limited^gaming vs WIJ ZIJN VIES TROTS (2777 views)

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ET 3on3 ladder match
29.12.08 21:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 3on3 Ladder
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: crokami (Requestee)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 1285
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV
de Ana's ETTV #2 [old]
By: w0nd3r (ettvd)
de OldMans - ETTV 1
By: 8Bits|OldMan (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 12


gl limited
rofl :D

low+ wars lololol
limited easy
aren't mek breaking the rules? they have chizz6l and illumise who are active in the same ladder with nknn(dunno about witje) and that's violating the rule about sharing lineups. I suggest reporting it to ladder supervisor, probably killerboy
dont know-will investigate that-thx 4 info m8.
i just checked, illumise chizz6l and witje played last match for nknn, which means that only one of them could play for mek, so they are violating the rule, you can check rules here: and check sharing lineups
D:::::::::::::::::::::::::: You have a fucking sad life D::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Seems that you too :-D
Yea because i care about cb and this game :$
still whining here on other people, nerd xD
Yea he such a nerd XD lolololol
Whining D:::? just a fact about his life, who the fuck cares about a clan who is rank 120+ anyway. Let them have there +10 i coudlnt care less.
it's not caring about them, i just care about you so much, i love you guys and i don't like to see you being unfair

and more like 120 points, but who keeps track
I care -120 -1000 who cares give it to me we already gaved you a 4-0 win tard if thats the thing that makes you happy
you didn't give me anything, and if i was kamikaza i would not accept(because it is against the rules, fake result) and make a conflict so both your clans get kicked from the ladder :D even without a conflict you can still get suspended if kamikaza reports it to killerboy :D so hf and a happy new year
Wouw i really care alot that i wont be able to play on CB D::::: im inactive as hell on this game so you dont got me with that. Have fun with the reporting stuff. I see you could use a Happy New Year
First off there are tons of clans doing that.. This is just an account to play offis when we dont want to play serious with some of our not so skilled players. Who the fck cares :/
if you don't care about cb, why do you play on it? any why could i use a happy new year? don't quite get you
tons of clans doing it? i see only yours, and why not play with nknn then? afraid to lose your precious #4 spot? and if you are playing with "less skilled players" why do chizz6l, illumise and witje from "superskilled" nknn play with that account?
Becuase if i play the game i like to play offi, and you are a really sad person so i think you could use a happy new year
Why would we play versus a rank 125 team with nknn? We plan our offis with care when it comes to nknn, we prac and we make sure the best lineup is def going to play. Mek is a clan with like 20ppl that can possibly play, so it has nothing to do with the nknn 3o3 team. I can see that the fact that chizz6l and illumise just happened to play today upsets you, but its just a fcking coincidence and has nothing to do with being lame or trying to preserve our special 4th spot. Cuz tbh if we played active and with our best lineup we would be way higher than #4...

btw you almost losed so dont underest us...125 and you almost lost
We really played seriously on B4 pls go watch the replay, kanye was trowing airstrikes to the controls i was covie D:
lol u might want to check the game again, they didnt play serious :DD
The engi that was defusing at braundorf just ran away from the dyna after he nearly defused it :D
yeah sure-bla bla
yes, sad life means knowing the rules

No its fcking sad that two different clans play two different offis and u have to balls to go and whine about the fact that these clans have used the same ppl in different offis. Thats just being an asshole
you must have a great life !
ur the only one that ever cared, guess why..... ur pathetic

Who cares anyways, ur nearly last on the ladder
i am almost nearly last?! are you especially retarded or just belgium-retarded?
awesome comeback mate. Learn to copy paste first.
4-2 trots
Yea yea take it ezi retard you will get your +10 !!!!!
tbh i would just give those guys their win (compassion for less mentally capable human beings than the rest of us)
n1 hahahaha
Waw, you actually tried to insult our intellect with that sentence? You failed miserably. Besides, we don't care about the win. We even offered them to insert a 4:0 win for them on clanbase, we just dont won't to get the other guys in mek into trouble only because we played with too many nkNn players. So if you could stop being a biased little fck and grow some balls, you might actually realise that your friends are the ones acting up...
m8 1rst i didnt wanted 2 insult anybody-2nd-i dont want your stupid 4:0-3rd i can own you anytime
he did not comment on you but on drv4c
i didn't fail