Momentum Gaming vs 2low4you (1122 views)

pl Bystry
cy seeD
pl bob funclub
pl ryzyK
pl jimi
pl Fluffy
pl Jason Hayes
pt n'papo
pt vieri
pt L0g!c
pt Mpo'
pt Mr.Chuck
pt Chicken Nugget
pt spb.
Fun practice game Momentum Gaming Legacy Division vs 2low4you
13.03.21 21:30 CET
Awards awarded to for
Lady Macbeth mMm Bystry 88 kills
Killing Spree mMm Bystry 11 frags without being killed
Accountant mMm Bystry 183% kills/killed ratio
He's dead, Jim! mMm bbi 29 gibs
...and stay dead! mMm bbi 53% gibs/kill
Lead Poisoning mMm Bystry 65 SMG kills
Spammity spam spam! mM^Dm Fluffy 43 SPAM kills
Fragstealer 2L4Y CHICKEN NUGGET' 136 damage per frag
Die! Damn you, Die! 2L4Y L0G!C' 328 damage per frag
What objective? mMm Bystry 460 XP
Red Shirt 2L4Y papo' 88 deaths
Are these pliers sharp? 2L4Y CHICKEN NUGGET' 16 deaths without fragging
Med Pack Whore 2L4Y_Chuck' 162 damage per death
Eyes Wide Shut mMm bbi 10 team kills
Gingerbread man mMm bbi 25 /kills
Player Summary for the entire Match
[-] (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
mMm seeeD xDD115394635217371911154596512300/01/437/2332/717710853
mMm Jimi :]11340061532111151049978013240/14/352/246/1217214434
mM^Dm Fluffy14538084581502161227957784910/027/410/3143/1014610053
mMm bbi11740755472901025763659267680/02/247/1515/713912685
mMm Bystry18046088482011161479279203250/08/465/2516/5168162113
mMm bRAH1:o)7610613174015212215832770/00/17/92/51639334
mMm 130214736427510652296584823497334150/042/1218/9114/516112264
2L4Y YuM'5128537721203156955111422530/01/637/332/16188155310
2L4Y CHICKEN NUGGET'271562281111642369920420/00/618/494/18193121216
2L4Y L0G!C'3023125831211126890119191970/00/625/441/2127614227
2L4Y vieri4718034728146631680234460/013/71/3124/2518611038
2L4Y papo'4120436881401106631119833070/00/829/488/24184136310
Player Summary for supply
[-] 1st Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
mMm seeeD xDD1285597300116221154720/00/06/63/0KKKD/DKKDKKDKDKD
mMm Jimi :]13775118300116771398920/02/27/22/3KKKDDDKDKKD/KKDDKXKK
mM^Dm Fluffy1155215134014177311101740/08/00/57/4KKKD/K/K/DKKDDKDKKD/KDKDTDKKK
mMm bbi1145687601010461429490/00/19/40/2DKKDKDDKDKTKDKDK
mMm Bystry20066105310017781031340/03/07/50/0KDKKKKDDKDKKKXKS
mMm bRAH1:o)66764620126806841510/00/02/42/1K/DDK/XKKDTD
mMm 127380574621138857668065720/013/331/2614/10
2L4Y YuM'453851130031350162700/00/15/50/3DDDKXDK/D/KDKDK/D
2L4Y CHICKEN NUGGET'252731200014401514180/00/12/70/3DDDDDDK/DKDDDKD
2L4Y L0G!C'20262102100907127500/00/22/40/4DDXDDKDSKDDDD
2L4Y vieri6640812211014001222910/02/20/57/4DDTKKDKDKKKKDDDSKDDDD
2L4Y papo'78441114601314381173710/00/38/64/1/DKTKDDKD/KDDKDKDKKK/KDKDD

