ET Players vs RTCW Players (7218 views)

be mAus
mt toxic
be dAv1d
nl abort
be Kevin
nl adeto
gb crumbs
gb dusty
be syL
se ozzmosis
no Kris
no zerom
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Game: rtcw Return To Castle Wolfenstein
League: Miscellaneous
Manager: dictator (Requestee)
Maps: Beach

Total Pot: € 29591
The bets have been cancelled.

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By: homie1337
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What about players with a legend status in both games?
*confused mxtor noises*
Depends which game they played first and which they achieved more in.
Mxt0r noise ?

low shit not legend

where is askungen malmen

Ez Syl Zerom Ozzy
Does it say somewhere what makes one a legend? Looking at the lineups I suppose being busted cheater helps with that. Gl kris and zerom.
A legend is someone who has played the game a long time, had success and contributed positively to the community.
Lol dictator u made my day now xdd

"contributed positively to the community"
I agree with that definition. How does it apply to the players though...
nie zesraj sie randomie
Missing h2o on both teams
cc toi <3
Toujours un plaisir de te voir commenter chaque année
Ahaha t'inquiète jusqu'au bout je donnerai signe de vie
yeah, and on both discords also
Gl mAus syL Kevin dAv1d (all belgians :p)
haha whats ipod doing in there?
hf both
GL TBC my good friend
always the good word mayan mate ! :P
hf boys!
Strong LU on both sides! Betting is hard on that one...
c'est sur RtCW donc en théorie, les joueurs de RTCW devraient gagner ^^
Si on compare ça au récent showmatch des Navi de 1.6 vs Navi de CS:GO, effectivement, les joueurs du 1.6 ont gagné la plupart des maps sur leur terrain.
Mais ici, on a qd même une line-up très forte avec des gens qui ont de l'expérience sur RTCW, c'est pas comme si ils débarquaient sur le jeu.
mAus dAv1d et toxic on quasiment aucune experience sur le jeu, si dAv1d un peu mais ouai je vois ce que tu veux dire
dAv1d était dans les Kreaturen déjà en 2002 sur RTCW ^^
exact et il avait rejoué en 2012 avec les Kreaturen aussi
gl ferus
GL kev, maus, tox and ofc david <3
maus legend LOL
rapz not in legends is more worrying :/
I'd say Tigerii is needed
ET Legends en dan kom je met 3 belgen aanzetten xD
Nederlandse ET legends hebben dit spel al 10 jaar niet aangeraakt

who cares about players' nationality

I got inside info that tomfu is the last player
very nice game
gl TBC, you fucking LEGEND
Impressive reading skills!
Adeto xD
I share thé same laugh than you lol

He isnt even an ET player and "legend" ? Plz :XD
I mean I agree on the legend part, when this event was organized I told dictator that if hte could get like razz/clown/night etc it would be much more logical and interesting, but apparently noone wants to or cant on the dates :P. But I've played ET for like 10 years so, that part you're wrong, just not much in the last few years but to the RtCW community I'm a "ET Player" :P It's just meant to be a fun showmatch anyway.

Aug 4th 2020
[1:23 PM] adeto: Lets not call it "ET Legends" with me on the roster xD
But you are Dirtybomb legend atleast!
Can one actually be a DB legend? I don't think that's possible!
Yea - NgN with shotgun
Good point. DPS Fletcher NgN.
NgN 30% hs in DB legend
he is not fat lol