vs Team-ND (35571 views)

gb adzz
ee Holz
ee Night
de senji
nl teKoa
de urtier
hr aCoZz
ee asd
be dAv1d
fr emorej
hr gmx
si JaKaZc
Gold Final.
25.07.06 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XIII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Angrykid (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Radar
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Total Slots: 1,500
Listener Peak: unknown

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de, Hub/Recorder 1 (30 slave slots)
By: skooli (ettvd)

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By: Queeen (ettvd)
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By: juuco (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 1,744


idle will win GL&HF! :D
but gl to ND too!
intresting match :)
i think ND gonna win ;O
idle! <3
idle will win, but after 3 map horror....
1.25 vs 5.00 :OO
idle will pwn ND imho
ND are gonna do it imo
idle 4 sure
lol schade ich hätte mich auch für nd gefreut wenn sie gewinnen würden :X naja idle win nicht 2 easy das bestimmt nicht aber idle wird es hollen wieder mal ... langweilig :X :( :o
team-nd ftw! but i think idle will own. :'(

edit: idle 1.25 - nd 5? wtfux
Idle forza win 4-2 after a exiting 3 mapperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
who are :))

idle ftw ;)
go idle
idle 4:2 ND imo...
<3 goliath
but idle will win :<
nD gonna win coz they have ops on #wow-et :O! <3
not advertising imho!
will be hard for idle, but theyll win 4:2
The only team that could have threaten idle was demiurge. And they are out...

Idle 4-0.
idle !
4 - 2 for team-ND (ND FTW<3) gl guys :)
acozz remember u promised !! GL guys
4:0 or 4:2 for Idle ;) GL both
LOL the game will be played on 31 December 06, are you kiddining me :P ?
do you know what unscheduled means?
it is on the 31th of december 2006 here too :D
and do you know how to read foonr? dont click the war and youll see some info and there is the date
maybe because all unscheduled games are set to 31st Dec 06....
I dont care about that :D
Brain. Gear. Thanks.
gl acozz, wish you all the best =)
I hope that northern darkness will win. They need a miracle!

gl to too.
gL both Nd ftw :P
rofl half of my money on ND... once idle need to loose :D
Your bet: 50€ on ND !111111
gl idel ur+ier & senji FTW !! 4:0 imo...
GL guys....teKoa and Night ftw!!!!
idle 4 - 0 i think
dont pick adler as a decider if needed please
beting max what i can for you :P
we'll see, will see :)
Your bet: 15€ on ND
Possible Win: 74 € (+59 €)

so do it!
When I saw Urtier powning sFx tonight im sure Idle will beat ND

<3 Urtier
gl ND !! :)
GL <3
teKoa and Night ftw!!!
ND ftw...I bet on you.
What happens if I lose all my bets and I won't have got "money" to bet on? :D
After your money drops below $ 10 it will be filled to $ 10 again
hmmm... will be fun to get back to 100 again:)
ye but that wont happen, just when you win smth :]
imo idle ftw- !
Go, go ND!
This will remain unscheduled forever. :Ç
ND ftw =)
i bet on ND but i think idle will win, but if ND wins i get 120 "euros"
This date has been scheduled to 90% certainty. The time has not been decided.
5on5 ?
idle ftw ;)
nice nice nice
Finally a date !
FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Fuck I will miss this :>
you need to pracc now on enlarged ! :)
JaKaCz bakc form teh holidays
couldn't edit my comment with an "??"
WTF, well ty! that's the second day i'm on holiday ;<
gl teKoa!:)
tekoa > all

idle 4-2 nd ogogog
ND!111 ftw!!! <3
Your bet: 121€ on ND
Possible Win: 569 € (+448 €)

go go <3
Possible Win: 314 € (+223 €)

Go ND!!
more slots...

aehm... 1721 Slots is an allmost never seen ammount.

What do you want more?

btw es gab schon mehr slots imo @ Nationscup

ich weiss, aber hallo, das ist alle mal über Durchschnitt und meiner Meinung nach genug. Es werden nicht alle gefüllt sein.

ZeroJoker will lose cause urtier&senji will still be drunken from the Enlarged LAN :D
n1 an Korean ettv ....
that ettv has been on more wars tbh :P

imo idle is gonna make it!

All possible money on idle.

grr how many slots =) and comments 4-2 for idle ND has a little change...
there should be 2600 slots like last EC..
can't wait
but have no choice
Rescheduled to Tuesday.
a miercale no lo voy a ver....go go ND......GL & HF.........
please stop changing dates...
another low skilled? no ettv pls ;s GO GO GO!!! <3
Needs more slots.
do you really think 1020 slots isn't enough?
je leeft dus nog :D
alles goed? ;P
Idle i think:)
idle wins!!!! easy game for they
idle win!
easy for

kris and ferus dont play
idle 4sho
no kris, no ferus, 4-0 for idle :(
What a shame i won't be able to see it... :( *whine*
I miss all the upcoming matches and they are the best matches of year, atleast this one is:(
Oh god!
4-0 win idle...
4-2 idle imo teKoa ftw :D
that will be a great match both gl
we need a dutch shoutcast too plz, lunachick cmon ! :)
idle vs nd imo 1 of bests wars besides uQ vs idle :|
best was parodia vs u96d (radar <3)
lowl what about ins v sae then?
uQ vs. idle was rather dull.
they all dead clans :\
ND imo
Idle wins after decider immmmmooooo ;o
sae ftw!
IDLE play 3 times in CB EC FINAL !!! but they dont have FERUS :D so ND must win ;) ofc because <3 FERUS & KRIS
ferus and kris wont play :)
lol rofl idle got tuns of bests players night tekoa urtier holz etc nd got jakazc kris etc so idle wins :D
idle 4-0 !!
are you a mvk player or smth with this spam? 0.o
parodia imo
ND ND ND IDLE dont have best team :)
We need 7 ETTV slots more!!

