Italy vs Netherlands (2827 views)

it fadeh
it ashy
it stonedMorpho
it .hUMY
it sponge
it Raga
nl DMasterX
nl Onoez
nl cattle
nl Jzak
nl Tele
nl Rebel
15.02.09 21:00 CET
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Game: qw ET Quake Wars
League: ClanBase NationsCup XII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: fadeh (Requestee)
Maps: Sewer

Total Pot: € 2604
The bets have been cancelled.

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Radio Commentary
de ISIradio -
By: rio_
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Language: Italian

Total Slots: 50
Listener Peak: unknown

ET Quake Wars TV
de -
By: rio_ (none)

Total Slots: 50
Viewer Peak: unknown


gl cat, jzak, 7ele, dmx ;p bash them plx
ty pistol owner
... a to se dobre zarty :-)
Za Zenixa !
hahaha Orrie jaki ty smieszny jestes :DDD
for zenix!
need radio
gl hf ;)
gl pizzas
hf and gl to both teams, money´s set on italy
go go ita
Maybe lul's, maybe pizzas .. :XD dunno on who to put money :x
100 on ITA GL :>
GOGO ITA and Onoez!!!
where's zenix?
Zenix has no internet atm, cuz he is moving.
Tomorrow he has operation! GL zenix this one is for you tonight!

Even though I didnt sleep all night and just did 2 hours of sleep and rly am fucked up and that means that I'm going to play rly bad, so maybe it isnt rly for u but u know what I mean! :D:D
only for german national team, we're going to make many pauses during the match ^^
gl sponge
Italia vincerà

is that right?
it is .. :D
va bene grazie! :)

(going to Italy soon so need remember stuff)
hf boths!!! gogogogo humy!!! gl ITA =)
go easy on us,hf
no zenix? what a fail :(
GL hUMY my love <3 (i bought a Stratocaster! :D)
jackson soloist > fender stratocaster
GO Pizza !
TV: pass: teamitaly
doesnt work? :(
Soz, to me seems configured right :|
4-0 ita

ITA attack on sewer set time of 7.10
NL fullholded at 1st

NL attack on salvage 9.21 min
ITA attack on salvage 6.15 min

No TV server was connected to this event therefore all bets have been returned.
WHAT? omg -_- but match have been played?! i want my money!
You have € 102 on it ITA
Bet was cancelled, you were reimbursed.

u bet against meh : O ?

i hate u now <3
Bets are only valid for broadcasted matches (Audio / Video) sorry, but not my fault. We weren't given the correct server info.
wp ITA : )

was funand u guys played well

+1 for 0 whine :D
nice match indeed.
Thank u guys, it was really fun.