Yermanz vs Infected-Gamers (1283 views)

de Aqi
de Bl4d3
de kReSti
de stRay
si Aniky
nl Krepox
de mKs
de psiquh
de ScaTmaN
si squAze

The ETernity Cup: 6on6 - Groupstage
Group A
Matchweek 3

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team on left will win
team on right has aniky so good luck team on left lol
Add stream pls
done, I've also given you the rights to add it yourself in the future
hf markus und toni
Well played Yermanz! We got confused on Radar + some typical chaotic plays. Supply was very good from both sides.
Expected to lose and still suprised we set a very decent time on supply. Unfortunately not good enough to hold it. Well done