gaLLo vs eLf|Dec (7722 views)

This is a showmatch to present the new relay future of the TrackMania Nations Forever dedicated server
Edit: This will be the final of the CB TMN OC
Because the final of the OpenCup features the same 2 players as in this showmatch, the outcome of this match will also be the outcome of the OC final

You only need TrackMania Nations Forever, which is free, to spectate the game
After you have installed the game you need to make an online account and you are ready to go!
(Normally players who have TMUF should also be able to connect to the game)


You can connect to the servers by scrolling down and clicking the "Connect to Server" link (thx skooli <3)
Note: It could be that the servers are down for the moment,
the servers will be up and running half an hour before the match

For those who are just to lazy to download the game, but still want to follow it
they can join #tm.coverage (@ Quakenet), where a live reporting bot is showing the match results.

Some information about the match:
Size = 1vs1
This match gets played with the CB rules and that means:
Gametype = teams
Point limit = 7
The 2 players drive in round mode and the first one who finnishes gets 1 point
The player that reaches the 7 points limit first wins the map
In the final score maps get counted and NOT rounds

Thx to ign-esports for providing a server
Thx to gaLLo and Dec for being avi and so kind to help me out :)

Note: if this is a succes we won't hold back to add matches regulary of the CB TMNF Summercup (don't forget to sign up!)
22.06.08 21:00 CEST
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Game: tmf Trackmania Forever
League: Miscellaneous
Manager: Gero (Requestee)
Maps: CB-01-A

Total Pot: € 6037
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Trackmania Forever TV
xx #/<uRde TMF TV
By: Blachta (none)
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xx #NerdVibes TM-TV
By: Killerd@rk (none)
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xx Zwats Server
By: Gero (none)
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xx Zwats TV 1
By: Gero (none)
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Total Slots: 437
Viewer Peak: unknown


lol trackmania
thanks gero <3

can you add tetris?
fuck yeah!
soooo gay
easy for gLo<3
what is this game
if this is a suckces we won't hold back to add matches regulary of the CancerBase ,
go gallo go!
ez bash for dignitas, rage him gallo :D
trackmania ftw!
GL BOTH!! :>
gallo oldschool etler ftw
You have € 25 on eLf
Possible win: € 278.5
Go gaLLo!
wtf is this game? :o
Gl 2 players :)

eLF <3
crossfire users are taking over gtv
easy for dignitas player
only 50 slots -.-
gaLLo will win but i'm better!
thx for adding more varity to gamesTv. I think this is a very important step for everyone. Everyone who dont know TM just try it out, its for free and very soon you will appreciate this exciting game and what to spectate more of it.
well said... i bet on gallo, although i dont know if i really want him to win :P
Oh yes, but after you start to appreciate it you become bored of it very soon as well :P
nice, I love Trackmania
gero gtfo !
l0lz gaLLo o\
Multi-specting: this match and ETQW :P
Was a close match

GG and thx for the people who watched!
can i watch the game again somewhere cuz i missed it:<
There isn't any support yet to record a match, but an other CB admin recorded the match with fraps, i will ask him to put the movie online
gg :)