1330 + 7 = 1337 <3

[Distance`] 60% of ET community are cheaters
idle will win easy
good luck idle ...
idle will win but nevertheless its a suprise ND came so far...
LÓL ?? WHER IS KRIS & FERUS :> ? This 2 players must play !!! Without FERUS & KRIS ND sux :(
imo idle gl Night & teKoa
idle !!
idle: Night, Holz, teKoa, adzz, Senji, Urtier
ND: acoZz, JakaZc, gmx, asd, emorej, dav1d
plz set your money on ND easy for them
wh kris doesnt play?!?
gl hf both =)
lineups plz ^^

idle win!
idle , np..
i see lineup on xfire and now i say so idle will win :) ND without Ferus & Kris sux :( idle win !!!
IDLE ftw :)
will be nice to watch... But i think ND isn't strong enough to stop idle, so my money goes to them!
I hope that ND will win but i think IDLE gonna take this one to home 4-2 for idle :< but lets see nice game coming tonight!
Total Slots: 1555 MORE PLZ (A)

Your bet: 40€ on idle Possible Win: 51 € (+11 €)

Possible Win: 71 € (+15 €)....

gl both :)
nd..! we all want that nd will win!!! go nd!
after seeing lineups i think 4:0 idle :)
Why is kris not playing?
He is praccing with KiH for Quakecon.
uhh...with idle`s lineup it would be a eazy 4:0 imo
Night, Tekoa, urtier...
0 chances for ND for EC-Champion
umh i place bets like week ago and now i get news that ferus and kris is not playing @ final : <
Cancel the bet (little red cross) and place it again if you want to change it :)
All my money @ ND :)
idle ftw :D:D:D:D
gooooo ND xD
need more slots
more more lal
more sluts pls ;o
my money is on idle

gl both
ND > idle
Your bet: 58€ on ND Possible Win: 290 € (+232 €)

gl david m8
Your bet: 52€ on ND
Possible Win: 260 € (+208 €)
gl for both teams !!!

I hope idle.. but ND can do a good job aswell :)
Possible Win: 333 € (+263 €)
after seeing lineups i think 4:0 idle :) ofc idle win KRIS dont play FERUS don play ND no chance i must change my bet on idle srry :(
Same 4:0 idle..
I hope it wont be canceled
Lol.. why should they cancel it?

And btw.. there aren't much matches in the hisotry that are canceled, especially an eurocup final -.-
Nation Cup 3rd place match cenceld because of missing player.
Thats 1, and not an EC final.

Not much can mean 1.
easy EC trophy for
what'll be idle's line-up for Qcon?
.ee 'll win

once again...
when did they win EC final before?
i guess he means estonia
perhaps, i guessed he meant idle :-)
idle will win
ops I didn't saw ND lineup = I lost my money:C
you can still cancel your bet by clicking on the red x
IMO idlee 'll win ;]
my bet is 30€ on pls win idle^^
i have only 10 €, so my bet is on nd. if i win i get 24 € and if i lose i will have still 10
Your bet: 20€ on ND Possible Win: 96 € (+76 €)
Viewer Peak: 1574 :D
sucky final imo
nice panzer night!
121 € lost :(
121 € on ND ??? OMG :P
IF ND would have won he would get like 500 euro or something... He would be rich! :D
mhhhh .....may be.
but : why dont you play lotto ?
there is a bigger chance, than bet on ND and win it :P
199€ ... :p
Good match, too bad for my internet...
Your bet: 246€ on ND Lost :D

Demi vs. Idle would have made better final imo
lol idle took them to school
nice game
:( :( :(
lol sweet game by idle on radar <3 adler was nice 2, expecially this stunning panzer ( NIGHT > * ) and ive won 15 so quite good
Viewer Peak: 1744 btw :>
gg saved my gbooky idle
not realy a intresting match,
but idle's the team work is awesome
LoL estonian shoutcaster got kicked!

GG Admins >8/
I had electrical failure before the match so I could not shoutcast the game but when I got electricity back and tried to join server I heard that someone already had tried to fake me earlier so they thought I am another faker and kicked me. I acctually think admins did the right decision to ensure a safe game. GG

1st of all he connected much to late. I beleave it was allready 2nd map. And 2nd point is that min. 1 faker tried to connect with different names (like [ETTV] XonX) and he connected in this time so they didnt know if it was him or not.

Are you some kind of admin or what? :X

did i ever say that^^?

Joking dwd. p:
easy win for