One Way vs Pirates (4833 views)

hu cONY
de kitt
nl Dest!Ny
nl Enigma
de metla

CyberGamer EU ET Season 4
3on3 Division 2
Group A

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don't lose this please
i dont wanna even play xD
go oway go <3
gl&hf cony
<3 Magyars
GL to both teams :)
gl metla
gl cony
this gamee...
I liked erdenberg, didnt you?
No Pl0xX easy win
fu cony i lost m,y money hahab :DD
This game was fucking anoying
Enigma and Destiny OP
cONY You could not lose ...
apparently he could
No he let you won
Yes we clearly wouldnt have stood a chance to win if he didnt
true, not to mention you lost 2014 to us in a final with Potty and Mnecko..
holy shit man I cant even remember what I ate last week, how am I supposed to remember that:D
most important stuff in life.. how can you not remember this :P

and yea cONY doesnt use Cheats anymore, thats why he is back to being worthless :D
"back to being worthless"

Enigma already busted ? :DDDDDDD
is that a legit question? LOL
just a question ! :D
always positive :)
Drugs are bad m'kay
true, 37-113 cant be a legit score