elysium ~ outlAw [4:41]: like a demon
#mAlibu.et kApot [4:41]: :D
twitch.tv/Swanidius [4:40]: e
viSual insAne [4:27]: as in moving forward like a exorcist when he lands his jumps?
twitch.tv/Swanidius [4:00]: ye i was speccing him last summer and asked him to do some TJs and his body movement and facial impression was epic
[3:57]: The Axis team has transmited the Secret War Documents!
twitch.tv/Swanidius [3:57]: Time has been set! Please switch teams!
[Intermission]: hazzremoved from team Axis
[Intermission]: >>> Clock set to: 1:02
viSual insAne [Intermission]: :Dd
#mAlibu.et kApot [Intermission]: gl karl
elysium ~ outlAw [Intermission]: mine aswell
#mAlibu.et kApot [Intermission]: /!\
hazz [Intermission]: afraid to change inet cause the other one might lag worse :<
~|< A R |_ [Intermission]: cheers
elysium ~ outlAw [Warmup]: each jump i go closer to the screen
elysium ~ outlAw [0:35]: use the OB
viSual insAne [0:33]: longdick style
'xD Stabhes, [0:31]: [20:55] <czak> i will own u
elysium ~ outlAw [0:21]: gg
>> The Flash << [0:21]: :D!
#mAlibu.et kApot [0:21]: wp
viSual insAne [0:20]: unlucky
viSual insAne [0:19]: gg
'xD Stabhes, [0:18]: ggs
'xD Stabhes, [0:09]: can you put obj please
[0:02]: Axis have captured the Forward Bunker!
~|< A R |_ [0:00]: capped falg
~|< A R |_ [0:00]: I win
[Intermission]: ~|< A R |_ removed from team Axis
~|< A R |_ [Intermission]: flag*
[Intermission]: >>> Objective NOT reached in time (1:02)
~|< A R |_ [Intermission]: gg hazz :[
[Intermission]: rezta disconnected
#mAlibu.et kApot [Intermission]: accept gtv please swani
elysium ~ outlAw [Intermission]: hazz 999 need you

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