clowns vs PUSSYBASHERS (1560 views)

fi Mayan
cz agsor
be eron
us ipod
de s1lent
fi tony
fi Lordi
pl Abject
be bltzz
nl Krepox
be mAus
gb scarZy
ET Draft Cup 2021
Division 1 playoffs


ez 4 mAus
ez 4 mAyan, new mAus
gl mAus & agsor
gl mAus & agsor
i hope both teams lose
omfg, who the fuck are you? I heard about mAus, kresti, silent, jere, chris, so on, but who the fuck are you again?
Salutare Sorinache ai discord?
from playing since 2006, i have never once seen ur name anywhere... i have heard of stary, bullet, damon, but who the fuck are you again?