France vs Belgium (5415 views)

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NationsCup 2020
LB Round 2

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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET 6on6 NationsCup 2020 » Matchlink
Manager: Aniky (Highadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 41529
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Viewer Peak: 23

Overall Viewerpeak: 141


gl juicy my friend :(
glyop :(

You have € 250 on fr FRA
Possible win: € 5722.5
You have € 1320 on be BEL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1412.4

Team France is very strong ... But the Fifa World Championship 1998 wasnt forgotten yet.

We haven't forgotten the FIFA World Cup 1998 neither ;D
:/ a sad day for us
Was that such a disaster ? :P Cause it's not like you were about to win :P

What was the most painful match ? Germany 2014 or France 1998 ? (sorry for bad nostalgia :x )
Germany 2014 ofc :D
- keeji
+ blade
blade ł<33333333333333333333333 CAMPIONES, OH CAMPIONES AFTER 30 YEARS CAMPINES
hahahahah, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! ty klopppooooo
valentin je compte sur toi !
gl uyop
You have € 20 on fr FRA Cancel bet
Possible win: € 320.8
en dit keer niks doms doen aub. succes kameraden
You have € 13 on fr FRA Cancel bet
Possible win: € 158.86
You have € 1320 on be BEL
You won € 1531.2

mAus monster!
You have € 2000 on fr FRA
You lost

khad verwacht dat er daar 1 zn motorke wa hoger ging zetten bij de franse van wa da ik heb gehoord :D
You have € 25000 on be BEL
You won € 29000

Jere monster!
wp mAus !

Belgium revenged about the FIFA World Cup Semi Final 2018
finally :) we waited 2 years for this :P
Eheh true ^^ and fully deserved ! ;)
You have € 7 on be BEL
You won € 8.12
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Nice Boys!
ah ouais