riZe Gaming LTD vs Maybe (3353 views)

ClanBase EuroCup Quarterfinal game
19.06.06 21:00 CEST
Awards awarded to for
Lady Macbeth butchji riZe 79 kills
Killing Spree kErAn riZe 8 frags without being killed
Accountant butchji riZe 176% kills/killed ratio
He's dead, Jim! butchji riZe 27 gibs
...and stay dead! Ma(y)be CrozZ 47% gibs/kill
Lead Poisoning butchji riZe 53 SMG kills
Spammity spam spam! LiciD riZe 20 SPAM kills
Fragstealer Ma(y)be foSt 131 damage per frag
Die! Damn you, Die! iTG-stewie 221 damage per frag
What objective? butchji riZe 381 XP
Red Shirt Ma(y)be foSt 85 deaths
Are these pliers sharp? pumu riZe 8 deaths without fragging
Med Pack Whore Ma(y)be Gjerry 216 damage per death
Eyes Wide Shut butchji riZe 7 team kills
Gingerbread man LiciD riZe 8 /kills
Player Summary for the entire Match
[-] (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
Ma(y)be foSt59159508513016846594787800/06/723/347/1816911277
Ma(y)be Gjerry111305423718112675672173520/05/335/283/316119057
Ma(y)be chaoz842465462162238626110311540/03/235/321/716017245
Ma(y)be Lightning5316831599027455456974620/01/722/369/61479766
Ma(y)be CrozZ1001041515701026443138400/01/015/120/417620943
Ma(y)be LION8914231357017449846211520/13/325/184/514513247
Ma(y)be 751124223293703825355434118219400/119/3155/1824/516015256
Hatred riZe1001432323301641513694670/02/422/130/218016132
eLc riZe88281364114034643070832570/02/535/291/317917366
kErAn riZe98237454615026769968373360/02/439/276/717114984
LiciD riZe82197546619018844866512860/014/71/2420/615610144
butchji riZe1763817945270741224597714491/03/253/225/715521755
pumu riZe1113257970231201127786404420/02/630/3916/414312268
Dr. pachich hachich6111614233033279439811450/01/216/130/220017323
Player Summary for sw_goldrush_te
[-] 1st Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
Ma(y)be Gjerry6610112185000223732401440/01/211/150/1KKDKKDDDDDDDKKDDKDKDDKKDDDKDDK
Ma(y)be chaoz891031719421025173481470/02/115/141/4TKDKDKDDKKDKXKDDDDDKKDKSDKKDDSKKDDKKXKD
Ma(y)be Lightning609415257022264431193220/00/210/187/2DKDDKDKKKD/DKDTDKTDDDDDKKKDDKKDKDKDDDDD/KD
Ma(y)be CrozZ1001041515701026443138400/01/015/120/4KDDKDKDKKKDKKDKDDDKKDDDKKKKDTDDX
Ma(y)be 85521841002725414266170006690/08/969/7212/18
Hatred riZe1001432323301641513694670/02/422/130/2DKDKDKKKXKKK/KDK/DKDKXKKDDKD/KDDK/KK/DK/KDTDDKKDD
eLc riZe851261720601430692930290/02/314/111/2DKKKT/D/DDDK/DDDKKDKDKKKKKKDDDDDKDKKK/
kErAn riZe828819239015353625652490/00/215/145/3KDKDDKDDKDT/DKDKDKDDK/KDK/KDDKKDKKDK/K/KXKDD
LiciD riZe85751821700627002121510/07/40/89/3/DKKDKDKKK//DKDKKKKDK/DDK/KDDKDK/KDDDKD
butchji riZe18416924136042381630841340/01/125/52/6KKDDKDKKDK/KXTDKDKKKKKDKKKKDKKTTTKKDKDKK/D
Player Summary for sw_goldrush_te
[-] 1st Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
