Team Solo B vs analrape (4208 views)

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pl w1lko
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The ETernity Cup: 6on6 - Groupstage
Group B
Matchweek 1

News - Discord - Schedule


eron je t'aime.
Please dont take die heren away! 35 ballen geplaatst op jullie , ik geloof erin! komaan heren!
Altijd avi als ge ne reviving medic zoekt!
-toNi + toNy
Komt goed pik, tijd om te slopen.
w1lko wrocil napierdzielac arabow :P
-leku - lEku
add my stream
I've given you the rights to add it yourself
Damn what a players on the left side! Five absolut legends of the game and Bloodje :v
Syndrom dialera jak zawsze
4-0 TSB
Never expected this game is still alive.

Dat Kenjiboy <3
Sup Mate ;)
im fine :-) how bout u
Same here. Looks a bit like this game has got a Little "Comeback", hm? ^^
Yeah, because of the LAN announced (somewhere in May) and also the Discord helps quite a lot!

More information about this can be found on CF :)
dobrze w1lko :D