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Game: csgo Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
League: IEM Katowice 2019 » Matchlink
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: Homer_ (Highadmin)
Maps: Not announced

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Flakes of snow slowly fall covering the rooftop of a small hospital in Helsinki . A gust of cold wind sneaks its way inside from the partially open window as a nurse closes it.

Inside lays awake Allu's tyttöystävä. She watches on her phone as Enceladus’s Augurs face off Na'Vi in the major, a BO3 semi-final. She hasn't slept in days, the cries of Smallu have kept her awake night after night. For every AWP kill Smallu's isä gets, He cries. He cries when his isä dies, cries when isä lives, even more when isä saves. "EEEEE" cries Smallu once again as Aleksi “allu” Jalli pulls the trigger of his sniper rifle, taking down S1mple last in a 2v1 with 3 second on the clock. He didn't need to peek the ruski to win the round, he just did it to show him who the real #1 player was.

"EEEEE" cries Smallu once again as he sees Enceladus’s Augurs are playing Dust 2 next. Even Smallu knows better. By now he has heard the rumors carried by the winds into his tiny ears. The wind says to DMG Smallu "CIS players solo queue de_dust2 all day"

Smallu's mother is tired, she just wants to sleep, the sound of Allu's AWP faintly ringing in her left ear through the headphone like Fer's old hearing ability, the right one fully devoted to her only son. Her aviomies smites Natus Vincere players down one by one. It feels like he's right there, holding her. The nurse gives Smallu a bottle of milk but he smashes it away with his tiny fist. She looks at the mother and smirks, "he doesn't show any signs of being an M4A1-s player".

Slowly the nurse approaches the bed and whispers to Smallu's tired mother "why haven't you slept yet rakas?", The mother looks back befuddled and asks, "have you not heard the cries of my son? a mother cannot sleep when he ails for his father for he is in Katowice..".

The nurse looks at Smallu's cot emitting a fain light, she looks back at the mother and says, "But he doesn't cry nainen, he's a Finn".

Smallu's mother is flabbergasted, her eyes widen and her mouth hangs open. She realizes her mistake and jumps off the bed to get up, her IV ripping out of her shoulder as the nurse tries to stop her, "Stop" says the mother, "he's been trying to tell me something". The nurse lets her go as she runs to lean over Smallu's cot and sees what he's been doing all along.

Inside rests Smallu. Holding the iPad his isä gave him, he watches Allu hold down the B site with ease as Edward was baiting his team mates. Smallu's mouth opens, his eyes widen as he screetches one more time, this time with much more vigor seeing his mother by his side and his father in the major final, "EEEEEEEZZZZ FOR ENCE" says Smallu as he utters the first words to ever come out of his mouth as AleksiB destoys Na'Vi over and over again by running default setups.
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