Dr. pachich hachich100337710011086108900/00/07/50/1/KDKDDDKKDKKDK
Ma(y)be foSt572320357002372642344520/00/15/50/3XDKDK/DKDK/DDKDD
Ma(y)be LION72538114013895995980/13/12/64/0/KT/KKKD/DDDDDKKKDKD
Ma(y)be Gjerry16666106510010881121360/02/17/31/1DDKDKKSDKKKKKDKK
Ma(y)be chaoz84312226900033484858470/00/05/70/0KDDKKDDKDKDD
Ma(y)be Lightning50051000010000/00/13/61/2KK/DKDDDKDDDDKD
Ma(y)be 861736588251169057112086330/15/422/276/6
eLc riZe11640765000909118300/00/07/60/0KDDKKKDKKDKDD
kErAn riZe87357810001420145000/00/27/50/1DKKDKKDKDDKKDDD
LiciD riZe754321281000033452882510/01/00/52/1DDDKDKDDKD
butchji riZe22992391716020561741912491/02/011/43/0KKKKDKKKDKKKKDTTKKDKK
pumu riZe8155273311100426939172140/00/04/62/2KDDDKKDXKDDKDKS
Player Summary for adlernest
[-] 1st Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
Dr. pachich hachich445149101211821545530/00/25/30/1/K/DDTDDKDKKDD
Ma(y)be foSt2317313200251512222120/01/00/92/4/D/KDDDKXDDDDKDDXD
Ma(y)be LION100471111300318521431360/00/111/60/1/KKKKDKK/DDDDKDKKDKK/D
Ma(y)be Gjerry11150109300215451563540/01/09/70/0KDDKDKKKDK/KDDKKD/K
Ma(y)be chaoz12570108201115141423460/01/110/30/3KKKKDKKDDK/DKDDTKDK
Ma(y)be Lightning66538122002127612371400/01/17/70/2KKKKKK//DDDKDKDDDDDD
Ma(y)be 852374253120110670268764880/04/337/322/10
eLc riZe40324102000100416611370/00/24/70/1DDDDDKKDDKDDKD
kErAn riZe20075147500016901327540/02/012/60/1KDKKKKKKKKDKKDKDKKDDD
LiciD riZe713057100051778200/01/11/53/1DDDDKDKKDDKK
butchji riZe664069301014611413120/00/07/90/0KDDDDDTKDKDKDKDK
pumu riZe18876179400023861489180/02/15/99/0DDKDDKKDKKKKKKXKDKKDKDKKKKD

[-] 2nd Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
Dr. pachich hachich42323710205261347920/01/04/50/0KXDDKDDTDDKTD
Ma(y)be foSt14021400000000/01/20/71/4DDDDDDKDDDDDDDKD
Ma(y)be LION92421213000117512195180/00/112/60/4/DDKKKDDKDDKKDDKKDKKDDKKD
Ma(y)be Gjerry250881045010188612931180/01/08/32/1KTDKKKDKKKKKDDK
Ma(y)be chaoz554259100212471269140/00/05/80/0DDDDKDKD/K/KXKD
Ma(y)be Lightning25213120002634134100/00/32/51/0DDD/KDK/DXDDDKDD
Ma(y)be 8719332526015551860981500/02/627/294/9
eLc riZe1608385102014481309910/00/010/50/0KTTKKDKKDKDDKDK
kErAn riZe623958001110531495330/00/05/21/2DTDKDDD/KKDKKD
LiciD riZe100491010101218868661840/05/20/66/1KKDDKXDKKKDKKD/DKD/TKD
butchji riZe16680106200213511083540/00/110/40/1KKXDKKKDDK/K/XDKKK
pumu riZe466781433000161137600/00/01/32/0KKKKKDKKKKKKKKDKD

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Player Chats
#fayntic.ETTV.1 [Warmup]: | visit us for more information on this game. |
#fayntic.ETTV.1 [Warmup]: | www.GamesTV.org - #GamesTV.org |
#fayntic.ETTV.1 [Warmup]: | This broadcast is powered by |
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: lightning and crozz coming?
