Elysium vs turbot (756 views)

nl iNsAne
be Jere
gb Jinosta
nl outlAw
gb razz
nl Sebhes
fi Swanidius
fi lEku
fi walle
fi lepari
fi lrd
fi Plaz

ET Anniversary Fall Cup: 6on6
Group A - BO3
Matchweek 3

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ez 4 Swani
You have € 4500 on eu Elysium
Possible win: € 6750
You have € 20 on fi turbot
You won € 638

ah ty myself
You have € 250 on fi turbot
You won € 7975
Swanidius giantly strong
When you come back
Never, I've done my time here :)
Wat is dit nou?