InfernaL vs sublime (4090 views)

de chosen
de draqi
de eiM
de FimS
nl Heroin
de zhul
gb manj
gb miXer
fi olBaa
ca anim
de rise
se ratZillA
ET Masters Qualifier Upper Bracket Round 1

gb hYpe:
Unforunately we're having to play our first match with a mix team due to tyyrd and sexyhot not being available. But hopefully after that we are able to play with a stable lineup. Our goal is to qualify and play in premier league, nothing more. There are some good teams in the qualification but I think it's possible for us to achieve our goal as we have some good players in our team.
de chosen:
Getting qualified for the ET Masters will be a hard job, there are many teams with a good reputation playing this qualifier. Eventhough we struggled in the last pracs, I think if we can actually come close to our lan performance we can at least hope for a few tight matches.

:: See the bracket here
08.02.09 20:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET Masters: Qualifiers
Manager: chosen_ (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 8672
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GL Sublime , Np for hYpe !
gl sublime ;)
gl tyyrd
Practically gonna be a mix team for this one :<
gl infernal
gl hero!n:)
gl sexyhot and anim

in Hype
gb miXer
ca anim
fi olBaa
se ratZillA
de rise
sublime is back!
gl hype :D
gl hype, mixer, anim, tyyrd, sexyhot & eiM
hoBlaa !
gl fims!
where is tyyrd & sexyhot? :<

anyways, GL OLBAA! <3 so them that where KYMENLAAKSOLAINEN is made of! <3
lol rise lol
haha rise haha
gl infernal
how many teams will qualify? cant understand the bracket.. (on the url above)
gl rat
no offence but what are infernaL doing there ?
if you saw the match, then you saw we arent that bad
gl fi olBaa & Haip<3
gl both :)
gl Haip n miXer <3

gl heroin too!
Izi for eiM
ggs, wp olbaa n heroin!