[-] 2nd Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
mMm seeeD xDD936815165127311214192260/00/08/59/3/KDD/KKD/TKKD/KKDK/SKTDK/KDK/KKKD
mMm Jimi :]12574108701615059451960/01/010/20/1/K/TKDK//KKDK/KXKK/K
mM^Dm Fluffy10039101010031765935960/02/00/58/2KDDK/KDK/DDKKDDKKK/K
mMm bbi3671411600992369700/00/03/21/0//KK///KD///DK/
mMm Bystry10752141330082271147100/01/09/44/1D/KKK/K/DK/KKDKK/K//DKDKK/K
mMm bRAH1:o)8130911200314428991260/00/15/50/4KKDDXDKX/K/DKKKD/DDKKD
mMm 9033462692413361101863666440/04/135/2322/11
2L4Y YuM'503451020017421928340/00/15/40/3DKKDK/DDDDKDDKD
2L4Y CHICKEN NUGGET'401861501128441489240/00/04/93/2/TSDDKDDKDKDDDDK/KDDKD
2L4Y L0G!C'2632415100410252096180/00/03/71/4D/DDDD/KD/DKK/DKDDD
2L4Y vieri27183110002105711911010/01/10/32/6DKXKD/DDDD/DKDD
2L4Y papo'5239917100315072500160/00/26/73/5KDK/KDDDDKDK/KDKKDKDDD/DDD
Player Summary for sw_goldrush_te
[-] 1st Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
mMm seeeD xDD12517220163216367522251390/01/416/54/1/DKK/K/KK/DDKKS/DK/DKKDKDKXKXTKKKKKDKKS
mMm Jimi :]1331672821600446483564180/10/125/103/5DKKDKKDKK/KK/DKDDKKK/KDKDKKKDKKKD/KKDKDDKKDDKKKDD
mMm bbi1521612617130411386521791340/02/124/44/1KK/DKK/KDKK/K//KDTKKDKKK/K//K//DTDTTKKKKKKKK/KK
mMm 1778841498835253023848129773770/119/893/4240/9
2L4Y YuM'4314713304008254042131250/00/313/120/5//DKDK/KDKDDD/DDDDDD/KKK/KDDKD/KDD/KDDKDDKD
2L4Y vieri467814304024242133102270/06/30/1410/7KKKDDKDDDDDK/KDKDDDTK/DDDKDDTDKDD/DDKDDK/DDKKD
2L4Y papo'19557363001197249431840/00/36/201/12DDD/KDDDDDDDKKDDDDDDKDDDDKDDDDDDDDDDKDDKDDD

[-] 2nd Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
mMm seeeD xDD36660113401114534791370/00/07/25/2K/KKKDKTKKKDXKKKX
mMm Jimi :]8039453101102872400/00/04/30/2KD/KKXDKDSX
mM^Dm Fluffy17157127301218355471350/03/00/47/1KKKDK/DK/KKDKKKKKDTD
mMm bbi140467520425894953820/00/03/37/0DKKKKT/TKDKT/TDK
mMm Bystry18347116501015068521830/01/18/53/0KKDKDKDDKKKDTKKKKD
mMm 188249452617176641130978370/04/122/1722/5
2L4Y YuM'112319810101126130870/00/110/50/2KDKKDKTDKDKDDKDKKD
2L4Y CHICKEN NUGGET'5030481000613113100/00/24/10/4DKDDDKKDDDKD
2L4Y L0G!C'1819211000144612991300/00/02/60/3DKDDDDDDDKD/D
2L4Y vieri2214291000572107000/00/11/21/5DKDDDDDKDDD
2L4Y papo'30313103001687156100/00/03/70/3KDDKKDX/DDDDDD
Player Summary for adlernest
[-] 1st Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
mMm seeeD xDD50183610234623832370/00/00/35/0TT/KKDD/K/D
mMm Jimi :]6618461002637624180/01/02/31/1KDK/DKD/KD
mM^Dm Fluffy700467100001155353180/01/15/01/1KXKDKKKKK
mMm bbi15052641002728437540/00/04/02/2KDKKD//KKK
mMm Bystry140287510021139707720/00/17/20/1KXDKK/KKD/DKK
mMm 22116227224029412125043990/02/218/89/5
2L4Y YuM'1451700123531110420/00/02/40/1//TDDDDKD
2L4Y CHICKEN NUGGET'0206000019787300/00/00/60/2XXDDDDDD
2L4Y L0G!C'371838100270797100/00/13/40/1DKDD/K/DDKD
2L4Y vieri1002144000046649000/02/00/22/2KKDKDKDD
2L4Y papo'4014250000272742360/00/02/40/1DDKDKDD

[-] 2nd Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
mMm seeeD xDD125215410118303054190/00/00/26/1KKTDK/KKDD
mMm Jimi :]8027451001100454600/00/04/40/0/KDKDDKKD
mM^Dm Fluffy8340561002114093100/00/25/10/2/DKDKK/DDKKX
mMm bbi133214310114856891490/00/04/21/2XKXDK/KKDT
mMm Bystry100296610021049752180/00/16/20/1KKDKD/KKDK/D
mMm 10413824245027450832235860/00/319/117/6
2L4Y YuM'6630462011844956450/01/02/32/2DTKDKDD/KKD
2L4Y CHICKEN NUGGET'20315000012762000/00/00/21/3DDDDKD
2L4Y L0G!C'1212180001549119400/00/01/60/1DDDDDDKD/
2L4Y vieri509361010400740270/02/00/52/1DKDDTKDDKD
2L4Y papo'6621461002755106400/00/04/40/2DXKK/DXK/DKD

