Poland vs Forward Momentum (6066 views)

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ET United Quick Cup #1
Playoffs - LB Semi-Final

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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET United Quick Cup #1
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: foreigner (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 24249
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[ET] Spugedius
By: bossik
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By: bossik
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ez rapz
Quite surprised rapz is able to maintain his erection for longer than one match at 16
<18:13:21> "[lilrapz] zpr": i can only play with boner
<14:28:38> "zpr": what
foreigner nice rules . your player siL dont use CGAC and he play , You don't react to it ... NICEEE.
when 1 member team poland dont use CGAC , you pause match and say join CGAC or forfeit , etc ...
so come on forfeit 1:0 TEAM POLAND. Rules is RULES !!!!!!
The following tactics are illegal and will result in a forfeit loss of the map or round in which the action took place:
*bug exploitation of any kind
Forward Momentum use bug in gold rush . EZ POLAND . forfeit or foreigner CWEL -> LOSE CG ADMIN
welcome in ET 2K16

GG Foreigner best admin ever
well I didn't notice that siL isn't on CGAC, but even so this will be his first time. belka already hadn't run CGAC 2 times previously, which meant that the match would've been canceled and we didn't even have a choice. now that you pointed it out, poland has stated that they don't care if he's not on CGAC and siL will receive his first warning.

since we're just editing posts, what bug was used?
ye but you saw belka didnt on CGAC , pause game 30 minutes , and saied : belka join CGAC or forfeit and he runned CGAC . belka wasn't included CGAC ~10 minutes , siL wasn't included CGAC 3 maps , and you didn't pause game and say fuck it play still no must join CGAC . so it's big difference ...

in gold rush . i must watch demo , i forgot where did it do
Instead of wasting time on that go back to school learn some English!
jestem polakiem i pierdole to
But where did it do?
perhaps you are unfamiliar with the CGAC policy. 1st time without = warning. 2nd time without = forfeit. 3rd time without = ban+forfeit. siL is on his first -> he just gets a warning, it's not even possible for them to claim forfeit.

if belka had stayed without CGAC, it would be his 3rd time. he would be banned for 2 weeks and his team would forfeit. Forward Momentum didn't want the forfeit (we had already held them at flag for 7 minutes...), but I had no choice in the matter. because siL is on his first warning and the opponent didn't care, he was allowed to stay without.
Nice rules. Teraz to kurwo wymysliles? Nowe zasady szmato?
english only in main chat
fok yr rules meight
ONLY on gaymode servers.
Oh rly? Ok very very sorry. Plis dont ban me! You are the best admin!! No ban me plx :<<
Give me a link to the rules GTV and sentence only English in main chat!

Ban it's no English!!
Next time first read what someone says before he has to repeat himself
tree bug on goldrush ftw!
is that a bug?
Not sure if bug as such or just something that wasn't supposed to be used, but you should've heard Wut who was like "WHERE?! WHERE FROM?! WHO?!?!" providing some additional entertainment to his viewers!

I don't think it's a bug any more than strafe jumping is, honestly. I guess it isn't really an intended feature, but if I'm correct, all you have to do is prone and push backward into the tree? Doesn't seem like it should be against the rules.
Nice hazz last 30s 2rd round Gold Rush, Best bug ever
The stress being on the words "last 30s"?

It affected the result of that round in no way. I don't see why you're making such a big deal out of it.
You exploited a bug, which isn't allowed.

It's as if you took two rifles at the beginning of a round and both got a kill and then one of you switched to medic, it didn't affect the result in any way, but you still exploited a bug and that isn't allowed.
Bad comparison. That rifle theoretically could have changed the result. Climbing a tree after it's mathematically impossible to win couldn't change the result.
What you described not only can affect the result of the round, but it invariably does at least a little bit, because the round would have been different than if the team had had only one rifle.

However, what you do after it's theoretically impossible for the result to change, cannot change the result. See the difference?
You're technically correct (the first part of your comment, that is), if the rule is taken literally then yes it is a bug and not allowed... but you could say that about a number of things - throwing nades over walls on supply/grush @ first stage was most likely not something intentionally made possible by the mapmakers yet everyone does it and it's considered fine.

The wording should probably be changed a bit, it's just one of those rules I copied directly from our CB ruleset and no one has really said anything up to this point about it. Anyway I agree with the decision not to act on it, it is pretty obvious that hazz's unlawful tree climbing had no effect on the outcome.
You are incorrect sir, nice try tho.
Why would throwing nades over walls be 'unintentional behavior' whereas mortar shells crossing the whole map being perfectly kosher? I mean, by that logic even trickplants should be considered 'unintentional behavior', but I don't remember anyone ever mentioning anything about planting the dyna on the staircase on gold rush (or in the window on bremen, since we're at it).
I think that's his point :D
I'm not arguing it's wrong or a bug, quite the opposite actually if you read the entire conversation.
You said it's "most likely not something intentionally made possible" and I took exception to that. I believe that behavior is very much intentional.
Well not that it matters but I disagree. You'd be hard-pressed to find that "behavior" possible with every wall/gate in every map. Obviously mortar shells doing it make sense since that's literally the entire point of the weapon both in ET and in real life. Trickplants are most definitely unintentional - the name itself implies counterintuitiveness (is that a word? :D).
Do you think regular nades and riflenades have been designed with different properties regarding permeability of invisible walls (such as the artificial ceiling etc) - since riflenades have pretty much the same characteristics of mortar shells? I don't think so, but it would be fun to try and find out in the source code, I guess.
I think it's "counterintuitivity" :)
Eh, no S4rna no win.
wp, games like this make ET fun to play
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wp mAu.... rapz!