Mxt0r vs mENACE (2159 views)

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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Miscellaneous
Manager: M@xt0r (Requestee)
Maps: Te_valhalla

Total Pot: € 6362
The bets have been cancelled.

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By: M@xt0r
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Language: Dutch

Viewer Peak: unknown


return of the menace?
war of the year
menace coming for round 2!
I am thrilled for the 2nd round of such a battle featuring the Jesus of the ET 1vs1 scene. I will make sure to watch this game live from the beach using 5G technology on my smartphone device.
also make sure u hide from the sun when watching this big esports 1v1 tournament
That's not an issue, he never leaves his basement.
start live streaming and commentating from the beach please
M@xtor is owning et scene. King is only one.
are these heavy steps of an incoming revenge that I'am hearing right now?