TEAM KLIENTPRO vs smashed (4679 views)

pl samraj
pl Onion
nl rezta
fi Legendary
is Stemme
gb Williams
de w1Za
de mKs
de ScaTmaN
de FimS
de psiquh
15.10.17 20:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ETernal Damage » Matchlink
Manager: Onion (Requestee)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 5925
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 8


Good luck Klientpro!
Thanks Freeze the great medic :)
ez for scatman
klientpro przed swoja szansa na wygrana
jest i samraj!
prosze cycuszki uspokoic
i samraj laduje long island od samiutkiego rana
co to jest long island ?
to co ładujesz od samiutkiego rana
20 ml wodki, 20 ml ginu, 20 ml tequilli, 20ml, rumu, 20ml cointeau, 20ml soku z cytryny wymieszane dopełnione colą
preferuje whisky cola - ale moze byc od samiutkiego rana
to Ty nie waliles wtedy long island? wydawalo mi sie ze to

no dawaj bloodje napisz ze moja stara walil juz napisze to w oryginalnym zamysle bez edycji XD
gl retza
witam fanow i zapraszam na ETTV :)
no nejm no win
GL onion...ty kurwo !!! oddawaj pieniądze!!złodzieju zajebany ty za serwer oddawaj
glhf wizzard :-)
Smashed to win 4:0
samraj going to get owned....
finally he will be able to kick your ass
hahaaa he never will we love each other too much :) I don't even have this game installed.....
what a pitty i can´t mess with you my friend - i hoped for a win but when you are not playing could be hard for us
hahaa :D I just downloaded it need a config tho now you will win too easy! hit me up for some players unknown. 7 weeks until my little boy comes ha
why you kick my boy doobie
oprocz samraja i rezty same smietniki ;DDDDDDDDDDDDD
pasowałbyś tam, może to okazja na poznanie nowych kolegów
hf samraj :D
Hf Walczaki
the odds are not true , we havent played all since the last LAN so may change your bet ^^
ps I'm german now not English :D
if this is close Ill try to catch it on a recast midweek :) also try and use real nicks so I know who is who ¬_¬
ull have a lot to laugh :D first mins were strange like on lan haha #headlesschicken
btw this legendary fin need to be fimystic
matchserver offline
I RUSZYLI Used Slots: 5
Viewer Peak: 5

zapowiada sie rekord
wp smashed

williams tag was not correct though, he was missing a space between his name and the teamname, therefor the team is not eligible to win

sry mates, you knew this wasn't a rule!
Halts maul du hurensohn
Hahaa blame mks I didn't know how to do tag so he wrote it in ts I just copy n posted
:P but mks has had the correct tag :D
You have € 333 on de smashed
You won € 562.77
No i czemu nie wsparles druzyny cumplu?