na-mix vs Team Starpoint (4984 views)

us Foreigner
us ohurcool
ca CrimZoN
ca rossko
ca Tomun
gb Gnome
us candy
us detdet
us Howl
us Joker
us common
us bark

CyberGamer EU ET American Season 2
Grand Final

us na-mix has to win twice!

First match: 4-0 us na-mix
Second match: 4-0 us Starpoint

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24.10.16 02:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CG EU ET American 6on6: Season 2 » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: foreigner (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply

Total Pot: € 14159
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 14


gL Starfish
what is this ? foreigner in a grand final
will the match be split after the first two maps or are we playing all four on the same night?
i see what u did there :D
Either way is fine with me as long as you win it. I bet on ye!
sorry m8 :( at least I was right about only four maps being played!
we will play all four
why u never on ts anymoar
school started. I come on ts whenever I'm around
are you flirting with him wtf
need a 6th :(
avi lover <3
gl americans
4:0 Team Starpoint
rumor has it half their roster isn't even gonna show up :/ I guess they don't want to risk losing... can't lose if you don't play right?
knew it
I mean really it was 4-4 so I guess you were completely wrong
rockstar playing? izi money
You have 100 on us na-mix
Possible win: 182
his internet is down :(
fucking rigged ass betting i want my money back wtf
bout to be broke son
I'm sure my little big homie still ruining those dreams you nerds live for.

aint no winnin a league bihhh *plies voice*

sem you small as fuck ol' I could only ride the kids ride at Walt Disney havin ass, ol got the string on extra tight behind my head so my glasses don't fly off extra shhhhmediam head ass , ol I wash the dishes with my tight nappy head brillow pad texture hair save 3 dollars on a box havin asssss, ol excited "BABY GAP GOT MY SIZE SHIRT HALF OFF" October sale havin ass
dont be talking shit about baby gap g
sad thing is you probably legit thought to yourself "this is a good idea" before hitting that submit button
Most dedicated ET player still catching more L's than NY
you say that as if you were ever good at this game before conveniently going inactive right when SLAC came out
You have 4 on us [*+.]
You won 11.16

Has detdet the nerd ever lost in these NA matches
yeah it's insane how hard he carries pretty much anyone he plays with, especially these guys
We obviously let it go past 2 maps to make it more interesting, pretty sad how you ruined Steefan's dreams he believed in you and you let him down. -Kill Yo Self Foo-
where are the fucking stats
98% chance tomuns fault
Congratz boys and detdet!
Congratz boys and detdet!
we won when we signed up dawg
Actually you lost by forfeit for having two players without CGAC
wow. Gnome??? any more excuses???
Wonder how his PC doesn't crash in 4 maps of ET but crashes 8 times in one map of CSGO