Damon vs Snatix (6169 views)

02.12.15 13:45 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET Community 1on1 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: Damon (Requestee)
Maps: Te_valhalla
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Total Pot: € 39
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 1


Winning spree ended!
thats bs feelt to my death 2 times thats not even a fair game xD you won because of the rules
Well I know man, rules are the same for everyone, also I stopped shooting you on the roof to win :-)
rematch man im gonna rek you, you should win with ur brain and skill not by rules :)
Don't be upset man come on it was a fun game anyway, we will rematch if you want :P
Today 13:45 Damon ro 1.01 vs. 100.00 fr Snatix 39 € on ro Damon Lost

ahah madness over 1v1 xDDDDDDD you guys are pathetic
haha snatix too stronk
snatix my hero gg ez rekt, you're the future, you're the winnerman

Leaning didn't work anymore Damon?
what part of he won because of the rules you cant understand bobi ?
ahah you cant even admit getting rekt xD
even the gods can lose sometimes and ofc i admit that i lost but it was a sad win, i would have gave him more credit if he would actually beat me :D
Please remove yourself from the ladder.
Well next time dont play as stupid as you did :3 and you might beat the almighty Snatix, new e-God of 1v1
Like you beat rapz, by leaning for 15 fucking seconds waiting for him to turn around or pass by? lol "skiller"
Create new 1on1 profile and start from the bottom.
holy shit ppl actually play 1o1s ? XDDD

1o1 more active than 2on2, 3on3 and 6on6 combined..
seriouz buzzines man, tears will be shed over this loss.
Snatix new freeze ?

Damon-era over ?

hahahaha well played snatix mate
all hail snatix the new god of destruction
Can't get the global elite rank ? No problemo, imma just take the 1st spot in the 1o1 ladder...

Typical Snatix
rofl mad cuz 1o1, luv it, keep it up
damon got rekd bigtime
gg snatix m8
the hype is real
Thanks for all the support guys, it means the world to me. I'll now officially announce my retirement in the 1on1 format, after managing to beat the current #1 on CG Ladder. I'll retire at my shining moment, where I'll stay unbeaten in the 1on1 ladder 2015.

#Neverforget #flawlessvictory
haha :D
nice same here

#supportsnatix #thistimenowhieflag #baguettefinest
hail snatix \o/
Golden path with golden letters in the history of ET.
hail ze king [*]
je suis snatix
Mordekaiser Snatix es numero uno huehuehue
posting in legendary game
Snatix the Best aimer
Everyone who agrees the Snatix is the current best 1v1 player and is most definitely better than Damon, reply I.
:D! Well played Snatix.
Stop camp damon
You got something to say Frenchie???
Viewer Peak: 1
ye good old bobi, keepin gtv alive
Most pathetic way to win after cheating imo
damon still bad after all these years
Posting in legendary match
Tu fais le mec ;)
Posting in a legendary match

Posting in legendary match
Posting in legendary match

Damon low+ max :D?