Ma(y)be Gjerry [Warmup]: ja
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: ze mogen je geen tiems doorgeven:<
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: licid zit ik daarom?
[CUP]lab [Warmup]: light is here
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: daarin*
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: normaal wel:>
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: ";o
eLc riZe [Warmup]: 1 : 0
pumu riZe [Warmup]: TUNESIEN
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: maybe - attack or defend?
pumu riZe [Warmup]: our map
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: exactly
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: so we decide
[CUP]lab [Warmup]: yep
eLc riZe [Warmup]: ich fresse einen besen plus kochschürze
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: huhu
pumu riZe [Warmup]: yes
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: 1:0!!!
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: wooo
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: shiesse
pumu riZe [Warmup]: of course
[CUP]lab [Warmup]: MNARI !
Ma(y)be Gjerry [Warmup]: defend!!!
pumu riZe [Warmup]: shoutout to winghaven
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: maybe - you want axis?
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: toilet
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: thinking
pumu riZe [Warmup]: kknp
Ma(y)be Gjerry [Warmup]: hi never :<
pumu riZe [Warmup]: mvk am start ?????
Ma(y)be CrozZ [Warmup]: does it mean we attack on adler?
[CUP]lab [Warmup]: rize can chose
Ma(y)be CrozZ [Warmup]: so we want allies.
Ma(y)be Gjerry [Warmup]: :)
Ma(y)be Gjerry [Warmup]: :)
pumu riZe [Warmup]: we want allies now
pumu riZe [Warmup]: f2
Ma(y)be CrozZ [Warmup]: k so well play allies on adler?
Ma(y)be CrozZ [Warmup]: so we choose allies here
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: we choose whatever we want on gr
pumu riZe [Warmup]: wtf u have fakenick dood
Ma(y)be CrozZ [Warmup]: pumu you wanna choose here let us choose on adler
pumu riZe [Warmup]: no
Ma(y)be CrozZ [Warmup]: so gl
pumu riZe [Warmup]: we respect the rules doktor
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: no
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: :|
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: h0i h0ru$
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: crozz - real nick please :)
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: ping is being gay
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: rebooting
pumu riZe [Warmup]: shoutout to mout<3
[CUP]lab [Warmup]: omg
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: kale egel
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: tags, LION
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: noes
Ma(y)be CrozZ [Warmup]: M&ms.K2r: put a tag, fake, fun tag, really tag but put a tag
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: and rup all :)
[CUP]lab [Warmup]: we dont want big delays :)
[CUP]lab [Warmup]: rup
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: its eurocup
Ma(y)be CrozZ [Warmup]: iTG'TosspoT: if you win its because of the tag.
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: considering maybe asked for this game to be moved forward an hour ;)
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: ;o
Ma(y)be CrozZ [Warmup]: blame chaoz
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: half an hour :E?
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: blame the jews
[CUP]lab [Warmup]: lol chaoz
butchji riZe [Warmup]: chaoz = nazi
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: ok, 30 mins eventually :D
Ma(y)be Gjerry [Warmup]: :)
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: light, crozz?
Ma(y)be Gjerry [Warmup]: :)
Ma(y)be Gjerry [Warmup]: :)
Ma(y)be Gjerry [Warmup]: :)
Ma(y)be Gjerry [Warmup]: :)
Ma(y)be Gjerry [Warmup]: :)
Ma(y)be CrozZ [Warmup]: sec
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: I got time
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: chilling in teh trees
[CUP]lab [Warmup]: :D
pumu riZe [Warmup]: please ready up
[CUP]lab [Warmup]: crozz
Ma(y)be CrozZ [Warmup]: 1 min
Ma(y)be CrozZ [Warmup]: ping isnt stable
pumu riZe [Warmup]: do u also have lag @ start ?
pumu riZe [Warmup]: me too, 3-5 min or so
butchji riZe [Warmup]: you dont need stable ping
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: stop it
butchji riZe [Warmup]: u have a ballmouse
butchji riZe [Warmup]: no mousepad
butchji riZe [Warmup]: etc
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: der phunatiker: rise das liegt daran der auch auch Gott Butch genannt wird
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: der phunatiker: butchji hat einfach alles: aim,cleverness,movement etc.
