Zero Empathy vs Gamerz-Connexion (3620 views)

ee infect
ee luDa
ee sCyter
ee tryz
ee ince
ee bpr
ee bitbeast
es WeZor
fr RizZle
fr kARn4J
nl saKen
es Ejt
il destiny
se slajdan
ET Masters Qualifier Upper Bracket Round 1

ee Infect:
We surely hope to get to top 4 in the qualifing rounds but it will get quite hard because we havent been so active lately. Let's hope that our teamplay will be as good as always.
es WeZoR:
Our former line up died due to 3 french guys leaving the team, thus we decided to recruit 3 other people and have tried to set up a teamplay since then, we will do our best to win the qualification.

:: See the bracket here
08.02.09 20:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET Masters: Qualifiers
Manager: chosen_ (Highadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te

Total Pot: € 5552
The bets have been cancelled.

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zeroE is too easy :D

GL gZcon... :)
infect?nice to c u!
gl destiny ya kof <3
its treyz you dumb fucks
some delay because the matchserv was wrong, ETTV should be correct in a few minutes
have gun eesti:)
no ettv for this game due to server issues. apologies
This was the best game to have ETTV :<
they started playing on a different server without telling anyone so :D
was fail anyways :(
Can u cancel so we can get money back for betting ?
frGamerz-Connexion 4-0 eezero Empathy
cancel already, omfg...................
Nice gZcon