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Player Chats
2L4Y papo' [Countdown]: HFFF
mMm bbi [Countdown]: fun
2L4Y L0G!C' [14:58]: -Rup-
[14:15]: The Allies have captured the forward bunker!
[14:00]: The Allies have breached the Forward Bunker Gate!
[13:32]: The Allies have opened up the Forward spawn rear exit!
[13:20]: Allied Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
[13:19]: The Depot Fence has been constructed.
[12:40]: The Allies have breached the Depot Gate!
[12:04]: The Allies have breached the Depot's east wall!
[11:45]: The Allied Truck is in position!
[11:01]: The Crane Controls have been constructed.
[11:00]: The Allies have activated the crane!
[10:47]: The Allies have loaded the Gold Crate onto the Truck!
[9:42]: The Allies have breached the Depot's west wall!
[9:20]: ryzyK connected
mMm seeeD xDD [9:14]: x
mMm seeeD xDD [9:13]: d
2L4Y papo' [9:09]: xD
2L4Y papo' [9:06]: bad start
[9:05]: The Allies have escaped with the Gold Crate!
2L4Y papo' [Intermission]: ahahaha
[Intermission]: >>> Clock set to: 5:54
2L4Y papo' [Intermission]: agressive attack
mMm seeeD xDD [Intermission]: warmup map
[Intermission]: ryzyK disconnected
2L4Y L0G!C' [Warmup]: -Rup-
[5:36]: Axis Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
[Intermission]: >>> Objective NOT reached in time (5:54)
2L4Y papo' [Intermission]: gg boys
2L4Y papo' [Intermission]: gr now
[Countdown]: Vote FAILED! (Start Match )
[14:45]: Axis Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
2L4Y L0G!C' [8:52]: xd
[5:57]: The Tank has been repaired!
[5:54]: Allied team has stolen the Tank!
[5:48]: Tank Barrier #1 has been constructed.
[5:02]: Tank Barrier #1 has been destroyed.
[4:50]: The Tank has been damaged!
mMm Jimi :] [4:18]: :DF
[4:18]: The Tank has been repaired!
[3:38]: The Tank has been damaged!
[3:29]: Truck Barrier #1 has been constructed.
[1:34]: The Tank has been repaired!
[Intermission]: >>> Clock set to: 15:00
2L4Y papo' [Intermission]: xD
mMm Bystry [Warmup]: sup papa
2L4Y papo' [Warmup]: big papa
2L4Y papo' [Warmup]: smashed
2L4Y papo' [Warmup]: AHAHA
[14:12]: The Tank has been repaired!
[14:09]: Allied team has stolen the Tank!
[12:54]: Allied team has destroyed the Bank Doors!
[12:43]: Allied Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
[12:28]: The Tank has been damaged!
[10:53]: Allied team is escaping with the Gold Crate!
2L4Y L0G!C' [10:29]: :)
[9:40]: Allied team escaped with the Gold Crate!
[Intermission]: >>> Objective reached at 5:19 (original: 15:00)
2L4Y papo' [Intermission]: GG bois
mMm Bystry [Intermission]: gg boys
mMm bbi [Intermission]: gg
mMm Jimi :] [Intermission]: wp
2L4Y vieri [Intermission]: gg
2L4Y papo' [Intermission]: adler?
2L4Y papo' [Intermission]: fast one
[8:39]: The Doors are opening!!
[8:26]: Allied Command Post spawn active!
[8:26]: Allied Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
[7:35]: Main blast door opening!
[7:18]: Main blast door closing!
[6:51]: Allied team has transmitted the documents!
[Intermission]: >>> Clock set to: 3:08
2L4Y papo' [Intermission]: gg
2L4Y papo' [Intermission]: kurwa match
mMm Bystry [Warmup]: big match
mMm Bystry [Warmup]: 100 viewers
mMm seeeD xDD [Countdown]: emmiel and street are watching
2L4Y papo' [3:06]: nice
[Intermission]: >>> Objective NOT reached in time (3:08)
mMm Bystry [Intermission]: gg bois
2L4Y CHICKEN NUGGET' [Intermission]: ggwp
2L4Y L0G!C' [Intermission]: gg
2L4Y vieri [Intermission]: gg
[Intermission]: 2L4Y_Chuck' disconnected
[Intermission]: mMm Bystry disconnected
2L4Y YuM' [Intermission]: gg wp
mMm bbi [Intermission]: gg
[Intermission]: mMm Jimi :] disconnected
[Intermission]: 2L4Y L0G!C' disconnected
[Intermission]: mMm bbi disconnected
2L4Y vieri [Intermission]: gl for cup
[Intermission]: mMm seeeD xDD disconnected
2L4Y papo' [Intermission]: gg

These stats are experimental and while we usually get very accurate numbers we can't guarantee they are 100% spot on. You can however view the endroundstats: Those are the endroundstats 1:1 how they were spammed on the server console, they are guaranteed to be correct (unless they're off, which sometimes happens too :p).
Some examples that will definitely break stats:

  • Server crash / restart
  • Players reconnecting with new ids
  • Too many random renames between rounds

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Thanks to Hannes who made the software that extracts all the stats from tv demos available to us.