Russia vs Sweden (9440 views)

ru 4liveji
ru joKe
ru jago
ru humM3L
ru pulZa
ru freezer
ru murDa111
se ratZillA
se tornis
se askungen
se smutzig
se lelle
se savage
Groub G
04.08.08 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Crossfire Nationscup
Manager: 4live (Generaladmin)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 37905
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gl 4livetard :D
We will prolly use a diffirent lineup.
gl 4live & jago
gl rat rosa lelle
::::::::Sweden likes Strudel::::::::

:) gl guys ...
swe all oldschoolers ;\

No nuggan, alexL, rat
alex what ?

edit: ah that swedish wnb playing with his friends ok soz
rat is playing?
4:2 for Russia imo..
sAvage, I want a shoutout !!!! :DDDDDDDD

but russians will win ;d
hellgoat has given you a warning worth 5 points.
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gl hf sweden
hi savage ;x
gl russia (nicker)
hihi u was at vent right where we playid against portugal :P ?
yeah i was there the whole time, listening :D
Russia is allready qualified for the playoff's. So sweden hf and gl and take blaze :)
hf 4live!
so ezi for jago and co <3 gl m8
gl team germany
guckstn so doof? halb team "russland" wohnt in deutschland O_o
Von dennen die dort im Lineup stehen, sprechen alle Deutsch, soweit ich weiß.
No "heteros" found in Russia

you sad sad cunt
gl team Germany
GL ru
hummel pulza jago freezer murda 4live... alle deutschsprachig :D (wenn ich mich nich irre)
alle have proofs so gtfo
what a shame for the country to have them in the lineup :[
gl jago & 4liveji :)
gl 4live hf
gl sverige, bash 'em!
Hrrr no Nuggan no izi bash... but Hop hop savage! =)
Lycka Till Grabbar, ni tar dom!

smert' pidarasam !
gl wuff

se tornis
se rat
se askungen
se smutzig
se lelle
se savage
lineup needs Lelle & rosa!
Lelle is playing, waiting for answer from rosa.
GO sweden 1!
gl jon-ass, I hope better players are around this time. :D
Aaaah smutzig and askungen ;)

fittah smutzig :D fittah !
gl both .
where is JONAS ?! :O
4liveji! gl
ferus imo
gl jago
ihr vaterlandsverräter :X spielt gefälligst für deutschland :D ihr seid ja fast so schlimmwie die altintops oder bastürk :D
rat u are sux
grouB G
gl MurDa btw!
why isnt e-devil playing for team swe?!

GL Rosa,CLaw!
he's to hight for them !
need jonas,unix,nuggan !
i hope rat will fail
need mighty brother and dakagon
no way, they are from russia, they dont know german
sprecht ihr eigentlich deutsch oder russisch in vent?:o
russisch englisch deutsch
alles querbeet gemixt oder wie xD
gl jago
C MON SWEDEN !!!!!!!!
nice fakelineup @ rus? :D
oO ? wie so sollte es fake sein ?
Yes...SWE will win.... (push the stats)
Savage is the last one for Sweden.
gogo smutzig!
gl sweden:d
gl hf! can SWE still reach playoffs? When loosing to POR 2:4? If they win 4:0 RUS what will happens? thx ;)
Sweden and Russia will have 6 won SW-rounds and portugal only 4. Therefore Sweden and Russia should be in playoffs if I'm not mistaken.
A little change in the lineup jONAS > savage
blev inte jonas ip bustat nyligen i bimbo-eran? =) (Det var iofs hans bror på riktigt men tänkte bara på allt whine som kommer bli isf :D)
Var hans lillebror men har inte vart nå whine och va längesen nu.
gogo sweden :>
2:0 russians

very exciting game
RAT! YES ! NO ?! Maybe...
Potm: 4Live
POTM: 4live (4xp :D:D:D)

thx for failing my moneys

You have € 331 on ru RUS
Possible win: € 489.88

You have € 784 on ru RUS
Possible win: € 1160.32

im not at home omfg played with 10fps pentium3 ballmouse :D gg;( but wp se,nvm its just a game today good tomorow not
wp sweden
smutzig !!! <3 nice done mate :)
You have € 43 on se SWE
You won € 132.87

Thx :)
Easy Money .. thx
Total Capital 666.66 € :DDDD
You have € 20 on se SWE
You won € 61.8
nice game! humm3l nice nades and pf, but SWE aiming deadly :) can you tell me more about askungen? Dont know him, some oldschooler with smutzig killing machines :) also jonas helped a lot - poor POR
askungen played for the old noll8 in ET
in rtcw for some teams like 118? cant remember others

i think his last clan was oceans6 with hype & fra & co
Was a bit lucky i open the door's on delivery jago waited behind a box not infront at truck doors otherwise 4-0 :p anyway gg'z and gl in playoff's sweden was a good practice
You have € 50 on se SWE
You won € 154.5
Kommando Won 5,336€ lol hehe
GG WP and save the whine it's just a game, everyone already knew that you can be unlucky or be lucky.
yes it was alot of fun to play against sweden :-)
wrong flag?!? or whole RUS team is from GER? ...
we are all speaking russian but we are living in germany except joke
Comrades Lenin and Stalin must be turning around in their graves :DD
same as somebody from GER when in their football team are players from iran, poland and ghana? :)
Speaking a language and beeing native from a country are 2 different things :O
You won € 4944
like always unhitable guys win i dont care anymore about this shit hacker game ;)
For whiners no one is hittable, so why playing this game...
because i were asked to play with team russia a last time why not playing another nationscup .
pulza i's sadly right man.. when a polish or a jew can easily bash you helped by the antilag_1 while in others fps games such kind of laggers are dead before they can understand where to shoot.. but overall the worst thing is who like danone or script users make it beeing unhittable and abusing the lack of the game. guess why @ rtcw swe dk be nl fin no and de never had any problem to own the rest of euro players.. and it's the same in other fps aswell
Ermm... u are trying to explain that pulza is right to complain about Swedish ppl beeing unhittable, by saying that Swedish ppl were owning @ rtcw because they werent lagging ? xD
Sorry but there's something wrong...

And BTW this antilag thing exists since ETpro mod was released, so if you ppl can't accept it, why do u play and whine after wars ???

Seriously, I cant understand all your complaints...
idiot try to understand his sentence he said that at rtcw there was no antilag ( i rly dont know never played rtcw ) and thats why people dont have any problems to hit each other but in et this is such a bullshit
danone was so hitable , there is no unhitable ppl.
Du bist einest whiner.
ofc if you don't hit something because you're low just say unhit and the world is saved :>
and who are you ?
and you are ?!? a name gone away skill will be 4 ever so go and get it!!!
hm swedes unhitable? and it's the same for everyone and 8 out of 10 times, when someone whines about unhitable its usualy the guy who's not even on target.
shh he is pulza - teh biggest rtard in et ...
gtfo ,
all retard related awards belong to polacks
omg my moneeeeeeeeeeeez :(