Forward Momentum vs turbot (5656 views)

ca CrimZoN
fi hazz
fi Spugedius
nl Testii
be siL
be zpar
fi Swanidius
fi toNi
fi tOMBA
fi walle
fi Juuti
fi olden

ET United Quick Cup #1
Playoffs - LB Round 3

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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET United Quick Cup #1 » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: foreigner (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 28349
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By: Swanidius
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Enemy Territory TV

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rapz benched
He's too impulsive :s
Foreignerless than 10 minutes ago
Need 5 mercs instead! /q Foreigner

No one wants to play without me :S
suck a dick.

best regards.
Gnome > Zpar
Hahaha gnome
ez Gnome
Lol Gnome
gl gnome :D
gl gnome :D
We play this? Juutimate told different story
trying to move it but not all the teams it would impact have agreed yet. If they don't all agree it has to be played at this time and if it is moved, we'really playing a prac anyway at 20 :P
finland @ final

no juuti, vokki,olden,tomba,swani.

walle said care lets play so

walle vs you
Sounds like walle will be happy that he has no one to weigh him down
suomi winnermans?
Game will be moved, but are you avi anyway?
gl momentum
gl spuge ja hazz
No tomun no forward momentum :s

GL testi testicles!
The mark of Forward Momentum isn't Tomun, it's winning a big game and then crumbling for the rest of the cup
gnome lol cu
Foreigner got this.
nice flag
He's on his way to Belgium to visit you
we all know what happened last time when Germans visited Belgium

come steam
but, but ,but he's a polak?
damn pussies
you got something to say?
yeah, sub me in
delay the match to 10 june ill go full rage bot and cu next year?
gl sarna
he's not gonna be avi for this one
too bad, he & tomun would rek everyone
lol sarna ?
lol sarna?
sarna :D just lol
gl CrimZoN
rip sarna
He's going to the club with Tomun instead
such a waste of potential
Backward momentum > *
gg wpw
You have € 20 on us )>>(
You won € 156

lel apparently the copy past doesnt work
You have € 70 on us )>>(
You won € 546
I did an offline cast of this game, up on YouTube:

might take a while to fully process on YT thought, was around 9GB