Poland vs Austria (4485 views)

pl soee
pl suri
pl DoM1Na7oR
pl aA
pl Robertos
pl nsk
pl mojojojo
pl zielarz
at t0m
at w3ap0n
at steve-
at FireWorks
at zerGstar
at ShortY
09.02.09 21:45 CET
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Game: qw ET Quake Wars
League: ClanBase NationsCup XII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Seanza (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Salvage

Total Pot: € 37747
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

ET Quake Wars TV
gb #etqw.comeback ET:QW TV 2
By: Seanza (none)
nl KAPOKS TV Server
By: Orrie (none)

Total Slots: 85
Viewer Peak: 23


gogo austria!! :)

hf gl :)
Easy for Robciek and Am1go!
<3 ofc i'll play
Show them how to play Am1go!
zomg, again so much dsn in PL lu))))))
ofc only 3 will play that match
GL mojo ;)
lol if any1 should learn the austrian pro's how to play it surely wont be amigo

good luck aA + ego polaks (some, not all :))

go Austria! ez bash
haha and who says that ;)
dude am1go owns u

and they arent ego, they just hate nerds
gl and hf to both teams
Luck mojo <3
Any shoutcasting?
I don't mind doing it if someone can pronouce the names for me! Or it will be polak 1 -6 :D
i think you would have only two problems: nsk and zielarz ;D
kip will pronounce


DoM1Na7oR : dom one na seven or
not so sure if we will get a shoutcast done, but i just added it
gl nsk suri aA
gl Poland, i hope you guys win (i'm serious :D)
easy for at :D
gl shorty!
thx. auich wenns nichts gebracht hat ;)
siej rozpierdol mojo :) gl szwedasie xD
gl mojo ogien kurwa
Go dragon !
... go shorty ... go shorty ...
no TV today or noshow today?
21:45 should be played
You have € 17 on PL
You won € 17.17

I'm rich!
a lot of waiting but anyway gg wp
cattle, dont care if he owns me, as far as he doesn't own my team i don't mind

i was just pointing out amigo is like nothing in teamPL, not saying i'm anything in BE, just a weird comment from you, who gets offended, and actually defend the polish lowbird
your comment was weird fkn waal

do you enjoy sucking highskilled dicks that much?

and u are nothing in team be, the same as i am nothing in team nl

u are just fillin empty slots, thomas and bjorn do all the work...fragstealer

o and btw soulffly is a SHIT band
soee decided that i should be in team pl so gtfo plz there are a lot more players in poland that are playing competitively so im not filling empty slot
wp pl, any demos ?
u call me a fanboy and ur name is cattle<3zenix ?

en waarom denkt ge da ik naar een stinkende kaasetende hollander luister ?

bakkes dicht dwergmongool, dankuwel, u werd niks gevraagd, dus mondje dicht en stopt er kaas in en zwijgt vr de rest

en ng iets, ik vraag demos van wie ik wil, dus zwijg is aub, nobody cared

en uw mening over teamBE boeit al helemaal niemand ze, ge zijt ni interessant
hh small kids on small yard
lowbird started throwing with sand into my direction ;<!
reply button ftw
lowbird is not a word...nor an animal
"sand" in your direction LOL
grow a brain, an e-penis and a set of balls plz
mature answer, ur the best

that answer was even more mature
In this ocean of maturity can humble spectators get some demos?
Gl, Domi!
i think Poland will take it!