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: der phunatiker:ich liebe butchji, ich mag ihn nicht nur
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: *CWG*Teezer*: butchji sit mein helt :D:D
Ma(y)be CrozZ [Warmup]: fanboy?
Ma(y)be CrozZ [Warmup]: =]
Ma(y)be CrozZ [Warmup]: stupid ettv make me lag
[CUP]lab [Countdown]: glhf
[CB]Adacore [Countdown]: gl hf all
Dr. pachich hachich [Countdown]: hf
[CB]Adacore [Countdown]: [firing for effect]
Ma(y)be foSt [Countdown]: <3 jack
[14:42]: bnT-Pr3dS.Radio disconnected
[14:14]: #/<uRde.et ETTV disconnected
[13:46]: The Tank has been repaired!
[13:44]: Allied team has stolen the Tank!
[13:12]: #/<uRde.et ETTV connected
[13:01]: The Tank has been damaged!
[12:57]: The Tank has been repaired!
[12:19]: The Tank has been damaged!
[11:37]: The Tank has been repaired!
[11:25]: Allied team has destroyed the Bank Doors!
[11:22]: Allied Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
[11:21]: The Tank has been damaged!
[CUP]lab [11:21]: stewie you sounds like Carmac :)
iTG-stewie [11:17]: ?
iTG-TosspoT [11:17]: LOL
iTG-stewie [11:13]: from ggl?
[CUP]lab [11:08]: ye
iTG-stewie [11:06]: lawl
iTG-stewie [11:05]: :P
[10:34]: Gamer.Pro ETTV #1 disconnected
[10:33]: Gamer.Pro ETTV #1 connected
[3:39]: Allied team is escaping with the Gold Crate!
butchji riZe [3:04]: gg
[2:36]: Allied team escaped with the Gold Crate!
[Intermission]: >>> Clock set to: 12:25
[CUP]lab [Intermission]: gg
Ma(y)be CrozZ [Intermission]: im going for a reboot adacore
pumu riZe [Intermission]: wtf
Ma(y)be CrozZ [Intermission]: 300 ping the whole match
[CUP]lab [Intermission]: hurry up
pumu riZe [Warmup]: i have 150 all the time too
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: fuck it i'm gonna reboot as well
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: :{}
Hatred riZe [Warmup]: ...
pumu riZe [Warmup]: [o_0]
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: <3 israelie
butchji riZe [Warmup]: jews get better pings with reboots?
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: crozz braucht sowieso länger
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: lol
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: *israelis
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: crozz reboot = 3x lion reboot
kErAn riZe [Warmup]: connection will be better after reboot
pumu riZe [Warmup]: crozz will need 15 min again then or what
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: ye
pumu riZe [Warmup]: whats the upload doing?
pumu riZe [Warmup]: tunesia score ?
[CUP]lab [Warmup]: still 1:0
pumu riZe [Warmup]: haha ich mach movie
kErAn riZe [Warmup]: after 20mins we have forfeit?
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: :>
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: you would like that he?
kErAn riZe [Warmup]: nah
pumu riZe [Warmup]: where is donex?
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: i would!
[CUP]lab [Warmup]: perhaps he's watching match
pumu riZe [Warmup]: ah true
butchji riZe [Warmup]: charity for ET jews!
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: i hate: jackie
butchji riZe [Warmup]: they need very long for rebooting
butchji riZe [Warmup]: :/
Ma(y)be Lightning [Warmup]: yes , jews
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: any sign of them yet..?
