analrape vs Think Calmly (2794 views)

be aNGER
nl base
be ChilAx
be eron
nl xtrm
be Jerre
fi hazz
be juiCy
fi late
fi rsp
si seareal
de shady

The ETernity Cup: 6on6 - Groupstage
Group B
Matchweek 2

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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: The ETernity Cup: 6on6
Manager: Sebhes (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 4429
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By: MerlinatoR
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Language: English

Viewer Peak: unknown

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 7


glhf jerre :o)
Could an admin edit our lineup? be JuiCy playing instead of jassi. Also need ippw!
Go shady seareal hazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
gl shoddy!
Think Calmly for the win !
nice missile time
team analrape did not connect on missile
We need to honor our teamname!
twitch need to respect our teamname! shady's double satchel
too bad we had to choose between some shitty maps for the decider :x
ggs wp!
Wat een teleurstelling. Wat een deceptie. Wat een afgang.
nice flag
Eindelijk zijn kans om mee te doen in een NationsCup!
nice score boys, lekker gewerkt.