na-mix vs Brazil (7065 views)

us Foreigner
us ohurcool
us Axcess
ca anim
ca CrimZoN
ca Tomun
ca Dynasty
br b1el
br cH4patt!N
br dArkStar
br sAbian
br HART!
br martins
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CG EU ET 6on6 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: foreigner (Highadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 10289
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By: nOx!
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Language: Portuguese

Viewer Peak: 25

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Total Slots: Auto
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Overall Viewerpeak: 35


gl sH0ckzs
unfortunatley Sh0ckz will not play this match =/!

Stream: and GamesTV ETTV :D
avi for brazil
Brazil kick their ass
damm i wish we had nice ping to play with EU
Could try East coast US servers? Europeans should have like 100ms ping to there
Depends highly on the ISP, but even at 145 it's completely ok.

I actually think even the 250 i get on their brazilian public server is easily sustainable lol
Used to have Europeans playing on our east coast servers and most had 100-148 but you'd get the random player with shit routing at 250
He'll have to deal with it. Alternatively can setup some proxies if this is a real thing that you guys want to do.

I can get you guys up a server accessible with a few international IPs with good routing if that's what's needed to make this happen.
froxe: I would play on higher ping if that meant more matches
"Deal with it", can be hard to hear when you're warping around and can't even revive :D

The idea about other servers / proxies intrigues me, though. I'm in contact with the ETBR leadership, I'll mention it as a possibility and see if there's any interest.
pch's London server can reach the Chicago one in 89ms. So in theory players would have 89+<latency to London> (likely less because of ET's weird ping thing)
The bad thing is when someone has shitty traceroute like me and it goes through Spain and my ping on the London server is 98 alone lol
I am sure we can find a solution which works for everyone
:D that would be nice ! keep going
Froxe is a proper mong though
Such a heart warming words from my boy
One day, my friend :)
but you suck at trading
mr sabiano, good luck old friend & nerd
i have zero knowledge in the area, but i think is ok to play at 150 ping maximum, other then that is just frustrating heheheh
we are open to a fair and fun solution! im cH4patt!N btw, not that anyone asked xD
avi :D
avi for br, aka hanS
avi for br, aka jonjon
Merc avi!
why would anyone pick you when jonjon and hanS are avi?
Because I have won three ET lans?
still bad m8
I also had 40/10 stats on .br public.
cH4patt!N /<o [Intermission]: nice games, we need to do more

we are willing to do more of those hehe.... like we all said, ping being the problem, yesterday match was awesome for us, i hope NA enjoyed it too, even with that ping. thx guys, hope to see more of ET matches.
Brazilians forever the coolest dudes around
only 150 ping for me!
Lmao you would go 8 deaths without a kill vs them.
yeah man, most of us were always pub players, with very little experience on comp. so many mistakes right? but i was amazed with the teamplay coordination in NA, if we improve in that way we will be providing some danger hihihihi
After all those Ls anim had to return to an even easier game to get a win. Way to get back on track .
Next stop LAN.
If anyone is looking for car rims anim has 4 to sell.
Message him on Xfire at flawless2858
oh fuck he is back
get your sr up in overwatch

fuckin nerd playin hearthstone all day
But for fat american guy is easy. 7 big macks plus...