Ma(y)be Lightning [Warmup]: There slow in everything
pumu riZe [Warmup]: we are germanst
Ma(y)be Lightning [Warmup]: there reboots take time :/
kErAn riZe [Warmup]: lol your jews > pumu
pumu riZe [Warmup]: football we play better than u
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: </3 frozzen
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: -v frozzen
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: hs!!1
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: DAMN JEWS
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: wtf
[CUP]lab [Warmup]: evan's qoute from report
[CUP]lab [Warmup]: :)
butchji riZe [Warmup]: any punishment for them? =)
pumu riZe [Warmup]: can they come back?
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: dunno
[CUP]lab [Warmup]: ...
Ma(y)be Lightning [Warmup]: we just had one jew back
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: if it was crozz, okay..
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: but lion doesnt need that long to reboot
kErAn riZe [Warmup]: we are allready depressed now they can com
pumu riZe [Warmup]: what did u do with that one?
pumu riZe [Warmup]: crazy shit
eLc riZe [Warmup]: licid, zieh mal an meinen finger
pumu riZe [Warmup]: shoutout to idle
butchji riZe [Warmup]: asdjsdasdjjasdj
butchji riZe [Warmup]: jasdjasdjasdsdj
[CUP]lab [Warmup]: shoutout to holz
pumu riZe [Warmup]: no shoutout to razz
kErAn riZe [Warmup]: shoutout to maxx the best friend of urtier
butchji riZe [Warmup]: shoutout to juergen
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: .................
eLc riZe [Warmup]: ich grüße unsere nationalelf
pumu riZe [Warmup]: are u kidding?
eLc riZe [Warmup]: ihr packt das jungs
pumu riZe [Warmup]: admin?
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: i need a reboot 2
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: can i go
[CUP]lab [Warmup]: i hope they will not reboot again in next map
pumu riZe [Warmup]: we want to play
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: so do we?
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: still no sign of them?
kErAn riZe [Warmup]: reboot mom
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: its not our fault
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: blame the jews
[CUP]lab [Warmup]: licid yes but faster than jews please
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: :>
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: LION :D
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: at least lion returned
pumu riZe [Warmup]: i wallhack :)
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: thats a confession
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: <AR|mAus> rZ`LiciD
Ma(y)be LION [Warmup]: seems to be an isp problem...
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: <AR|mAus> shoutout :p
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: CB ban him and forfeit win 4 us
eLc riZe [Warmup]: i agree
pumu riZe [Warmup]: how many of u actually upload big files while gaming or have netlimiter ?
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: ..................
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: i can ask the same thing?
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: .......a...a....
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: n.....a...a...n
pumu riZe [Warmup]: ah great now u got 300 and want to change server right
Ma(y)be LION [Warmup]: who said that?
[CUP]lab [Warmup]: is he on comms ?
pumu riZe [Warmup]: dunno
Ma(y)be LION [Warmup]: but if thats what you want
Ma(y)be LION [Warmup]: ;>
Ma(y)be LION [Warmup]: i'll just warp the fuck out of you
Ma(y)be LION [Warmup]: >:-f
pumu riZe [Warmup]: nah senti is wieder nett
Ma(y)be Gjerry [Warmup]: aia2.servegame.com:27960 - Brasil
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: i think crozz is back in ts
Ma(y)be Gjerry [Warmup]: Pete Doherty lager lyspunkt i livet mitt. Aldri har det vrt mer moro lese avisen!
butchji riZe [Warmup]: nice gjerry
Ma(y)be Gjerry [Warmup]: :P
[CUP]lab [Warmup]: lol gjerry
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: nice jerry
eLc riZe [Warmup]: wp
pumu riZe [Warmup]: mvk gooo
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: soon we will have mvk
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: :>
Ma(y)be Gjerry [Warmup]: :)
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: crozz cant connect to server
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: 999
butchji riZe [Warmup]: now if evanbraakensiek connectes give him ref
[CUP]lab [Warmup]: :DD
butchji riZe [Warmup]: -e
eLc riZe [Warmup]: schöner schuss von dem spanier
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: butchji BETA: AzA mize foSt
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: butchji BETA: you have 3 cheaters in ur team.
