teamoxid vs Team Solo B (4021 views)

de Bl4d3
be chry
de kReSti
de stRay
pl Abj
pl b3lka
pl BloOdje
pl dialer
pl h2o
pl WuT

CyberGamer EU ET Season 4
6on6 League
Grand Final

pl Team Solo B has to win twice!
The match will NOT be split!

1st game - 4:0 pl TSB
2nd game - 4:0 de oxid

Brackets - - Rules


seems like Nations Cup final
Seems like it's gonna have the same result 🤔
sUabo z terminem znowu ;x
> 29.01.2017
i co juz jestes prosem w csa jebany buraku?
Jebać Niemców
QuoteSunday night

QuoteGrand final

Quote3 stars

Quote Overall Viewerpeak: 35

ET has deaded.
But its still fun :D
would be more but twitch stats are bugged on gtv
pls /q Marcus in this case, since he is ignoring me hard ;(
I think your problem is that you can't go to the gtv website anymore. You get a warning saying its an unsafe website etc etc...
moes echt grinnikken bij deze :}
nice bug :D
knew that kresti is cheating gg reported forfeit lan cancelled
casted this game eventually ;)