Mxt0r vs subaK (950 views)

1on1 Ladder

Rules : Fullway

Map 1 : Multidemo : Mxt0r 3-0 ; 3-2 subaK
Map 2 : Valhalla : Mxt0r 46-16 subaK
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Miscellaneous
Hosting: Self Organised
Manager: M@xt0r (Requestee)
Maps: Ctf_multi

Total Pot: € 0
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By: M@xt0r
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Language: English / Netherland

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have fun and good luck babies, love ya 3<
thanks my bro <3
any beat You man ? ::D
Nop never in a whole match and never on Valhalla ^^ (if we dont compt when I started 1on1 in 2007 xd) I've just lost a few rounds sometimes on Objective maps or just a map like on Badplace
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