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: what time was set?
[CUP]lab [Warmup]: 12:25
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: exact?
pumu riZe [Warmup]: how long is this pause already ?
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: time set was 12:25 right?
pumu riZe [Warmup]: yes but we play here
Ma(y)be LION [Warmup]: whY?
kErAn riZe [Warmup]: wait we will play another pracc so tell us if you have 6
pumu riZe [Warmup]: o_0
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: because we need a server password change
Ma(y)be LION [Warmup]: :O
[CUP]lab [Warmup]: agree
Ma(y)be LION [Warmup]: why not just enter /password bla
Ma(y)be LION [Warmup]: ?
[CUP]lab [Warmup]: we dont want some idiots here
pumu riZe [Warmup]: we get kicked then
pumu riZe [Warmup]: but yes lion :p
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: new password @ IRC
Ma(y)be Gjerry [Warmup]: :(
Ma(y)be LION [Warmup]: shiesse
Ma(y)be LION [Warmup]: whos on irc?
pumu riZe [Warmup]: anyone online on mirc ?
Ma(y)be LION [Warmup]: xD
Ma(y)be LION [Warmup]: say it here
Ma(y)be LION [Warmup]: ;>
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: lol
pumu riZe [Warmup]: take /msg
pumu riZe [Warmup]: in et pls
pumu riZe [Warmup]: or join teams and tell us
pumu riZe [Warmup]: irc is overrated
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: toss witch song are you playing atm?
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: again in irc pls
pumu riZe [Warmup]: :DD
pumu riZe [Warmup]: are u sure without "y"
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: yeah
eLc riZe [Warmup]: y u asking
pumu riZe [Warmup]: kk
pumu riZe [Warmup]: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Hatred riZe [Warmup]: and we want to finnish today
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: toss coming back? :D
Ma(y)be LION [Warmup]: f-:
Ma(y)be LION [Warmup]: arni is going to cry :O
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: you wil win adler annyway
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: like this? lol
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: offcouse
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: sure
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: ik gun het jullie niet licid
Hatred riZe [Warmup]: ada have you set time already?
eLc riZe [Warmup]: grüße an das jote-team
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: jammer:<
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: can't do it until map starts
Hatred riZe [Warmup]: ah right
pumu riZe [Warmup]: w t f
pumu riZe [Countdown]: we are ready for over 30 minutes lol
Ma(y)be LION [Countdown]: hf ;<>
Hatred riZe [Countdown]: glhf
pumu riZe [Countdown]: gl + hdf
[Countdown]: Referee changed setting! (Start Match )
Dr. pachich hachich [14:57]: and fair for over 60
[14:53]: ** Referee Server Setting Change **
[11:43]: Axis Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
[11:36]: Match is PAUSED! (Allies)
pumu riZe [11:36]: mom
Dr. pachich hachich [11:36]: forfeit
Hatred riZe [11:36]: ???
pumu riZe [11:36]: u got wrong time, now we got their wrong spwan time
pumu riZe [11:36]: thx
pumu riZe [11:36]: ...
[11:36]: Match resuming in 225 seconds!
pumu riZe [11:36]: 12:25
[11:36]: Match resuming in 210 seconds!
Dr. pachich hachich [11:36]: admins go check it
pumu riZe [11:36]: change it please
[11:36]: Match resuming in 195 seconds!
iTG-TosspoT [11:36]: the setting was right but theres no way we've played 50 seconds already
[11:36]: ** Referee Server Setting Change **
[CB]Adacore [12:01]: bettery
pumu riZe [12:01]: yes
[12:01]: Match resuming in 180 seconds!
[CB]Adacore [12:01]: setting with colon didn't work :/
[12:01]: Match resuming in 10 seconds!
[12:01]: Match resuming in 9 seconds!
[12:01]: Match resuming in 8 seconds!
[12:01]: Match resuming in 7 seconds!
pumu riZe [12:01]: kK
Ma(y)be LION [12:01]: :-O
[12:01]: Match resuming in 6 seconds!
kErAn riZe [12:01]: Pete Doherty lager lyspunkt i livet mitt. Aldri har det vrt mer moro lese avisen!
[12:01]: ClanBase ETTV connected
[12:01]: Match resuming in 5 seconds!
[12:01]: Match resuming in 4 seconds!
[12:01]: Match resuming in 3 seconds!
Ma(y)be chaoz [12:02]: nice stealing us 3 seconds
[12:01]: Match resuming in 2 seconds!
[12:01]: Match resuming in 1 seconds!
[12:01]: FIGHT!
Ma(y)be LION [11:07]: :o)
[10:58]: The Tank has been repaired!
[10:56]: Allied team has stolen the Tank!
Dr. pachich hachich [10:40]: o/
Dr. pachich hachich [10:40]: o/
[10:39]: Tank Barrier #1 has been constructed.
[10:37]: The Tank has been damaged!
[10:20]: The Tank has been repaired!
[10:01]: Allied team has destroyed the Axis Command Post!
[9:56]: Tank Barrier #1 has been destroyed.
[9:36]: The Tank has been damaged!
[9:35]: Allied Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
[9:33]: The Tank has been repaired!
[9:32]: Truck Barrier #1 has been constructed.
[9:03]: Allied team has destroyed the Bank Doors!
[8:39]: Truck Barrier #1 has been destroyed.
[8:08]: Allied team is escaping with the Gold Crate!
[7:59]: The Tank has been damaged!
[7:48]: Gamer.Pro ETTV #1 connected
[7:07]: Allied team escaped with the Gold Crate!
[Intermission]: >>> Clock set to: 5:19
Hatred riZe [Intermission]: gg
Ma(y)be chaoz [Intermission]: ya really gg ...
Dr. pachich hachich [Intermission]: fair for sure
butchji riZe [Intermission]: teamchatsonly imo
Dr. pachich hachich [Intermission]: even skilled
pumu riZe [Warmup]: WE PLAY FAIR.
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: sure you do
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: clanbase doesnt :>
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: could i go for reboots?
butchji riZe [Warmup]: =D
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: admins...
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: if you think it'll help, but try to be quick
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: just do it
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: else we can quit now
Hatred riZe [Warmup]: but fast
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: thx
Ma(y)be LION [Warmup]: this reminds me of the 5o5 showmatch ;f
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: i need reboot aswell
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: ok ?
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: im fast
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: sure
Ma(y)be LION [Warmup]: bye :>
pumu riZe [Warmup]: what are they doing?
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: adacore plz change this server
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: why, licid?
Ma(y)be Lightning [Warmup]: 3on3 anyone?
eLc riZe [Warmup]: nah
Hatred riZe [Warmup]: this is one of best servers
pumu riZe [Warmup]: whats now?
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: if the israelis were any better on another server then I'd change it
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: but they're the same on all tbh
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: okey that i did not know
pumu riZe [Warmup]: watch our match versus team deaths embrace in the last EC quali, hard lags and people just played and didnt whine
pumu riZe [Warmup]: chaoz kommen die wieder ?
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: sowieso
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: -D
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: ausser crozz
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: fuer den kann ich nicht garantieren
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: evtl ist sein commodore zu heiss im sommer
butchji riZe [Warmup]: only nice matches 141 and maybe :x
pumu riZe [Warmup]: this sucks lohl
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: idd :/
kErAn riZe [Warmup]: kinda boring
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: {o,o}
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: |)__)
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: - - -
eLc riZe [Warmup]: war das grad ein pfostenschuss?
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: next year ban the israelies from ec there not even European
Hatred riZe [Warmup]: idd
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: what's up with .il net anyway, LION?
pumu riZe [Warmup]: nah lion not
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: ban the germans for their crimes in ww 1 and 2 oO
butchji riZe [Warmup]: idd
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: ur right there 2
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: LoL
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: we caused your lag?
pumu riZe [Warmup]: we are germans
iTG-stewie [Warmup]: maybe post the server pw again?
pumu riZe [Warmup]: football we play better than u
pumu riZe [Warmup]: 54 74 94 2006
Ma(y)be foSt [Warmup]: "stfu, jesus"?
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: laber nicht
Ma(y)be chaoz [Warmup]: ghana wird weltmeister
butchji riZe [Warmup]: tunesien
eLc riZe [Warmup]: ich sag mal togo
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#fayntic.ETTV.1 [Warmup]: | This broadcast is powered by |
butchji riZe [Warmup]: is raus
eLc riZe [Warmup]: schade sag ich da
pumu riZe [Warmup]: tosspot can u get this warmup exciting ? :D
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: no 20 min?
butchji riZe [Warmup]: hi :)
Hatred riZe [Warmup]: rup now
butchji riZe [Warmup]: Ready up please.
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: crozz, light? :)
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: ping 100 crozz
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: n1!
pumu riZe [Warmup]: fost has the best color, live-style
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: 120!
Ma(y)be LION [Warmup]: best color.
Ma(y)be LION [Warmup]: best aim.
Ma(y)be LION [Warmup]: lol.?
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: better than 309
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: 300
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: true
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: 2bad it ended this way tho
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: gl
pumu riZe [Warmup]: [o_0]
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: u will win this map annyway
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: lol sure
pumu riZe [Warmup]: GL + HDF
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: we suck here
LiciD riZe [Warmup]: SOOOOO HARD
Dr. pachich hachich [Warmup]: same
[CB]Adacore [Warmup]: lightning?
Ma(y)be foSt [Countdown]: hf
Hatred riZe [Countdown]: hf
[CB]Adacore [Countdown]: gl hf all :D
Ma(y)be LION [Countdown]: PH
kErAn riZe [Countdown]: hf
[12:37]: The Doors are opening!!
[12:19]: Allied Command Post spawn active!
[12:19]: Allied Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
[10:00]: Main blast door opening!
[9:36]: Allied team has transmitted the documents!
[Intermission]: >>> Clock set to: 5:23
Hatred riZe [Intermission]: gg
Hatred riZe [Countdown]: glhf
[CB]Adacore [Countdown]: gl hf all
pumu riZe [Countdown]: gl + hdf
Dr. pachich hachich [3:25]: lol?
[0:30]: Main blast door opening!
[0:18]: The Doors are opening!!
Ma(y)be foSt [0:02]: gg
[0:01]: Ma(y)be LION disconnected
[Intermission]: >>> Objective NOT reached in time (5:23)
[Intermission]: Ma(y)be Gjerry disconnected
[Intermission]: Ma(y)be CrozZ disconnected
Ma(y)be chaoz [Intermission]: gege
[CB]Adacore [Intermission]: wp both
[Intermission]: Ma(y)be chaoz disconnected
[Intermission]: Ma(y)be Lightning disconnected
[Intermission]: butchji riZe disconnected
LiciD riZe [Intermission]: gg
[Intermission]: Ma(y)be foSt disconnected

These stats are experimental and while we usually get very accurate numbers we can't guarantee they are 100% spot on. You can however view the endroundstats: Those are the endroundstats 1:1 how they were spammed on the server console, they are guaranteed to be correct (unless they're off, which sometimes happens too :p).
Some examples that will definitely break stats:

  • Server crash / restart
  • Players reconnecting with new ids
  • Too many random renames between rounds

Credits to the author of StatWhore of which we borrowed the awards and the general layout of the stats.
Thanks to Hannes who made the software that extracts all the stats from tv demos available to us.